My most amazing Reiki Experience – Ever!

Can you believe that in the two years that I’ve been practicing Reiki, I’ve never really had a proper treatment myself?  I went on my first-degree Reiki course completely open yet blind to what it was, I hadn’t even really read up on it.  My Reiki Master Melanie told me that this is fine, all sorts of people come to learn Reiki for different reasons, it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned Reiki recipient or you have never, like I, had a treatment before in your life.

After completing my Reiki Masters in March 2017 I still hadn’t had a proper treatment, I had taken part in Reiki shares and had practical’s on my Reiki courses but never booked in that special time just for me.  Before Christmas I decided that 2018 was going to be my year of looking after myself, after establishing my own busy Reiki & Massage Practice, I need to practice what I preach and start looking after me and nurturing my soul, so I booked a treatment with Melanie, that treatment was today.

Now it’s important for me to tell you how I have been feeling over the past 10 days.  In a word: ill.  I managed to (quite smugly) dance my way through December, feeling like I was on the brink of illness and then nothing materialised, whilst people around me dropped like flies.  What is this?  Is it all that good Hello Fresh food I’ve been consuming over the past 12 months?  Could it be the flu jab?  Am I finally fit now after walking my beloved dog Seb twice a day and now finally made myself healthy (I used to get a lot of colds – as you can probably tell).  Anyway, I breezed through Xmas as fit as a fiddle and then came New Years Eve…I kid you not, on the first chime of Big Ben I started to feel a little “funky” around my throat glands.  An impeding feeling of doom came over me.  And it was justified, because I woke up on the first day of 2018 feeling pretty horrendous.  It was certainly viral.  The glands, the headache, the achy feeling, the blocked nose….but I wasn’t bed ridden like so many others so I took some tablets and soldiered on.

Fast forward to now, day 10 of my illness and this morning I’m no better, in fact worse.  Yesterday I couldn’t get out of bed, my viral infection had accumulated to my throat and my good old Reflux reared its ugly head, throwing in some stomach acid for good measure.  The feeling of cutting glass and then having hot lava poured in the gaps pretty much sums up how rank I’ve been feeling.  I’ve taken four packs of painkillers which quite frankly have been the only things helping me function.  I don’t want to sound dramatic here though and understand that compared to others I’m very lucky, like my friend who has just had a kidney transplant, this is only a virus.  I need to put it into perspective.  But I did start to get down and upset, like why isn’t my immune system kicking its butt?  All this going on and much to the annoyance of those around me with my refusal to see a GP because we are in the grips of Aussie Flu don’t you know, they don’t need the added stress!

So this morning I decided to keep my Reiki appointment because I knew it would help relax me.  I didn’t quite expect what followed.

Seeing Melanie at the door of her house is enough to lift anyone’s spirits because she is just such a wonderful soul!  She gave me a hug and said that the Reiki would help.  After ten minutes of catch up chat I was lying down on the comfy Reiki couch, in her beautiful Reiki room, filled with interesting spiritual treasures, crystals of all shapes and sizes, very impressive looking sound gong thingy’s and healing incense smells (not that I could as nose still blocked!).

Of course, as a Reiki practitioner, I know the format in terms of what happens.  So I relaxed into the couch and pretty much released myself to someone else for a change, which was in itself delightful.

The heat from Melanie’s hands was astonishing and I was quickly drifting into a meditative state, which in not unusual when you have Reiki channelled around the Crown and Third Eye Chakra.

As Melanie came lower, over my heart Chakra I also felt spirit around and a male which felt like my grandad standing over me (which didn’t surprise me as I am a medium so was expecting to feel spirits during the treatment).

My throat kept hurting every time I swallowed and I wished it would bog off and let me relax.  As Melanie held her hands over my nose, it started to clear.  I even heard it clear (gross!).  Oh my word!  I take in a deep breath as I can finally, after 10 days, breath through my nose.

Then Melanie comes to my Solar Plexus and Sacral area and I am expecting this to feel nice.  Not expecting anything major to happen here, because of course I’m baggage free so all will be well in the garden of Tanya’s emotions.  Wrong!!  I start to feel heat….intense.  Hotter and hotter and all over me like its going to lift me off the couch.  Blimey, my throat feels funny.  I feel the energy pushing up my chest and then I’m coughing, loads.  Melanie askes if I’m ok, do I need water, I say no but I feel like something is shifting, Melanie says yes, it certainly is.  Because I also do this for a living, I know that Melanie knows exactly what is going on here.

After the coughing, Melanie goes back to the same spot.  The heat and energy build up and intensifies until I’m not quite sure what to do and then this utter surge of emotion comes over me, literally from somewhere, and I burst into tears, like sobbing – I can’t even put into words what that felt like!  Whatever was there just zoomed out of me and left me sobbing like a baby.  Melanie assures me this is great news and grabs a tissue for me and carries on with the amazing treatment.

Once I had gathered myself, I fell into a light in between sleep and awake state whilst Melanie used the sound bowls for each Chakra point, different vibrational frequencies which pulsate through you, just to aid that feeling of complete healing.

After the treatment I sat up and started to swallow.  My throat felt amazing.  There was no pain.  Its like it left with the emotional energy release.  What the hell just happened? I asked.

Melanie explained to me that I had been holding on to a lot of stuff that I find hard to talk about, she did go into a bit of detail and I can say that what she said was completely accurate.  The inability to talk about stuff always goes to our throat, these high emotions are linked to the Solar Plexus / Sacral and Throat and this is why I always suffer from throat and respiratory related issues.

I thanked Melanie profusely and set off on my journey home, feeling light, refreshed and the most positive I’ve felt in days.

Here’s the really interesting part: my throat hasn’t hurt since that emotional shift.  Like I said, I’ve needed really strong painkillers to help me get through the day, and I am now sitting here feeling completely cured.  I’m speechless.  Like I know Reiki works – but at this level, its shocked even me.  Not only has it healed on an emotional level, it has healed physically, but here’s the thing, of course it has, because every negative and bad emotion that we hang on too manifests itself as a physical ailment.  It is no mystery to me that I’ve had reflux since I had my little girl, because as much as I love and enjoy her so very much I also worry about her like you wouldn’t actually believe, and that’s what’s manifested.

If this interests you, here is a book that you really need to read:  Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani.  This is a true account of a lady that was obsessed with cancer because it killed her brother-in-law and best friend.  It was her biggest fear and was pretty much all consuming for her.  She ended up getting Lymphoma, a terminal cancer that attacks the lymphatic system.  This was when she was in her 30s.  After battling for four years, she went into a coma and her family were told she was dying.  She had a near death experience.  She went to the other side and had the most incredible experience and found out why she feared cancer so much, she was given the chance to come back, so she took it.  To the astonishment of Oncologists & consultants across the globe, she went into spontaneous remission and was cancer free within 5 days.  If you don’t get a chance to read her book, You Tube her as she tells her story to people, it’s so inspiring!

Back to now – its Wednesday afternoon and my throat still feels healed.  I keep swallowing to check – I’m in complete disbelief.

I cannot advocate Reiki enough – as a practitioner/teacher and as a recipient!  I can’t wait for my next appointment.

Thank you, Melanie!  (

Reiki blessings and until next time,


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  1. Tanya I’m so elated that you have had it. Now you can understand how I feel, I cannot wait to see you and look forward to my next treatment every time. I can relate to the heat as I’ve said to you before it can be really intense, but amazing. I’m so glad you feel better.
    2018 the year of looking after you too xx

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