Don’t Feed The Trolls!

I have taken the plunge to actively start using my YouTube channel.  This is a big deal as seeing myself on camera makes me cringe internally, but I’ve decided it’s a great way to spread the word on so many of the wonderful topics that I love talking about and especially because of the awesome feedback I get from clients about inspiring people.  I’ve even bought myself a little tripod…….so high tech!

So, my first topic of conversation was the positive Law of Attraction as this is something I love practising myself and I’ve tried and tested it, it works!  I also teach this course so it’s something I know about and it’s a great way to spread a bit of positivity in this harsh and sometimes mad world.

I wasn’t expecting subscribers and video views overnight, however, I was expecting that if I get any troll trouble, it won’t be until further, much further down the line. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any troll action at all as that’s not what I put out there!  But alas, after two, yes TWOviews of my second Law Of Attraction video, I received a horrible comment.

I’ve deleted it now, but it went along the lines of:

“Why are you selling an old lie?  The Universe doesn’t listen to you!  This is just like all the other scammers like Billy Fingers and Jinky Juice (wtaf?!?) blah….blah”…it went on and on and then I deleted it.

At first, I was shocked and upset that this person had even bothered to try and cut me down.  But of course, this is the trolls main aim here.  So, I decided to thank him in my mind and say for every one bad comment I get, I help about ten people with my positivity.

Then, of course, me being me I wanted to dissect the inner workings of this person’s soul for being such an arse and doing this to my video!  So, I do, like he took the time to comment on my video, I take the time to dissect his soul!  And this is what I find:

Why are you selling an old lie?  Translates into: Why are you getting off your arse to do something positive when all I can do is sit behind this computer and look for light to feed on?   I need light to feed on because my soul is so hungry. There is a gaping hole in me, from years of being neglected on an emotional level.  I was never given the self-confidence to achieve an inner belief to eventually acknowledge that I and I alone can make a difference to people’s lives.  Because of this upbringing and conditioning, I don’t have any self-awareness which actually means I don’t take accountability for my words, thoughts and actions.  That’s the fault of those that brought me up (my subconscious keeps telling me that it’s actually down to me to change this, but I do like to ignore my soul).  The truth is I’m jealous.  I’m jealous of anyone being positive because I find that difficult to do.  So, I want to cut you down, I want to bring you into my level of darkness and negativity, why should you be up there when I’m down here?  I don’t have the energy to climb up to you, it’s much easier for me to drag you down, isn’t it?

The Universe doesn’t listen to you:  Nothing good has ever worked for me!  So, it’s not true!  My life is a jumble of crap, its nothing to do with the fact that I ride my days on such a bleak and fragile outlook and I cannot and will not pull myself out of it, no its nothing to do with that at all.  I’m angry at you people for talking about the Universe because it hates me, it doesn’t help me, no one does.  I’m alone, completely alone in this world, this Universe!  The truth is I’m actually afraid, very afraid………

Just like all the other scammers:  I know nothing about you, however, I have judged you according to my own standards. That is what I do.  I have never taken the time to research the power of positivity, why the hell would I do that?  I have no factual evidence that Billy Fingers is not a real account of something that happened (if you are unfamiliar with Billy Fingers, check out the book and make your own mind up!). I don’t know what you do for a living, I’m making assumptions based on my own self-limiting beliefs.


This is me, I am the troll.  I search for the light to snuff it out.  It feeds me like nothing else, your light.  The self-satisfaction I feel when I get a response from your light is almost all-consuming and intoxicating, as that is my aim, to hurt you and to know about it.  But, after the transaction of my darkness with your light, I feel empty.  It’s darkness, loneliness, a feeling that is so vast and so huge that the only way to fill it up again is to find someone else’s light to feed on………will I even find my own light to fill it?  That is the Troll’s everlasting mission. 

There, all that said, I feel better now.  My word of advice is, don’t feed the troll, dissect their soul a little, then let their energy go.

If you are interested in my YouTube channel you can find it under Ora Holistic Wellbeing – Tanya Short

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