The Finder Of Lost Things

I have already written about how I have invoked the angels to help me during times that I have managed to get myself lost (unfortunately this has happened on many occasions!).   But what I haven’t shared with you is how they have helped me and others find lost things, namely, car keys!  How did I find out that I could use angels to do this?  I tried it one day, after we were having a mini emergency:

Chaos before France

A few years back we were packing to go on one of our very first driving trips to France with our little toddler, Ariane.  It was really exciting and my husband Craig had been up since the early hours packing the car boot full to the brim with all our things (it was a skiing holiday, so you can imagine the stuff we needed to take!).

My job was to sort the hand luggage and make sure Ariane was dressed and ready to go.  Ten minutes before we had to leave to give enough time to get to our ferry crossing in Dover, Craig walked into the hallway from the driveway looking exasperated.

“I’ve lost the car keys!  I have an awful feeling I’ve left them under all the packing, it’s going to take me ages to pull it all out and put it back again!”.  I shook my head in dismay and said we must check the house first.  So we went to all the normal places that the car keys may be, hanging up by the door, in the coat cupboard, on the coat cupboard floor, in the coats, on the mantel piece, everywhere!  They were nowhere to be seen.

“If they are not in there we are screwed, I have no spare key!” said Craig looking redder and more flustered by the minute.  “I’m taking the boot apart” he said, turning to go back outside.

“Don’t, just wait, five minutes, I’m going to ask for help” I said desperately. “What?!  This is no time for your woo woo Tanya! “ and with that he slammed the front door shut as he left to start taking out all our carefully packed in luggage.

I quickly took Ariane’s hand and we sat together in the middle of my living room, on the raw hide rug.  “Ok, here goes Ariane, I want you to ask the angels with me”.

I had never really tried this before, in terms of asking the angels to help find something.  They had always helped me when I was lost, so I prayed they could do the same thing this time around.  Ariane and I silently said a prayer to ask for help, as the clock tick tocked away behind us, reminding us that time was running out to make our crossing.

Once I asked the angels I sat and waited to see what would happen.  In my mind’s eye, I saw the coat cupboard in our hallway, the one we had already checked.  But then I was shown the floor in that cupboard.  Without a moment’s hesitation, I jumped up and Ariane and I swiftly made our way there.  I opened the door and looked down.  I couldn’t see the keys.  But something told me to look closer.  There was a black lap top bag laying on the carpeted floor, and on top sat the black car keys, perfectly camouflaged so that first time around we had no chance of seeing them.  I verbally thanked the angels and ran outside to tell Craig.  Luckily he had only started taking out a few items of packing.

For once, he was actually speechless, however I did ask for a thank you!

Chaos In France

It wasn’t just my family who managed to lose our car keys.  Our friends, who we were on holiday with in France in 2018 were due to leave to go back home a week before us.  They were leaving on the Saturday and busily packing their car up whilst my family went to one of the French markets in town.

On our way back, as we travelled along the bumpy, hilly roads, I received a text from my friend Saffy.   “I’ve lost the bloody car keys!!  We think they might be locked in the car, but we have to smash a window to get in. Tanya, please help, we are going to miss our flight, this is a nightmare, we have turned the place upside down, I don’t want to smash the window!”.

My friend Saffy had already heard of my knack of finding keys via my angel helpers and she knew I have psychic ability, I was her last hope.  I suddenly felt a lot of pressure to find these keys. Silently and calmly I closed my eyes as we approached the accommodation.  I couldn’t see anything, my mind hit a blank.  I felt this must be from the pressure of needing to do this for others, in fact, there were other guests that were staying with us, this was almost like a test, I had told them that I was a psychic during our holiday stay and to be honest I can imagine that most of them just took it as a pinch of salt, like I am just a bit wacky!

As Craig pulled up I felt the urge to go straight into the shared kitchen and to look in the dry foods basket.  The feeling to look there was over whelming.  The accommodation we stay at is like a boutique guest house, where each family has their own basket to put their dry foods in like bread for the week. As I entered the gardens, I could see four or five people desperately running around trying to find the keys.

