The Magic Is In You

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Nine months ago, I asked the Universe if I could Reiki someone famous.  This wasn’t a call to inflate my ego.  It was a test.  I wanted to see if law of attraction would work on that level: put a request out, imagine it, feel it, then let it go and allow the Universe to provide.  Do not focus on the lack if it didn’t happen straight away…….just wait.

So I did, I waited and at the beginning of this year, I did a Reiki treatment on someone famous.  Ok, let’s put this into perspective, I’m not talking a Hollywood movie star, but this lovely person is famous in the mainstream UK with the younger generation.  To add, she is a wonderful soul who really did enjoy her treatment.  So not only did she feel the benefits of Reiki, I also had another validating experience: that law of attraction works.

Here’s another: one Christmas I was worried about money.  I had given up my job previously to be a stay at home mum and things were a lot tighter than they used to be.  I thought about all the things that would add up, presents, Christmas excursions, dinner, drinks, treats…..I started to worry.  Then I decided to use my old friend, law of attraction.  How much do I need, I asked myself?  Let’s round it up to a nice £1000.  Greedy you may ask?  Why?  The money is there… just have to ask & receive, without anything more.  I did that and again did not focus on the lack of not having, I let it be and waited.

About three weeks before Christmas a brown envelope appeared on my doormat.  I’m sure you are all familiar with the dreaded brown envelope, so with my heart in my mouth I opened it awaiting my fate of an outstanding bill from this well-known and hated Government organisation (not naming any names here!).

To my astonishment, there was no bill outstanding.  There was a cheque.  A cheque for £960.  A rebate for me, because apparently, I had overpaid and it was owed to me.  I was puzzled.  Everything to the contrary suggested that this was not the case.  I went over some paperwork, no indication what so ever.  My excitement faded as I realised they had made a mistake.  So, me, being me, couldn’t leave this, I decided to call the big organisation and ask them to look into this as I didn’t want something taken away from me if it was incorrect.

I called them and as expected (because that’s how LOA works) I had a nightmare getting through, waiting, etc and just feeling frustrated.

Finally, I reached a man and asked him to look into this for me.  From the off he was rude to me, clearly having a bad day.  I told him about the cheque and suddenly he became very defensive, asking me what I was talking about.  So, I told him again and he said he didn’t understand.  Maybe I wasn’t making myself clear?  I even got my husband to get on the line and speak to this man, as there was a lot of confusion.  During this time, this gentleman was speaking to us in, quite frankly, a very rude and obnoxious manner.   He obviously didn’t get the memo about how the customer should always be right.

After what felt like an age, the call ended, but it did not end well.  The man shouted at me (yes shouted!) “a cheque DID NOT LEAVE THIS OFFICE!!” and then proceeded to hang up on me.  Yes, a government civil servant slammed the phone down on me.  I was in shock.  More so because it had taken me the best part of twenty-five minutes to speak to this human being, let alone being spoken to by such a tone and then having the phone put down on me like we were a couple of teenagers having a lover’s tiff!

I was fuming, FUMING! I called back, waited another twenty-five minutes to get through to another human being (you can imagine the anger level at this point) and then finally got to speak to someone else.  This time I wanted the manager/team leader of this guy.

A well-spoken lady came on the line.  I told her all about it and she apologised profusely and told me a formal complaint would be made, the call would be listened to by her as its all recorded and she would also look into my problem and confusion about the cheque.

About a week later, I received a letter.  The letter said that everything was correct and as it should be, the rebate was rightfully mine.  They also apologised again for the way I was treated by their employee.  To show that they were sorry, they enclosed another cheque, as way of compensation: £40.  It took a moment to sink in…….£960 plus £40 = £1000!!

As I danced around the kitchen, I wasn’t sure what I was most excited and happy about.  Was it the fact that I had gotten the exact amount I asked for, under such interesting circumstances?  How about the confusion of the first, horrible customer services guy who in his frustration and the fact that he was probably having a bad day, couldn’t see where this rebate had come from and because of this awful treatment actually rounded up my money to a square £1000 with the compensation charge?

The art of this is to not worry about the how’s or whys.  The art is to allow the Universe to deliver to you in the way and means in which it feels fit.  It’s the five things:


Be Grateful




Go on, try it!!!

Until next time,


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