Sweating The Big Stuff

As well as writing about my past experiences, I would also like to talk about where I am currently on my spiritual journey and review any reading material that I feel others would enjoy on this subject.

I’ve been reading a couple of books recently that have been very thought provoking and I would like to use one of them as the basis of this blog post.

Today I would like to talk about “my” belief in what happens when you die as well as some other topics around that, such as karma and reincarnation. Before I start, I would like to stress that I put “my” in commas because I want to highlight the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief system. I have mine from years of reading, listening and observing different types of spiritual materials and mediums. I’ve noticed a common theme through-out my research which is in line with my core belief system, the one that I’ve had since a child and this I believe is from my spirit guides and helpers.

What happens when you die?

To me, it is absolutely inconceivable that when you die, you just sleep forever with no “consciousness”.

An American doctor called Duncan MacDougall attempted to measure the mass change in the human body at the moment of death and his experiments (by weighing human beings as they were dying) concluded that the soul actually has “mass” of approximately 21 grams.

The human soul is energy and any scientist will tell you that energy cannot die; it just changes from one form to another. I believe your soul is pure energy, we can’t see it (some sensitive’s can, they can see the aura, which is the human energy field). If you look at someone, you can see their face, their body matter however you can’t see them thinking or feeling. But just because you can’t see them thinking or feeling, doesn’t mean that they are not does it?

The best way to describe souls and spirits that you can’t see is using love as an analogy. If you ask someone how does love feel? You could go on all day, describing it as warm, exciting, unconditional, peaceful, secure, cosy, …however, if I asked you what love looked like in a physical sense, you would find that more difficult because love is a feeling and is experienced differently by each unique human being. You can show or demonstrate actions of love, but it can only truly be “felt” by a human being.

So when you die, your biological human body closes down and your soul leaves its human host and travels as energy to the spirit world.

It is my strong opinion that there is no heaven or hell and such places have been created by man-made religion to incite fear into human beings to either try and encourage peace or acts of terrorism. The spirit world is a place, or other “dimension” not visible to our human senses.   The spirit world is right in front of you, its on your left and on your right hand side. It’s all around you. You can’t access it…there is a reason for that.

Some people can access it, psychics and mediums being those that are sensitive enough to pick up on this other dimension. Let me stress, these people are not “the chosen ones”. They are not special or gifted in any way shape or form. They are born, eat, sleep and poo like everyone else. Just because they can contact spirits and pass messages on, does not make them instantly good, kind, or spiritual. Don’t get me wrong, most of the mediums I have met are nice people but what I am saying is, human beings are all the same and mediums are used as a voice box only. The difference they have to someone that cannot link to spirit is that their minds are a little more open …so a little more comes in.

As I say, there is a reason that not every human being can see, hear and feel the spirit world. If everyone could, it would change the way we live our human lives fundamentally and there would be no “human experience” which is designed to allow us to learn our lessons as a soul. Which brings me onto:

Lessons, Karma and Reincarnation

So, once you “cross over” to the “other side” as they say, what happens? There you meet members of your soul group and families. I will go into who these are in more depth in another post, however generally they are members of your family, close friends and members of your spirit team who have been guiding you during your earthly human existence.

When you enter the spirit world, you have a sense of being “back home” and, depending on where you are on your soul evolutionary journey, this may or may not be a surprise to you. If you are spiritually advanced, then you will know you are home and if you are not as advanced, it may be a little surprising. You will be in comfortable surroundings, as your guides will not want you to be afraid (there is no fear in the spirit world, fear is a man-made, human condition).

So, if you like to sit in nature, surrounded by big green trees, rolling hills and sunny days, or if you liked a pub full of chatter and merriment, or if you felt most comfortable at home with your material comforts around you, this will be created for you, to make you feel at ease. Have I lost anyone yet? Are you at the point where you are thinking “ok, that sounded fine until you start talking about creating your own bloody surroundings, this is getting slightly farfetched!” yes, it sounds it doesn’t’ it? If that’s you, please let me ask you to comprehend that what can be done in the spirit world, does sound magical and impossible, but it isn’t, they work with energy and I know that to our human brain, this is incomprehensible!

Once in this comfortable environment, your spirit guide will take you through your life review. Not only will you watch your life and key events (and the small stuff!) you will feel again what you went through and also feel what the other human beings went through during that time. So you will see things as an observer, as the person themselves and as the other person/people in the situation. You will know that by doing or saying something, it made someone feel this way or that way. You will see the ripple effect of your actions on that person, on their family, on the community, on your country and then the human race as a whole, whether the act, dead or thought was good or bad.

