My Dream Predictions


I have had many dream predictions over the years, in fact, it was the dreams that made me understand that I have psychic & mediumship abilities later on in life.

Most of them have been quite uneventful, like dreaming of a person I haven’t seen in ages and seeing them the next day, or some are helpful like dreaming that the window cleaner will be visiting (he doesn’t have a set schedule he just turns up) so that I can go and get some cash out to pay him – and he does turn up on that exact day.

I’ve had personal warnings as well, for example I used to work for a big organisation in London City and there were a group of quite nasty women who enjoyed bullying people who also worked there.  Myself and my colleague were a target for these women and due to the nature of our jobs, we had to interact with them a lot and they made our lives terrible at work.

One night I dreamt that these women would literally corner me on a subject and try to catch me on the hop so to speak as my colleague was away from the office and I would be on my own.  My dream was telling me that I must be prepared.

So I got in that morning and got all the paperwork together on what I thought they would come to see me about and low and behold, the “leader” of the gang approached my desk and summoned me to a meeting.  In hindsight I should never of gone but I did and I was prepared and they tried to intimidate me however because I knew it was coming I was ready and it made it pointless on their part.

This is small stuff really, as I’ve also had dream predictions on bigger stuff, namely terrorist attacks.  I dreamt of 9/11 (my first dream prediction) and I’ve had loads since, the most vivid being the Paris attacks a few year back.

However, the most shocking for me was a dream I had in June 2017.  I had the dream on a  Friday night.  In the dream, I was running from a terrorist who followed me up onto a bridge, where I could see people jumping off into the water.

Here is the problem: sometimes I dream things and they come true.  Other times I have fear based symbolic dreams and they come out because I have an inner fear of being caught up in a terror attack.  So, I don’t know if something is real or not until it happens.

When I woke up on the Saturday morning, I had a feeling of dread that I just could not shake.  I had never experienced anything like it before.  I have had anxiety in the past however this was different.  It was deeper.  I KNEW something bad was going to happen that day. I thought about my dream but I got confused and wasn’t sure that because I felt it so strongly that in fact was it my husband and daughter who were at risk?  I was due to go into work in my therapy room as I had a list full of clients that day.  My husband and little girl were going to spend the day together.  I can’t remember where they were going but I remember pleading with him not to go and I even said I was going to cancel my days work planned.

My husband told me to stop being so silly and just go to work.  So I did and I was on edge the whole day.  I kept looking at my phone.  I kept thinking about it and then it came to me, that dream last night, I just knew, there would be a terrorist attack, I just knew it!

I had just finished a massage on a regular client and before he left he asked me if I was ok.  I said to him “I know this is weird, but I have an awful feeling that there will be a terrorist attack today”.  He looked at me like I was bonkers and paid and left!

But that evening, there was an attack in London Borough Market and on the London Bridge.  The feeling of dread only lifted when I turned on the news to see what had happened.  My husband did acknowledge that I had been restless and worried all day and I came to the conclusion that the reason I had it so strong is because where the attack happened and the pubs that they stormed into are the places and exact pub he drinks in regularly in London.

I sent a message to my client’s wife as I felt compelled too, the fact I had told someone my prediction surely made it more viable?  “Yes he motioned it to me, but he said, must just be a coincidence……………………….”.  Story of my life, eh?

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