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Lorren Kenny – Soul Activation Readings & Aura Drawings

On the 15th March 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Lorren Kenny, creator of Soul Activation Readings.  Lorren had contacted me regarding holding a stall at our forthcoming Mind, Body & Spirit Event in Harlow and I was so intrigued about her readings and drawings, I couldn’t wait to interview her and find out more:

Lorren’s Early Years

Lorren grew up in South Africa  at the age of just three years old, Lorren had the ability to play the piano without any proper lessons or instruction.  She could listen to a tune and then play it out, however without being able to read a note of music.  Lorren feels that she was already an open channel from this young age and also able to draw pictures with skill that was far beyond her toddler years.  I have heard of this before where individuals are able to tap into a creative source and have amazing ability in artistic pursuits from a young age.


Spreading Her Wings

Lorren left South Africa when she was twenty three to travel, open her mind and see the world from a different perspective. This is where she met her first husband in Israel and after living there they settled in the UK to build a life.

Lorren had previously studied typing to get an office job but she never knew what her purpose was.  Her passion was painting  however still didn’t feel she had her own artistic style or signature yet, she was inspired by other artists but wanted to find her own stamp.  Most part of her life she was asking what is her purpose.  There was something missing and she felt lost, she didn’t know who she was, she fell into a mundane routine.

The Start Of A Spiritual Path

Unfortunately, Lorren’s first marriage began to break down.  This was a lonely and dark period for her, however she got to know herself and learnt some harsh lessons.  Lorren feels a sense of gratitude for this, it was necessary to go through in order to understand who she was.  She didn’t have that sense of identity before the divorce.  We all go through experiences to shape and form us to take us where we need to be to carry on our life’s work. This was a transitionary process and just when she thought it was the worst thing, actually it was the best thing.   It opened the door to her spiritual path and her soul search began: she started to read about mediumship, attended drumming circles, tarot reading, shamanism, Rahani healing, workshops on spirit guides & aura colours, you name it….she did it!

A New Beginning

Lorren met her new husband in 2014.  At this time she was drawn into massage therapy, however, she didn’t really feel that this was her true life’s calling.   Lorren attended an

Angelic Harmony Therapy course, which is using your voice to sing through the Chakras.  This was very profound and really resonated with Lorren.  Then she found  a lady called Jill Purse who does overtone chanting.  A different way of using your voice, Lorren also trained in this because it interested her because it goes back to her piano, it goes back to sound, what she was so lighted up by as a child.  She had an inherent understanding of sound and frequency.

The lady helping her set up her massage business coached her and asked her one day “what else can you do?”

Lorren thought about this: “Well I can do art, tarot and spiritual stuff” which got her thinking.

The Epiphany

That night she went to bed and asked the question “what should I do?”.  It was an awakening.  She finds this hard to explain but she heard a voice that said “combine the art with the tarot”.  The feeling after was immense!  She was on such a high, Lorren KNEW she had found what she needed to do.  She didn’t sleep for twenty four hours after that.  She was tossing and turning, her third eye was activated. She had all this stuff coming in like a download, flashes of light, images and ideas, one hundred miles per second.  As exhausted as she was when she woke up in the morning, she was so excited!  However, she had no idea how she was going to do it?

When she tried it for the first time it came completely natural to her, it was as if she had been doing it for years.  At that very moment Lorren had the deep understanding that this was her, it was her style, her brand, it was there at last – the birth of Octavious Art tarot (the name she used to give it).  She was so excited and wanted to share it with everyone.

She worked at a couple of local spiritualist shops however, what started with great intentions with her new concept, she did not get any bookings at these places.  Clearly these were not the right outlets for this therapy.

After these negative experiences, Lorren realised that actually she doesn’t need anyone to move her work forward.  She has herself and that is enough.

She joined an art therapy circle facebook group.  After following a meditation, something said to her “go and get your pastels”.  Lorren doesn’t really  use them but they said “well now you do” .  So she picked them up and started drawing, the energy was  so different from a painting.  She then took a photo of the image.  She posted the photo in the facebook group and the response was phenomenal.    People were feeling tingly, feeling emotional, were seeing angels, dragons, fairies –  were all picking up on different things from the images.

After months of practising with the pastels, she began to find her very unique style.


