The Ignorance Of Judgement

I’ve always likened being psychic or mediumistic to being gay, you choose to either come out when your young (or everyone has pretty much worked it out anyway) or you take the plunge in adult life to come out of the closest. The similarities are that you are living a duel life that most of your friends and family are not aware of.  It’s sad we have to do that, but unfortunately, there are members of society that are incredibly fearful of anyone who they feel is different to them, judging us via their own conditioned standards.

I recently received an inbox message on my Tarot Business page from someone saying, “How do we know it’s not a scam?”.  I understand her concern and its healthy that she (and everyone) should question anyone that does work that doesn’t have a physical element to it.  Unfortunately, there are people out there that will hide behind the spiritual and psychic veil to pray on venerable people to make money.  The frustrating thing about this is that it blackens the name of the people that were born this way.

There is a lot of anger and fear directed at my profession.  These two emotions manifest themselves in different ways, the fear one being that if, we are in fact 100% right in that there is another life after you die, it will turn a whole belief system upside down on its head.  It could undo the structure of your upbringing, make you face some hard truths about yourself, others, the world and the Universe. So, fear is huge when it comes to believing people who have psychic and mediumistic ability.

The anger part can be scarier.  The people that get angry are upset that you are called gifted. This isn’t a term I would call myself.  I can connect to energy and read it, that’s about it.  I would love to have the ability to sing well, that is a gift, or to paint without having a lesson, that is also a gift, the difference is, these artists will not get slammed for their life’s work.

The worst offenders are people who criticize you without doing the knowledge and research to back up their argument, that’s where this blog title comes from, the ignorance of judgment.  That is what they are doing after all, they are judging something you do, something about you, on a diet of pure ignorance, without researching the hundreds and thousands of accounts of this kind of thing.  If they did do the research, it could change their mind…can you imagine?  They choose not to research….just in case that may just happen.

I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I do not believe the Earth is flat.  I believe in evolution, that we did infact evolve from monkeys.  I believe in solid, factual scientific evidence.  I also believe there is an energetic lifeforce that is going on all around us, but not all of us can feel or see it.

As well as enjoying science, I also enjoy the unexplained, the unexplained that has happened to me, all my life.  When the stapler levitates off the desk next to you aged 15 and flies across the room, when you hear someone say your name and tell you your nan just died, when she did in fact, just die, when you know that granddad will die on Sept 15thin May and he dies on Sept 15thof the same year……when you know how many children the stranger has standing next to you, if they are happy, sad……when you see terrorist attacks in your dreams before they happen……when you feel someone touching your face at night and a man sitting on your bed then disappears into the blackness of your room…..the unexplained that happens to me, that happens to my tribe of friends that also came out of the closet…….it’s just something we can do, we can see, we experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

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