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Well I’m hoping that I’ve done this right and that it will work!  This is my very first post, on my very first blogging site, so do be patient with me and I apologise in advance for the terrible grammar, spelling and humour.  Hopefully I will get funnier the more I go along with it, however this isn’t a comedy blog, it’s (hopefully!) a spiritual one!

I don’t even know where the idea came from to start this; it was probably from the fact that earlier on in the year I started to write a book about some of the strange, weird and wonderful experiences that have happened to me, since I was a little girl.  However, I soon got fed up with writing the book and felt like a good way to talk about these experiences is probably via this type of media, so there you go, I shall give it a whirl!

I have always been a very spiritual person from a young age, probably had no idea really growing up that it’s actually a bit weird in western society to talk about death all the time.  I was always known as the “sensitive” and then after moving out of the family home (that had paranormal activity going on a regular basis, which I shall go into more detail on another post) I began having pretty accurate, profound predictive dreams.  At this time, I was working in London city and was signing up for all sorts of strange lunch time courses, tarot card reading, feng shui, badminton.  It was the tarot card one that intrigued me the most (the feng shui one did also – but I knew to be that tidy would be challenging in itself!). I was intrigued at how the cards could “talk” about the past and present and then predict outcomes of the future.

I bought my own deck and was reading for friends and family on a regular basis. It was actually quite funny as I ended up in the most amusing of scenario’s, reading the Tax Manager in the conference room, or a supplier would come in to discuss last months performance and I would finish off the meeting with a quick 6 card spread!

At that point in my life, it was always a bit of fun and my friends and family found the predictive dreams fascinating, I suppose I didn’t take it seriously until I had a profound experience with a dream in 2005, that I will discuss in a later post, but it was this experience that made me realise there really is an afterlife.

I also had no idea during my twenties that I could in fact link with spirit. It was normally a bar joke with the girls when we had been out in London drinking after work, if we met new people, women or men, my friends would drunkenly encourage me to “read” the person. I honestly thought I was making it up until I read a guy once who told me I was talking rubbish and that there is no such thing as being psychic. This made me annoyed so I blurted out “ok then, so you don’t have a tattoo on the top of your left arm of a very significant religious symbol?”. The colour drained from his face, he put his pint down then proceeded to roll up the thick shirt he was wearing to reveal the Star Of David on his left arm. Let me tell you, I was as shocked as this guy but also slightly smug!

So in my thirties, after giving birth to my little daughter and after leaving my busy job in the NHS, as I had more time on my hands I decided to pursue my spiritual interest and I joined a local psychic circle. There I realised quite quickly that I can communicate with spirits and that I do in fact have mediumistic ability. I was also surprised to find out that to develop as a good medium takes years of dedication in development and after 6 months found that it wasn’t for me, at this time. However, what it did do was point me in the direction of healing.

So this brings me to now, I’m at the start of my Reiki journey and so far, its been a truly amazing experience. Reiki healing is something I feel that I was always supposed to do, its certainly a direction that my spirit team want me to head into.

I have so many stories to tell about my experiences and really do hope you enjoy reading them. The above has recapped a little bit however there is so much more. I also hope people feel free to leave comments about their experiences and where they are on their spiritual journey.

Thanks for reading so far and I can’t wait for my next post!

Tanya x

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