Almost Out Of Body

Ok, I’ve had a few “out of body” experiences whilst “sleeping” in my time.  But one thing remains consistent, it always feels like I’m still asleep, albeit lucidly, but still asleep.  I’ve read other people’s accounts of being out of body but feeling completely conscious.  Is this even possible?  It’s not that I don’t believe them…but I do like to fall back on my own experiences as total evidence to support my belief systems.

The other Saturday night I was staying in a hotel in London.  I had drunk quite a few gins and two Espresso Martinis before turning in.  It was a special occasion, so I drank a lot more than usual (however, I did not feel “drunk”).

It took me ages to fall asleep in the air-conditioned room, probably the strangeness of a different bed and the late-night caffeine…but finally I slept.

I hadn’t been sleeping long when suddenly I awoke again, in a meditative kind of state.  My eyes opened slowly, as if someone was making it happen in a very controlled manner. It was very strange.  I felt like I had just been injected with some sort of opioid (I have endometriosis and have monthly codeine & ibuprofen cocktails which eases the pain and chills me to the core) however, I had not taken anything, but the feeling was exactly the same.  There was a calmness around me that was not a normal state of my consciousness.  I then felt myself lifting, or…detaching, but it was a very subtle process.  I heard a ringing in my ears and I instinctively knew I was changing frequencies.  Between the sleep and awake states, this time I was fully conscious but still asleep.  In fact, my physical eyes were closed but I could still see the hotel room.  How do I know this?  Because I was awake….but still asleep, are you following?

I was reaching between dimensions.  It suddenly became abundantly clear to me.  In fact, the Netflix series Stranger Things has this licked – the upside down, that’s pretty much what I was seeing, it’s like I entered into the same reality but it wasn’t the same and to see it I had to be between states, and somehow, I managed to do it.  I knew the layout of the room was the same as my Earth hotel room, but I knew if I leave the room, I would find other types of guests residing outside.

I decided to get up and start exploring, making a mental note to turn around and look at my sleeping physical as I did so and that is when my husband turned around in his sleep, kicking my leg, knocking me out of this meditative state, straight back into the physical reality that we reside in (for now).

Frustration is an understatement.  Every time I get so close…yet so far!!

But the astral, afterlife, other side, call it what you will, is just there, another frequency, invisable to our human eyes, but visible with our spiritual ones.  We just have to penetrate it, between sleep states and meditation is the only way at the moment I believe we can do it.  Please don’t knock this until it happens to you, hopefully it will one day.  Until it does, you just got to trust and believe that it is real.

When I get messages from spirit, they are penetrating our frequency, and I’m feeling, seeing and hearing them like a radio sound wave…..the people who died didn’t go anywhere, they are just there, just next to you.

As disappointing as this hotel experience was, this episode marked a turning point for me.  It is possible to be fully conscious yet asleep….to enter a different dimension – either from sleep or meditation.

This is exciting stuff!

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