A little help from the Angels

Angels…there is so much to read and learn about them!  What are they exactly?  When can you call on them?  How do they help you?

I could write a whole essay on what Angels are (my core belief is that they are enlightened beings that never come to earth, so never enter into a human body) and reside in the spiritual realm.  I feel that they carry sources of wisdom and have an incredible ability to protect and guide human beings not only on a personal and individual level but also to inspire movements of people to make a positive change on the Earth.

There are so many sceptics out there when it comes to all things angelic, so I shall do what I do best and use my own experiences and inner resources to explain to others about what has happened to me and how angels have helped me on so many occasions.  I’ve broken my evidence up into three stories below and on this post it focuses on being lost and getting found:

Getting Lost

By far, the most help I have received from the angelic realm is when I’ve managed to get myself lost (believe me, it happens, quite often).  Getting lost when I’m driving is pretty much a normal occurrence for me but there has been serious times too (like in the middle of Tokyo Underground train station, no money, ticket, mobile phone or passport…yes that is me.  Luckily my exasperated boyfriend found me; otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here today to tell these stories).

So, other examples of getting lost and subsequently getting help exactly when I have evoked the angels are as follows:


The first encounter was when I was going to an interview in London when I was around 20 years old.  This was before GPS on a smart phone so I had to rely on a map.  Time was ticking and the more it ticked the more lost I became.  I had the interview time looming over me and I started to fall into a panic.  I had no clue where I was, or where I should be going.  I was going in circles, past the same street, and then back again, getting my north, south, and all direction in a muddle.  I got to the point where I started questioning why the hell I thought I could go for this job when I couldn’t even find the location of the office?

On the verge of tears, I decided to give up….but then thought about asking for help.  I had never invoked the Angels before, but I knew that they were supposed to help at times when you needed it, big deals or small stuff, it didn’t matter, you could ask and help would be delivered.

“Please help me Angels…please help me find this building so I can attend the interview!”  Well, the response was instantaneous.   In fact, it was so quick that I didn’t know what to do.  I heard a voice behind me saying “lady….lady….lady” which was so strange because the voice sounded like a man from the early 1900s!  Do you ever hear “lady?” being used to call someone?  I turned around, and there was the oldest, wrinkliest man, wearing a hard hat and hi-vis jacket.  He was standing in front of a building site and was looking right at me.  But he was so old!  Far too old (surely?) to be brick laying?  So I was taking this in and he said to me: “Are you lost?  Do you need some help?  Where do you need to go, I will show you.” I was in shock, because he sounded like Dick Van Dyke and he must have been watching me go round and round in circles.

Then I did something really stupid and told him that I was fine and I didn’t need help and I just kept on walking!  I know, the stupidity is beyond me too.  The Angels had clearly come to my rescue and I totally did not accept!  But…..as I walked along, thinking about how they just did try to offer me help, I looked up and there in front of me, was the building I was looking for.



In 2008 myself, sister and sister’s partner went to Spa in Belgium to support my husband in a touring car race.  The actual race was on the Monday, so the Sunday was the day that my husband (Craig) and my sister’s partner (Danny) were to go down to the track and have a day of testing, fiddling, checking to ensure everything was prepared for the big day.  They left the hotel at the crack of dawn and I recall some sort of muffled instruction like “see you down at the track around lunch time?  We will be at the track all day, the address is on this leaflet, it’s a good 30 minutes drive, just get a taxi or bus or something”.  Then he was gone.

After a late breakfast at the hotel, my sister Karley and I decided to jump on the bus and go down to the track.  So, we walked to the bus stop and waited…and waited, but then looked again at the bus guide on the plastic sign and managed to interpret that there is no bus service on a Sunday.

To get to the bus stop, we had already walked quite a fair distance from the hotel.  So instead of walking all the way back to call a taxi, we decided that we were probably in the middle of the hotel and race track so it would be quicker to just walk it.

That probably would have been a good idea had we known where we were going.  Craig had mentioned the day before that to get to the race track from the hotel, you pretty much drive along a very long and curvy road, downhill, and eventually there is a turning on your left before you get to the race track.  I was thinking, how hard can this be? (Even by my navigational standards!).

So along the winding road we walked, on and on and on.  It was taking forever.  There wasn’t a house or shop or anything in sight.  We had thick forest on one side and just road on the other.  As normal, internal protocol goes with me, I started thinking about Belgium and how I’m sure I read somewhere that it has the most kidnapping rates in the whole of Europe.  So as you can imagine, I’m starting to panic and both Karley and I were getting more than a bit frustrated with this epic walk through the Belgium countryside!

It would have been so easy to just call Craig or Danny on our mobiles and ask one of them to come and pick us up.  But there was zero phone signal.  To make a call was impossible (believe me, we tried).

So on and on we trudged, hungry, cold and tired.  We both realised that we must have missed this turning or we were going in completely the wrong direction.  It was a freezing late autumnal day and I knew it would be getting dark soon, with steep banks around us that would not be good (it was very mountainous and hilly).

Finally, after what felt like a walking marathon, we reached a little town.  At least we could get a drink and warm up!  But no, alas, it appears that everything in Belgium (well this part anyway) pretty much closes down on a Sunday and there is no sign of civilisation in sight!  No coffee shop or general store open……the only option was a cold mental bench under a park band stand!  Then it started to spit with rain.