I saw Abbie, the owner, standing at the kitchen doorway.  “I think they are in Saffy’s basket!” I exclaimed.  I walked past her and looked, but could not see them amongst the baguettes and packets of crisps.  I sighed.  As I left the kitchen, I suddenly heard “are these the keys you are looking for?!” and looked up to see Abbie holding the keys and jangling them in front of us, with a very happy look on her face.  She had followed me and decided to look in the basket after I had checked, it appears I didn’t look properly and the keys were underneath the bread in the basket.

Everyone was so relieved, I hadn’t realised it but they had spent two hours looking for those keys before they asked me.  In fact, Danny, Abbie’s husband had been on the phone to friends in the UK in the hope they could pick up Saffy’s family from the port as they were sure they would not find the keys in time.

Danny grinned at me widely “well Tanya, if I wasn’t a believer before, I certainly am now!”.


The Missing Spare Key


One afternoon I was shopping at my daughters favourite store, HobbyCraft. We had bags full   of her crafting materials and made our way back to my car. I threw it all in the boot and for some stupid, unknown reason, I threw my handbag in too, complete with car and door keys.  I hadn’t unlocked the car doors, just the boot, so as soon as it was closed, my car keys to get us into the car were locked safely away in the boot. I realised my mistake the instant I slammed it shut.  Feeling slightly sick as I noticed that my bag had everything in it, including my mobile phone to call for help,  I had visions of myself and Ariane being stranded in the shopping car park.  HobbeyCraft is the other side of town to where I live, walking home with a five year old was out of the question.  I didn’t even have a front door key to get us in the house!  I decided to go back into the store and ask them if I could borrow their phone, which they kindly agreed.  I called my parents who live closest to the shop and my dad said he was literally just going out of the door to run an errand, it was lucky we caught him. I explained everything and he agreed to pick us up.

Here was the problem, I had lost my car’s spare key.  It had been lost for months and as I had the other key, I didn’t bother to replace the missing one.  I asked dad if he would be happy to take me to my local Ford garage in the hope that they might have a spare master key.  Unfortunately, the helpful sales guy on the desk could not find a spare for me and advised my only option was to call a break down service to break into my car and that would cost a small fortune or, go home and find that missing key.

Mum and dad dropped us back home.  Luckily, they had a spare door key I could use to get into my house.  Ariane and I did our usual trick.  We sat in the middle of the living room and asked the angels to help us.  “Where is that key!” I pleaded with them, remembering that I had searched the entire house for it months ago with no luck.  Just then, a vision of my skiing jacket came into my mind’s eye. Something was telling me to search into the deep bits of the pockets.  My jacket had a lot of pockets, but I was being shown the back of the coat. I jumped up and ran to the coat cupboard, the place where it appears most lost car keys live!  I grabbed the jacket and went through every single pocket.  No key.  I shook the coat, then I felt around the back, bottom sleeve.  There was something lumpy inside.  I opened the vent, slid my hand in and to my absolute joy found the spare key!  I must have accidentally put it in the vent and not the pocket and completely missed it the last time I looked.  I danced around with Ariane exclaiming that the angels are amazing!

Help For A Friend

After I had visited one of my good friends to give her a massage treatment, I arrived home to find she had text me as I travelled back.  “Have you seen my car keys?  I’ve lost them, I was wondering if you might have picked them up by accident with you stuff?”.  I had a good look amongst my towels and blankets but couldn’t find her keys.  I text her back and told her I didn’t have them but would see if I could ask my angel friends for a little guidance.

I sat on my sofa and meditated, asking the angels to direct me as to where those keys were in my friend’s house.  It was like I was seeing remotely, I could see her different rooms but then my vision left her house and a map of Europe was shown clearly in my mind, then zoomed in specifically on the shape of the Italian boot on the map.

I text my friend back in a hurry.  “Do you have an object that you brought back from Italy in your home?  If so, check near there!  It’s worth a shot!”.  I waited around five minutes then I got the text back:

text mich

I won’t lie, I punched the air when I read this.  More validation of help from another world, another place! What else could I ask them to help me find?  I realised then that the possibilities could potentially be endless…….or could they? Is it only small things that they help me find?  What about lost dogs………….or people?

Only time will tell I guess,

Until next time,


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