My Spirit Guide Blue

Several years ago I visited a very well-known psychic medium in Harlow.  She gave me a  good reading when she connected to both my grandparents in spirit.  Then she moved on to say things about me and said “oh, I have your spirit guide here and he is saying you already met him”.

I sat feeling puzzled, what was she talking about?   “Have I?” I asked.  She shook her head “yes, he said he visited you a couple of times in a dream, it’s the easiest way for you to connect with him”.

Suddenly my blood ran a bit cold, when I realised I knew exactly who she was talking about.  I had had two very distinctive dreams, where I had met a man.  The weird thing is, in the dream, I was out somewhere and had to nip to the ladies toilet.  I came out of the cubical and was washing my hands, only to realise that there was a man standing in the toilets watching me.  I know, this sounds creepy and like a nightmare but it was far from it.  I didn’t feel scared at all.  I felt like I knew this familiar presence.  Let me describe him:

He was Asian looking (Tibetan) with a long blue monks outfit on.  He had hardly any hair and had the most piecing blue eyes I have ever seen.  He said hello to me and then he left.

A few weeks later he popped up again when I was in the toilet in my dream (the significance of the toilet may become clear below!) and he was wearing the same clothes and again I noticed those beautiful blue eyes.

After talking to the medium and understanding that he is in fact my spirit guide, I decided to call him Blue.

Here is something else that is interesting about this story: when I was nine months old, I nearly died.  I had Kidney Reflux Disease, which meant that instead of urinating out all the toxins that my kidneys had removed during the day, they were being flushed back up into my urinary system and poisoning me from the inside.  My parents knew that there was something very wrong with me but the doctors just kept saying I had a virus.

After another bout of being very sick, my mum recalls one of the worst nights of her life, when she was trying to feed me in my high chair but then I just fell face down into my food, lifeless.

My parents rushed me to hospital and was told by A&E to go straight upstairs to paediatrics.  They jumped in the lift and there was a young doctor in there, he asked them what floor they wanted.  He also took a good look at me and said “what has been happening to your daughter?” so they told him then he said without a word of hesitation “she has Kidney Reflux and she must be seen immediately”.

After that conversation the doctors knew what to do and after some time in hospital and antibiotics for seven years (years!) – I was fine.  However, my parents were told that had the diagnosis not have been made that night the likelihood of me losing a kidney was a certainty but even worse, I probably would have died.

So what has this got to do with Blue?  Well, my mum says that the one thing she remembered about that doctor, was his piecing blue eyes, she said she had never seen eyes like them and that she knows that he saved my life.  Perhaps this was why Blue always visits me in the toilet??

I work with Blue a lot now during my Reiki practice and also I communicate with him very much during meditation. I ask him questions and he gives me the answers (only if it helps me with my development).  He has a funny sense of humour and I even believe it makes him laugh at the fact that I am so impatient with my mediumship development.  For example I once just demanded to know when I would “get better” at being a medium and I waited for the answer then I heard “Constant Craving” playing by KD Lang in my mind!  In other words “stop going on and take a chill pill love…….it will happen in time”.

I know Blue will be with me for this life until we meet in the next.   All I have to do here is ask for him and then I get a feeling of someone touching my head, always on the left side.  It’s very comforting to know that I, like every other human being, has a guide right beside them.

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