The life review process is truth in its purest form! When people want “karma” to happen to a nasty human being, this is the start of karma. Your soul reviews its last life and then discusses with the spirit guides and masters, what it has learnt and where it is on its soul evolutionary journey.

So what are life lessons? They are our human trials and tribulations, good times, bad times, key turning points in life, the big stuff that happens to us on our human journey. How many times have you had an experience that was truly awful and just terrible to get through, however, you actually came out stronger for it? That’s your soul developing on its path. Have you ever looked at a situation with complete ignorance and not even realised you are ignorant until that very situation happens to you and you see it through completely different eyes? That’s karma. I’ve experienced all of this many times.

I could go into so much more death about lessons, karma and your soul journey but I will be here all day – so I’m only touching on this briefly today. I will however post on each of these subjects at a later date and really go into some more detail.

So we have these lessons, all our lives. Have you noticed that some people and even families have a very hard time on earth? Everything happens at once. They lose loved ones tragically, they have the most unfortunate set of events, and sometimes it’s hard to believe that so much “bad luck” could happen to them. These people are on their spiritual journey and are learning many lessons in one life. These are not bad people at all; they have chosen their path and lessons when they are in the spirit world, before their next reincarnation.

Sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over again. We KNOW we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Attracting horrible partners, getting stuck in addictive behavioural patterns, never starting anything, never finishing anything. Something pops up to allow us to overcome the issue, we either run away and hide again from facing it, or we stand up to it, strong and willing to make a change in our life – to learn our lesson once and for all. If we run away from it, believe me, it will come back until we learn to face it head on.

There are some amazing stories of how human beings have overcome personal issues and made their lives a better one, this is true inspiration.

So, the soul will have many earthly lives (or lives on other planets and universes, again, another post!) until they are at the highest point of their evolutionary journey, however, this is a continuous journey, the seeking of perfection never ends. After that, they can become guides, masters, even angels however this is another topic entirely.

Seeking Jordan

As I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve been reading a lot of material around this topic. A good book I could recommend is called Seeking Jordan by Matthew McKay.

Matthew is an American Psychologist who’s roots are deeply set with a scientific background (i.e. had no interest in the afterlife at all). However, a tragic event in his life made him change direction.

Matthew’s 23 year old son, Jordan, was murdered whist riding home on his bicycle one night after work. There was no motive for his killing, he was shot in the back, he was not robbed and the perpetrators, to this day have never been caught.

As you can imagine, Matthew and his family were in a state of total devastation. During his grief, Matthew turned to a friend who was a fellow Psychologist. This guy told Matthew about a technique that he uses to help victims with post traumatic stress disorder. The person in therapy would have to sit and think about their traumatic experience and then look at a wand that the Psychologist was holding, and he would move it backwards and forwards, from side to side. The person would have to follow it with their eyes, and it was proven that whilst watching the wand and reliving their trauma in their mind, it would help to ease the pain on their grief and remove the traumatic feeling associated with it.

However, during this therapy, the Psychologist found that something else happened. The person would also “hear” voices of loved ones that had died. This would happen on almost every person he tested. Each person had a different upbringing, background, job and belief system etc but they all heard the voice.

So Matthew decided to try this experiment, so see if he could hear Matthew. He tried it and it worked, and there began a dialog between Matthew and Jordan via automatic writing, that allowed Jordan to explain in depth about what happens when you die and about karma and reincarnation.

I won’t say too much in case anyone wants to read the book, but in a nutshell Jordan said:

  • You leave your body as soul energy and return “home”
  • You have a life review
  • The spirit world is a place of love and continuous learning and study
  • You “live” in communities in the spirit world, as you do here on earth
  • You are surrounded by your loved ones and friends in your soul group
  • You have many incarnations, life lessons and karmic debt
  • Souls in your family group can reincarnate as other souls in your next life (for example your mum could be your sister in your next life)
  • That god is love and we all return to source

There is a lot of detail in the book and it’s certainly food for thought, I highly recommend it if this is a topic you are interested in.


