The Problem With Predictions

Knowing the difference between a symbolic dream and future prediction is the hardest part of having psychic ability, especially when it affects me personally. A brain is an incredible tool that has the ability to take all our worries, fears, hopes and dreams plus all the things we have said, heard, seen and smelt over the last few days and stirs them up into a big subconscious soup that gets filtered throughout brain each night.  Sometimes we remember dreams, sometimes we don’t.  But how do I know if I’m getting a prediction?  This has caused me quite a lot of stress and anxiety over the years.

I always say, go with the feeling, if it feels deep, if I have this inner knowing that it’s a prediction then it probably is.  But would spirit be so cruel and tell me how a loved one will die one day? I mean, it’s happened before, I was given the exact date of my granddads passing in 2005, so it can happen again, right? I’m hoping by writing this blog, I manage to reassure myself (and others who have these types of dreams) that I don’t think spirit would be that unkind.  So here is what happened:

About a year ago, I awoke in the middle of the night after having what I consider a nightmare.  In this dream, I just remember my phone ringing, when I picked it up, it was a strangers voice, a male Asian man that I did not recognise.  He is introducing himself and as he does, my dream starts to turn lucid, so it’s like I am aware of the situation and my own reality, even though I am in a dream state.

“Your husband was driving in London, he had a car accident, I’m sorry to say Mrs Short we couldn’t save him……..”

I wake up at that point.  The most awful thing about this dream experience is that I felt every single feeling of shock and horror, just like I would feel as if it actually happened to me. It was off the scale horrendous and I was sobbing for a long time after and could not get back to sleep.

The next morning, I made a point of telling Craig about this dream, like if I told him, it won’t come true.  He reassured me that he won’t die in a car crash (I guess he can predict the future now right?).

I finally got my head around that this was just a dream until something else happened that literally pushed my anxiety up another level.   I was going to Romford, to a new client that I had never met before.  She was a German lady in her seventies who wanted Reiki after a stressful couple of years. The strange thing is she heard about me whilst chatting to a buyer at her boot sale some months before which I thought was random, to say the least.  Anyhow, on the day of her treatment, I ask the Angels to protect my car journey (normal practice) and off I went to her house.

Her house was on the worst road ever, it was a Feng Shui nightmare!  It was literally the main road that buses and everything can go on, in fact, I had to be so quick to pull up which added so much pressure on me as finding new locations is not exactly my strongest attribute.

Once in her house it was like a little sanctuary and had an alpine feel to it, it was quirky and just like her, I warmed to her and her house quickly. She took me into the kitchen and offered a cup of tea which I decided I should have after the journey and I asked about all the cats she had.  She was really excited to tell me that she rescues cats and wanted me to see her little cat house.

This part of the story gets weird because before I knew it, I was in this ladies back garden, sitting in what can only be described as a cat Wendy House complete with pictures on the wall and an actual cat Chaise Lounges!  Acknowledging internally that sometimes I have strange experiences with this job, I decided it was time to crack on with her treatment.

This is the sad part, I established during and after her treatment that her husband, aged seventy-three years old, was killed, run over outside her house by a white van about two years ago.  I couldn’t believe such an awful thing happened outside her own front door, that every time she looks outside on that road she must have a memory of what happened, as she was there and saw it all, it must have been horrific.

Bearing all of that in mind, she was over the worst of her grief journey. She told me that it’s her spirituality that has kept her going and got her through it all, then she told me about the dream.  She told me that about two years before her husband was killed outside his own front door, she had a dream that he was dead.  She woke up crying, as did I when I had my dream.  She took it as a warning to get all her paperwork together, a Will sorted, life insurance etc.  But she didn’t heed the warning and when he died she was left with an awful financial mess to sort out.

“So young lady, you must always have your paperwork in order, you never know what is around the corner,” she said to me, in her thick German accent.

As I drove home that day, I felt sick.  Was that another warning sign?  Would spirit be that unkind to give me a heads up, and to be honest, even if it is, how can I help a situation that may already have been written into someone’s life contract?

Of course, my husband, who doesn’t believe in predictions or spirits or the afterlife, thinks that I’m bonkers and needs to get a grip of myself, he isn’t concerned about this at all.  But I will be honest, I took out a Will since I met that lady…………..

I don’t’ think my husband will die in a car crash.  On reflection, I do feel they wanted to get a message across to me about him, which I am not going to go into in this blog post, but I do feel that they wanted my attention about something which I have since acknowledged.

So you see, having the gift of foresight is a blessing and a curse.  Whether or not I get it to help warn people or to just prove that things have already been written into our future, I don’t think I will ever know.  But what I do know is that for me personally, there is a fine line between my realities and I do sometimes think I may spend a lifetime trying to work it all out.

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