It’s Real – I Promise!

Sometimes the overwhelming feeling to prove the afterlife is real, gets on top of me.  Lets face it, its always going to be one of those subjects where people have no choice but to sit on the fence with it – theres probably never going to be real “tangible” proof, even if a scientist like Professor Brain Cox was to see a spirit manifest in front of his very eyes, I bet my bottom dollar that he would question his eyesight or sanity.  With some human beings – there is just no convincing.

But what if you are the one that sees, feels and hears spirit (and do not have any form of clinical mental issue)?

Oh what a lonely place that can be!  When you are born being something, it is all of you, the raw bones of you.  Controversial but I’m going to make this comparison, a female that is born into a female body but is actually a male gender, she may be born with all the female bits and pieces but there is no doubt in her mind that she is actually a male trapped in a females body.  You can’t say to that person that they are just imagining these feelings.  It’s the same with a medium.  You grow up knowing what you are, what there is, what will come…..most people feel like you are nuts or they humour you for your little quirkiness.  Do they take you seriously?  Mostly not.

But when you do find “your people” that is some light relief I can tell ya!  People that get it, feel the same, see the same, have the same knowing.  You are in a little club and you can be yourself without looking completely bonkers.

Why doesn’t everyone have the mediumistic ability, is a question often asked by the sceptic.  Surely the world would be a better place?  Like every personality in the world, everyone is different, we have our many skill sets and talents.  The people that are really creative, the musicians, artists, dancers etc…what do you think they might be tapping into there?  Without realising it, they are streaming into the source, when you create something of beauty, thats only coming from one place.  Standing behind that artist is a spirit guide helping them with their divine inspiration.  A fascinating example of this is Akiane Kramarik, a child prodigy who painted Jesus Christ at the age of eight years old.  Seriously, google this girl and look at her artwork, you haven’t seen anything like it.  More fascinating than anything is that she came from a non-religious background and didn’t have a clue who she was painting.

I digress, so back to the point I’m trying to make:

It’s very, very easy to sit and look around us in the physical reality and say that when you are dead, you just go to sleep, because we don’t remember what we was doing before we were born do we? (well most of us don’t).  And the whole, your loved ones are waiting for you when you die is very comforting but its just wishful thinking, isn’t it?  Because how can it be physically possible?!  Magic isn’t real!!  It can’t happen!  Science has no room for it – so it can’t.  You bunch of airy fairy, day dreaming optimists!!

If you are the sceptic, I challenge you to think about this: it’s energy, simples.  I don’t know a lot about science, I’m not clever enough.  I do know there is something about atoms and quantum physics that says that actually, we are not solid physical structures at all, in fact, very small things pass right through us.  That’s about as technical as this blog post is going to get.  But it helps me try to explain to the non-believe, in one paragraph:

Your physical body dies.  Your spirit / soul / personality, gets released at time of death.  This is your energetic self.  You do wake up somewhere else.  We can’t see it here because we are on a different energetic vibrational frequency.  Those that have psychic ability have heightened sensory capabilities, so, taking myself as an example, I feel something touching me, I hear a voice outside of my head, I see future stuff in my mind before it happens, I see dead people.  It’s just a little skill I have, I wish I could sing but this was what I was given so I’m going to work with it.

So the point of this blog post was?  Maybe for everyone to just ponder the possibility for one minute, that all the accounts of “unexplainable” must have some meaning and the fact that human beings and the solar system and universe was just some happy accident….perhaps, there is more too it.  Lets just enjoy life for what it is, a journey of self discovery, learning, creation and most of all – love!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Real – I Promise!”

  1. I found this so interesting to read. I do not have the skills you have but ever since the met up with you again I have been able to sense and feel things more and have tuned into my intuition. You have enlightened me to a whole new whole and get quite exited about it. I found this topic fascinating and enjoyed reading your thoughts about it xx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Emma! Your journey has only just begun, the more you tune in and meditate, the more you are going to experience. Opening up to the other side is very exciting and will give you a sense of well-being that I find hard to put into wordS 😀 ❤️

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