I’ve often asked myself “what’s the point of it all and who is god anyway?” I honestly believe that the point of it all is love. God is love, and love is every single soul, we are joined together as “oneness”. When are humans going to start realising that we all go back to source? God isn’t a him or her that sits on a throne looking over everyone; god is in you, me, your dog, that flower, anything that has the life force energy running through it. Energy is the love, and it has no fear. Fear is created by humans to control other humans.

If you KNOW that you will not be parted from your loved ones, EVER, would you be afraid?

If you KNOW that evil only exists in human form, would you be afraid?

What makes us afraid? Loneliness, ill health, accidents, nasty people, change….. death & the unknown. Let me address each one of those:

Loneliness: you are never alone. You may feel alone, but trust me on this one, your spirit family are always with you. You may have felt this, you may not, but you are certainly not on your own.

Ill health and accidents: Pain is scary isn’t it? The mere thought of it! However, pain is a physical condition and the point of disease, injury and pain is a life lesson on our soul journey. I’m not going to say pain doesn’t hurt, it’s supposed too! If someone gets their leg chopped off, the last thing you are going to be thinking of is “use the power of the mind and breathe deeply”…no you’re going to panic and probably have a melt down in a world of tortuous pain. But nothing is long term and your soul will get through it, even if you don’t’ actually survive, your soul will.

Nasty people: Free will is a great thing but it does have its down sides doesn’t it? Yep, nothing is going to stop those on their karmic journey and evil people are lower evolved souls. They have MANY lessons to learn. As long as there are humans, there will always be free will, which means that there will always be greed, jealousy and hate. Unfortunately this comes part and parcel of our human experience and all we can do is try to spread as much love and peace to our fellow mankind and do everything to protect our planet and natural environment whilst we are here. I feel we must pity those that are lower evolved souls; they have many years of karmic debt to balance.

Change: Some people thrive on it, others purposely avoid it. What’s the point in doing that? There is one thing in life that is absolutely certain, NOTHING stays the same, everything is in a constant state of change. The quicker you start realising that, the quicker you can lose the fear.

The unknown: earth quakes, floods, famine, poverty, global warming………if there was a god why would this happen?  My answer to this would be, what’s the point of being on a soul journey if there are no challenges along the way?  I can say that quite comfortably sitting here in my warm house, green and lush country, with food to eat and water to drink can’t I?  Who’s to say that my next incarnation doesn’t face hardships to do with all of the above?  I’m grateful every day for my life and the conditions that I live in.  I do get fearful of the unknown, especially global warming.  But this stuff happens for a reason, and that reason is the soul journey.

Death: After reading the above, hopefully you are a little less afraid of death. Even though I feel certain that we do continue, this doesn’t mean I’m not afraid. For me its not actual death or how it happens, its when it does. I just don’t want to go too soon!


How do you feel about what I have just written? Is it stuff that you already knew? Is it stuff you have never really thought about? Do you not really care about death; do you not want to think about it? Is it morbid me even writing about it?

Why in the West do we have such a hard time talking about death? I do feel that the Eastern cultures have a deeper understanding of why it’s important to talk and think about death, after all, it’s a continual journey.   If it’s a continual journey, it forces us to analyse our inner self and to take full responsibility of our lives and actions to others. It means we are ACCOUNTABLE.

I’m fully aware that there could be people reading this that think that I am slightly unhinged and perhaps could get quite angry about my beliefs. If someone’s core belief systems is “once you’re dead you’re dead” and then others are saying “no you’re not” this could potentially make the non-believer re-evaluate their entire existence on this earth. It’s doubtful that they will, because they are closed off from even the concept of life after death. This isn’t a bad thing and I am in no way slamming these people. It’s my belief that because these people are closed off, it’s impossible during this life time for spirits to penetrate into their minds, so signs and guidance will be missed, if you don’t look for it, its not there.

My fear of writing these posts was that some people would think that I’m preaching about the afterlife and ramming it into people’s faces. This is never my intention, I guess after all, its up to you to read.

My husband is a solid non-believer of the afterlife. This subject is the only thing in our lives that we do not agree on and we both passionately stand by our views. This can make for some interesting “debate” but what it does demonstrate is that as human beings, we can get along with everyone, no matter what our core belief system is, as long, and only as long, as there is love.

Where there is love there is always ENERGY LIGHT.

Thanks again for reading and do feel free to post comments and questions on the blog!

On the next blog I will recount one of the most strangest things to ever happen to me…(because having a visitation from my dead nan and then predicting the date of my grandads death, wasn’t weird enough).




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