We Did It: Platform Mediums!

The 2nd June 2019 was a day myself and my good friend and fellow medium Jess had been working towards for an entire year. We were going out on platform to give a demonstration of mediumship as “fledglings”.

For those who are unfamiliar with what a dem is, let me set the scene: a Devine Service is held on a Sunday and is held at a Spiritualist Church (normally a scout hut type of set up!). The Devine Service has been going back years & years, hence the fact it is still connected to a Church format. I’ve always found it interesting, as Spirituality (in my opinion) is not a religion yet at this service there are hymns, the Lord’s Prayer & to be honest, it feels very Christian during the first 45 minutes. I guess this is tradition, it’s always been done this way since this type of service originated from Christianity. However, most mediums I know do not carry a particular faith, myself included.

Local people come along, pay a couple of pounds at the door that goes to the Church and then sit in the congregation. The Chair Person introduces the mediums, the first prayer, the hymn. Then an address from the medium is given (this is an inspirational talk on any subject, it’s not always prepared and is supposed to come from spirit to give guidance, positivity & hope to the people listening) another hymn and then straight into the mediumship where evidence is given from the people’s past loved ones in spirit, with a message for those lucky ones.

At last nights demonstration I did four private one to one tarot readings before the service began, as they wanted to raise a bit of money for the church and this was a great distraction for me, tarot readings are my happy place at the moment and it stopped me thinking about the fact I was about to stand up in front of fifteen strangers with no back up script.

After my readings, Jess and I got ready to sit at the stage with fellow professional medium Jayne Finch. Jayne was as calm as a cucumber and a pillar of strength for us, we were so nervous.

The hymn part did not help as there was a mix up on the CD and we ended up singing “What The World Needs Now” by Dionne Warwick (not a traditional hymn, which I kind of liked) but there are a few vocal acrobatics going on in that song and like an idiot I shot Jess a side glance, big mistake! She was trying herself not to laugh and of course our connection only intensified this situation so there I spent the remainder of that song, literally crying, my eyes almost popping out of my head, thinking of actual death to try and stop the fits of laughter. I couldn’t. My mum was in the congregation and confirmed after that yes, she could see me laughing. Jeeze how unprofessional. I have no idea how to stop that (I’ve been laughing in awkward situations since I was a child).

Anyhow, song over, it’s time for the host medium to take the stage. Before we knew it, it was Jess’s turn. I could feel her nerves….or was it mine? She stood up there, bold as brass and connected with a large lad who loved to box. Straight away she got a hand up and proceeded to give fantastic evidence for this lady and on her second link was just as strong. I was so happy for Jess!

Then it was my turn. I stand up and decide to go with the link of a young lady I had since Jess gave me a “trigger” word before the dem started. I love having a trigger word, it’s given to me and as soon as I get the word it reminds me of someone or something that then links me to the spirit. In this case, I saw a young girl who got sick aged around 12 and died in her early twenties and she gave me the name Dave. She wanted to get a message to her living brother, to pass on to her dad.

I gave the evidence and like a moron forgot to give the name Dave. Anyway, this link was actually for Jess and she took the info but there was still a bit of mystery around if the message was for the brother or dad (whilst living she hadn’t spoken to her dad in years).

Anyway, my other links went well, I was happy with my evidence (getting pets like a tortoise which isn’t the norm is always good evidence in my book) and Jess also did amazingly well.

I needed to get another link and this is what I always struggle with. So I asked my Guide Blue to show me something in the room to get my link from. My eyes are drawn to a painting of a Scout Leader on the wall. I suddenly felt what this mans personality was like. With that I stand and I describe this man, his relationships, his work life and I am drawn to the lady in the front. The reading is for her and I felt it flowed, the message more poignant as his love for her was so strong I could feel it in my bones.

Jess and I did our last link as a double link, where we both connected to the same spirit and provided the evidence. We bounced off each other and by this point the nerves had gone and we felt confident and at ease.

Before we knew it, we had ended our night of mediumship and were being signed for another night in the diary, we couldn’t believe it we were so happy!

In the car on the way home, we chatted enthusiastically about the night and how well it went for both of us. I mentioned to Jess about the first Spirit, the girl she used to know. Was it really for her brother, we questioned, then I remembered his name. “Oh is he called Dave?” I asked. Jess spins her head around “yes Tanya, his name is Dave!”.

Emma, our good friend and teacher and who was driving us just burst out laughing “Tanya, next time, just say what you see!”,

Until next time,


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