A Much Needed Sign



A couple of weeks ago, an old family friend popped into my head.  Nothing triggered the thought, she just came into my mind’s eye.  This lady is a good friend of my parents and she’s had a very tough time lately, being quite poorly for some weeks as well as losing two of her beloved dogs in a short space of time.  Not only this, she has had a tough life in my opinion, especially over the last few years, she lost her daughter in tragic and very sad circumstances, something she has not even started getting over yet (or should we say, moving on from).  This lady is one of the most selfless people I have ever met.  Her love for animals is actually quite unique in that she rescues, revives and heals dogs that other, evil souls have neglected, tortured & abused.  She is a light worker in her own right (more info on light-workers on another blog post) who often ends up neglecting herself to give to others.

When I thought about her, I just knew she needed Reiki, so I called mum and told her that I felt like she needed Reiki and would she like a treatment?  Mum called her friend and she was so pleased, grateful and happy about my offer, so we made the date and that date was today.

For the sake of keeping her identity anonymous I’m going to call our friend Kate.  When I saw Kate, I was a little shocked at her appearance.  She looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders, she looked tired, sad and like a grey cloud was over her head.  She gave me a huge hug when she saw me and also sobbed into my shoulder.  I felt her sadness and wanted to cry too.

We had a chat for about half an hour about things, about losing her beautiful dogs and about how those feelings reminded her painfully of losing her daughter.  I could clearly see that she is not in a good place mentally.  She has been so unwell too, not surprisingly has mental and emotional turmoil does tend to manifest itself out in a physical way.  I told Kate about Reiki, what it does and how it can help her.

She laid down on the comfy chair and I covered her with a blanket.  The calming music was playing and she drifted off into a sleep state as I placed my hands on her.  She was physically exhausted.

I picked up a lot during her treatment, where blockages were and shifts in energy.  I also felt a spirit standing next to me, a very strong mother and daughter bond.  Suddenly I was shown a heart, something sweet to eat and a heart.  I wonder if this is a sign from her daughter? I thought, I must tell Kate at the end.

When the treatment had finished, it was hard to rouse Kate.  Finally, she woke up and she said she felt like she was under a trance the whole time.  She laid there in a state of complete peace, like a massive weight had lifted off her shoulders.  “What have you done?  I feel amazing, I feel different, I can’t explain it” she said.  “I didn’t do anything, the Reiki goes where it needs too, it heals you, it’s not me, you heal yourself, if that makes sense.”  When Kate stood up, she appeared 5 years younger, her face was glowing, me, mum and dad stood there in astonishment, one woman had walked into their house, another was about to walk out.

I remembered the sweets / heart from the treatment.  “Look out for a sign, I have a feeling it’s from your daughter.  It will be heart shaped, and sweet, sweet to eat!  Maybe in a couple of days or weeks it will come to you and you will think of this”.  I said.  Kate looked really hopeful then told me that she always associated hearts with her late daughter as she loved them.  I would never have known this.  Kate gave me a big smile and said she would look out for her sign.  She also said that she was going to visit her other daughters that same afternoon because she wanted them to see the state she was in, the happy, contented and calm state, a complete contrast to how she had been feeling before her treatment.

After I had been home for about an hour, my mum called me on my mobile.  “You won’t believe this!” said my mum down the phone. “Go on…” I said, smiling to myself.  “After Kate had her treatment, she went to see her other daughters, like she told us she would.  They were happy to see her and said they were pleased she popped by because they had a surprise, little gift for her and handed her a box.  She opened the box and inside was a heart shaped cup cake, with another heart iced on the top.  She couldn’t believe it, that was her sign!”.

I was so pleased, but not at all surprised.  Sometimes a much-needed sign is all you need.

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