The Birth Of Soul Activation Drawings

Soul activation drawings are activating a part of our consciousness that has been lying dormant for a while.  Lorren only works in the moment and doesn’t work with predictions. She will tell you things about yourself that you probably already know but also things that you do not know or that you haven’t seen yet.  She is reactivating or deactivating certain beliefs and things you hold within you DNA structure that need to be wiped clean that are not serving you from your highest good.

Lorren offers four different types of packages:

  1. Aura Drawings

Put simply: Lorren gets her pastels out and she starts talking to the person and then starts to pick out the colours as she is turning into that persons energy field.  Then she just starts drawing.  There are no cards involved in this.  She randomly picks out the colours for that person.  Like an aura photo but a hand drawn representation of what she can see.  She feels the image and it all comes together and takes on different forms but in the end its yours.  She likes the fact you can take something away with you that is unique to you.  Its special as you can have it printed on cards, canvas, or even coasters.

When the image is photographed in a certain light it then takes on a completely new dimension.

  1. Deviation Reading with Aura Drawing

This is the same as the above however with a reading as well.  Lorren doesn’t use the tarot cards to predict stuff, the cards are used as a starting point to find out what the person is going through in this moment in time.  The cards are used as a tool for guidance only.

  1. Deviation, Aura Drawing & Sound Therapy

What is sound therapy?

Bringing in sound with the voice, we are all born with a certain sound & the soul has its own frequency, which many of us are not in tune with.  Like a piano being out of tune, the frequency is off so it sounds off, our chakras and organs are surrounded by a layer of energy which is frequency which is all connected to source.  When we become ill it is because that frequency is out of alignment and sync.  We are in disharmony and become diseased and Lorren believes sound is the way forward to heal ourselves by getting our chakras back in alignment, back in tune.

Sound Therapy – A New Healing Therapy

You can heal via meditation or hands on healing like Reiki, however Lorren believes sound is the next way forward in thinking for self-healing.  Lorren uses a diagram which she created by channelling through spirit, which represents the keys of a piano, which detail the lower octave and higher octave keys.  She can use the pendulum and then ask certain questions so your guides and higher self are connected too her guides and she will ask questions about your life colour, dominant colour and the one you are born with. You are born with a colour, a sound and then a certain frequency.  She waves the pendulum and she goes higher or lower depending on what she feels.  She can also hear the colour!  Lorren then starts to make a sound and you hook into it then you find the sweet spot.  The Sweet spot is very interesting as Lorren’s sound connects with your sound and when you cross over sounds, this is what heaven sounds like.  It’s hard to explain unless you experience it.  You want to stay there forever because the note harmonises your whole being.  It’s like a reset and starts everything off in motion.

  1. Psychic Coaching

Lorren offers basic psychic counselling depending on what the persons needs are.  You would go to her if you need some guidance, to learn how to help yourself, to set goals and talk about a future action plan.  Lorren will be a support on this journey & it is all done in a confidential safe place.

Lorren Kenny’s Oracle Cards – Energy Encrypted In An Image

Lorren has created 44 stunning images that will soon be printed & turned into Oracle cards for people to see, feel, touch and use within their own lives.  When a person looks at the image, they are accessing parts of their consciousness that is unique to them.  The person holding the card can ask themselves a question and look at the image and get the answer.  The images are like a frequency, like a code, a transmission that is coming through Lorren and manifesting into the image, when the image comes into contact with the individual holding the card, you are then like a portal and the image is opening up that image and amalgamating with you and whatever you need in that moment is going to come through in that image.

You can meditate with the cards as well as use them for your own personal guidance.

The cards should be ready to purchase from June 2018.

A note from Lorren about this image:


These are from my earlier batch and are totally subjective as each person responds to the images differently.  I feel these Connect with your solar plexus and activate a sense of well-being and peace.  You might get a completely different sensation or you might even get a word or message so very difficult to interpret their meaning as people will experience them in varying ways; however they are all channelled from a higher power and is an expression of my inner knowing. There is a lot for me to learn still and feels like this is the beginning of my journey as I will be doing a lot of inner work now as I want to go deeper; beyond the layers and through to the multitude of realities that exist beyond our consciousness so is a journey within and am not sure where it will take me but I know that it’s what is required.

You can find more info and prices of Lorren’s treatments on her facebook page:>octaviostarot

It was a pleasure working with Lorren on this interview,


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