I almost cried.  “What the F are we going to do??” I remember saying to Karley, who looked like all hope was lost.

It was then that I decided to call the Angels.  I hadn’t actually thought about calling them until this point as I had been so busy thinking about getting to where we needed to go.  But now suddenly I felt completely desperate, that things had gone too far and if Karley and I was not lucky we would end up having to find a local police office and plead for help.

So I prayed with all my might to the Angel’s “please please help us here, send help, anything, just help!!”.

I said my little prayer and Karley and I continued walking along the main road of the town and then we jumped out of our skins.  We heard a car horn, very loudly, I looked up as it drove past and there was Craig and Danny zooming along, waving at us.  My heart actually danced!!  They turned around and came and got us.

It was well past lunch time, well into late afternoon now.  We had been walking for hours.  “What are you doing here in this town?” asked Craig.  I told him what had happened, that we had walked off the beaten track and ended up here.  He told me that he and Danny had no intention of going into town, but he realised he had no cash on him whilst he was down at the track and decided to quickly find the nearest town and see if it had a cash point machine.  So after my sister and I spending the whole day, literally hours walking, we eventually found this town, and luckily at the very time we were on this main road was when Craig and Danny drove past, had it of been a minute later they would not have seen us.  Not to mention, they hadn’t even realised we were lost.  They were so engrossed in their work down at the track, they thought we were just staying back at the hotel, so didn’t even try to call us or search or anything!

I really do feel the Angels answered my call, as I was so desperate.  I was so happy to get into that car, it may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you are in a foreign country and are lost, it was the biggest relief ever!  And the timing of the call to the rescue…was pretty impeccable!

Tokyo (again!)

When Craig and I stepped off the bullet train into Tokyo in 2005, we were “winging it”.  We had paid for two one way Shinkansen tickets and arrived in Tokyo with no hotel booked, we just decided to take it as it came.  We also had no more cash left from our stay in Japan, only a load of travellers cheques that we needed to find a bank to change in.

As like the majority of Japan, for us Westerners, it was a wholly confusing experience.  We stood out like sore thumbs and if you go to Japan you realise that they don’t really speak English (and why should they?).  So navigating around is tricky.  I did feel confident because Craig being the homing pigeon that he is pretty nifty at this sort of thing.  But…Japan is a challenge for even the most seasoned travellers!

The station is busy with so many people, there are tunnels and separate walk ways, and signs in Japanese, strange noises coming from God only knows where…. needless to say, we got separated and I got lost, but… as mentioned in my opening paragraph, Craig found me pretty quickly and everything was fine.

Well, would have been fine if we knew where a bank was and where we could find a hotel and settle for the night.  We stood in front of a massive map system at the entrance of the station that goes out into the busy, vast, lit up world that is Tokyo and attempted to devise a plan going forwards.  But…it wasn’t so easy.  Nothing made sense.  We couldn’t find any English translation.  We tried to look for symbols, like the national symbol for a bank (I don’t think there is one!) or a sign of a hotel.  Nothing.  We tried to ask people for directions but they didn’t stop or they didn’t have a clue what we were saying.  We were trying to figure out what to do, all we needed was a bank first and then a hotel.  We were exhausted from travelling and hungry; we just wanted to get sorted.

We decided to just start walking, at least try to find a bank and hotel in Tokyo, on foot.

However, I didn’t feel happy that we didn’t have a plan, so, before leaving the station, I decided that we needed Angel help.  So I made a very clear request, please can we have some guidance of a) a Bank and b) a hotel.

As soon as the thought came and went, a Japanese businessman approached Craig and I.   The station was so busy with people rushing past, but he saw us, almost beelined, with a leaflet in his hands.

Then he spoke to us, in English: “Ah…can I help?  You need this?” and he put the leaflet into Craig’s hands, which we realised was an information guide.  He turned it over and then got a biro out of his pocket.  He looked down at the guide and then smiled, and circled two things.  “You need bank?  This bank, that way.  Then hotel?  This hotel, cheapest, nearest”.  He then grinned the most adorable smile at us, said goodbye and then walked off, we lost sight of him into the business of the crowd.

“What just happened?” I said to Craig in excitement.  “That bloke just helped us, come on let’s find this bank…”.

So off we went, found the bank, exchanged the cheques into cash and found the coolest hotel to spend a few nights in before we got our flight home.

I’m still certain that the Angels helped me on all of the above occasions.  One of the most interesting factors is the time it took for the call to be answered and the feeling of desperation I had before I made each prayer.

These are not the only times that Angels have helped me, I have many more accounts of them showing me where to find lost items or getting me out of sticky situations.  I will save all of that for my next post!

I would love to hear your stories of similar Angel help, so please do leave me a comment or send me a message.

If you have never had this type of experience, you must try it.  Remember, that it doesn’t matter how big or important the issue is, just ask for help, trust, and accept it will be delivered.  Trust is the key ingredient here!

I will also post again about Angels and what exactly they are and more detailed ways of how you can use them in your everyday life.

As always, thanks again for taking the time to read my blog posts and I hope you find them interesting!

Until next time,


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