Can You Manifest People?

Well, wouldn’t that be a super power…..manifesting Tom Hardy whenever you felt like it.  See that’s the thing, I think that you can manifest people, or, should I say, bring them closer to you, pull them into your energy, as long as you already have connected with that energy in some way shape or form in the past (it comes in more easily), I feel like that if you think about them enough, it can happen.

Now – the reason why I write about this is because, I can do this, or have done this, unintentionally.  As always with me, there is always the question “did this person come in because I am psychic and got an invisible heads up or have, I manifested them?” I am not sure of the answer to this, but I want to give you some examples of where I am coming from when I talk about this subject:

What is interesting is that this has been happening so much more regularly since I have been opening up on a psychic level.  An example is my clients, I will literally think of a person that I haven’t seen or heard from, or thought about for weeks and wonder how they are.  Within 24 hours, I normally receive a message requesting an appointment.  This happens a lot and it also happens to other therapists I know.  I believe that the exact time they are thinking of you, if you are open enough, you will feel a little pulsating energy line going right to your own mind, that’s why you think of them.  It happened on my recent holiday, I was telling my sister about the wonders of Skype (like it hasn’t been around for like years already!) and how I have a lovely client from Switzerland who I can give tarot readings too via this method, the next day, the very client messaged me for an appointment.  Then I saw a woman who looked exactly the same as another client, so much so I told my daughter that I couldn’t’ believe the resemblance, you guessed it, the next day, that very client messaged me for an appointment.

Do you ever just think of a totally random person from your past, whilst dusting the shelf, with no memory trigger or anything, they just come into your head?  Well, this happens to me a lot and as I explained before, I really do feel that they are thinking of me at that same time and I’ve suddenly been made aware of it.

But that is one thing, manifestation is another.  So, I tried a little experiment this year.  I thought of an old school friend that I haven’t’ seen in just under 30 years.  This person didn’t join secondary school with us, I believe they moved away or went to a different school in the area.  I saw them in a photograph around January time and was reminded of them and realized that I hadn’t spoken or thought of this person for many years and decided to keep thinking about them, on and off, to see if I could manifest this person coming into my life.  I would forget about them, then they would pop into my head again.  This went on for months, sometimes I would go weeks and then I totally forgot about the experiment until, about six weeks ago, I received a Facebook friend request from said friend, with only one other mutual friend in common, and that mutual friend being one that I never see anymore.  My heart nearly leapt out of my chest when I realized who it was………

Intentions are strong, powerful and sometimes even dangerous especially when fueled with passion, obsession and lots of energy.  Law of attraction, bringing in what we truly desire, this is why it can really work for some individuals.  But I would like to stress something on this blog post.  I only believe that we bring in things that are for our highest good. For example, if you suffer from extreme anxiety and you obsess about being killed in a car accident, I do not believe you can bring that into your life.  What you will bring in is negative energy, low moods and possibly depression which has a knock-on effect with regards to your personal relationships and your work, until you find the help and tools to pull yourself out of that way of thinking.  But if you obsess over something good, that is driven from love, creativity and your passion, then you will pull in everything you need to make that dream or goal happen. So to all you singles out there that quite fancy a Tom Hardy or some gorgeous woman you have always had your eye on, I still think it’s healthy to have a vision of this person and to think and “feel” what it would be like to be with them, you will pull someone in for sure, it won’t’ be Tom Hardy, but it might not be a faraway match.

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  1. I believe you can manifest people just like certain situations in our life. I don’t think they necessarily come exactly how we envisioned them. Great post🌷

    1. Thank you Ash! I love the feeling when it happens, like you know there is more to life than we realise, it gives me such a feeling of peace! I’m so glad you enjoyed it xx

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