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Recently, I spent the weekend with a truly legendary pioneer from the mediumship world.  She taught me so much in a relatively short space of time that I feel truly grateful.  There is a lot I can write about so I’m going to break this into two sections, this week I’m going to talk about the spirit team.

We all have a spirit team, a group of guides and teachers, some whom we have never met, that reside in the afterlife/spirit world/astral dimension or whatever you like to call the place we go to when we die.

I have been aware of my main guide, Blue, for a number of years now and my Nan, Rosemary is also a working member of my team.

At the weekend, I met another 3 (potentially 4!) members of my team, they each have a role to play in my work for spirit.

I’m going to tell you a little about each of them here and what their jobs are:

Blue: I call him this because of his piercing blue eyes and the blue robes he wears.  He has walked the Earth before and likes to present himself as an Asian Monk.  I have dreamt about him in the past and a medium confirmed who he was for me.  When I’m doing psychic work, I close my eyes and often see a blue light flash through the darkness, this is Blues vibration as he begins to work with me.  He is incredibly funny, and he often jokes when I ask him questions, he is my guide for life and is one of my closest, he is my main spiritual guide.  I know when Blue is about because I get a tingling on the left side of my head.

Rosemary: This is my Nan.  When I was 21, my Nan died and visited me in my bedroom in spirit form, she showed me a glimpse of the spirit world before she left (you can read about that here).  After that, she gave me the exact date of her husbands future passing (you can read about that here).  My Nan was a medium herself when living (I didn’t know until she died).  She currently resides in her seaside spiritual home with my grandad but her job is to work with me and she and Blue normally come as a pair.  I know when my Nan is about because I get a vision of a rose in my mind.

Silver: I met this guide about 4 years ago during mediation.  He is a Japanese chap (he had a long grey beard so I coined him Silver) and he is my guide for deep healing.  He doesn’t come along very often, only during Reiki if the client has deep emotional pain or Physical pain.  I can feel my right-side tingle and I see a rainbow in my mind (after every Reiki degree I took, there would always be a rainbow outside as I drove home).  He is quiet, we don’t communicate much but I know why he is here and I know why he comes in.

John: this is a relatively new guide who I was aware of but got introduced formally too at the weekend.  He used to be some sort of minister or similar and when in a human existence he preached/gave sermons.  He is here for inspirational speaking, so for example when I have to talk to a group of people at a mediumship demonstration about something inspirational, he will help me with that.

Mary: i know, John, Mary, these are all traditional biblical names.  They are only called this because I named them this.  Because they both appear to have links with the Christian church in their earthly lives, I’ve named them accordingly (although John did give me his name).  So Mary is a nun and she comes in during prayer.  A prayer, or intention, is always given before we connect to source, to loved ones in spirit.  She can help me with that because during her earthly years, she was good at prayer (it was kind of her job!).  I won’t see much of her but she will come in when needed.

Red Tip– this is a grand name for a grand guide!  I met him at the weekend.  He presented as a North American Indian Chief; with the largest feathered head-piece I have ever seen (with red tips!)!  It turns out he is my spiritual advisor and he will help me with guidance, compassion, and knowledge.  I did feel slightly intimidated in his presence, on first meeting, but I guess that’s because he has been around for like, ever.

There is another one which, I still need to establish a connection with.  She feels more “recent history” and has a business head as well as an intuitive, very gifted seer.  So we shall see, she is waiting in the wings at the moment.

So, there you have it, that’s my team.  There are probably a lot more that I haven’t met yet, that I may never meet in this lifetime.

You have guides too, a whole team as well.  We have guides to help us with every aspect of our personal and work life, our journey, our interests, our talents……everything.

How do you connect to yours?  You need to learn the language of telepathy.  Sit in meditation and simply ask your guide to show themselves or indicate they are there, by how you are feeling.  You might see something, feel something or be drawn to something.  The key is to keep trying, be open and be patient but most importantly, trust and believe.

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