When I was about twenty-two, I went to visit a medium at her house one very dark and foggy night (I’m not adding this for effect, it was a dark and foggy night).

I hadn’t been to many one to ones before and my friend and I were with her for 3 hours!!  She told me so much stuff, hard to remember most of it but something did stand out.  She told me that I have a great grandad called Jack who wears a flat cap, he is around me a lot.  I didn’t know what my great grandads were called, I made a mental note to ask my parents on the way home.

As I drove home, I had to be careful because it was hard to see through the fog.  As I drove up the hill toward my house, I could just see the opening of the park, where the fog had cleared stood an old man with a round face, flat cap on his head.

As I drove closer, we made eye contact, he took off his cap and nodded his head to acknowledge me.  When I looked in the rear-view mirror, he was gone.  He literally disappeared.  When I got home, my dad confirmed that Jack was my great grandad.

I wondered for years if that man I saw was Jack.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asleep in bed when suddenly I was woken, I don’t know by what, but to my horror there was a man sitting in the middle of my bed, old man, round face and a flat cap.  I was terrified, like, truly terrified.  I started to scream, which I thought was hauntingly loud and would awake the whole street, but I realised that I wasn’t making a sound, I thought I was screaming….and then the man had disappeared.

Was this Jack, again?  I have a feeling it may have been, and I know why he came.  I keep telling my guide that it’s ok if I see a spirit again, I promise I won’t freak out (I’ve seen a few before, freaked out almost every time).  But next time I wouldn’t freak.  I had been asking to see something all week.  So, they sent Jack and he literally scared the crap out of me.  Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

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