Soul Mate, Twin Flame & Karmic Lover

Well, I bet that title pulled you in………… it is one that always fascinates people (to be honest, mostly women!).  I can’t tell you how many gorgeous, lovely female clients I have had sat in front of me during a tarot reading, where they have two or three men in their lives, not sure which one is their soul mate.  But what does that even mean and are we supposed to settle down with one life partner during our human existence?  Most of us will and do continue to search for and will find “the one”, but some will also attract the same type of partner, even if he or she appears to show up in different bodies!

Apparently, we have 3 different types of partners during an Earth life, which are all listed in the title above.  But what do they mean (and just because they are listed, doesn’t mean you are going to meet them all in this life)?  I’m going to try and explain below, and would like to point out that because there are three, it doesn’t mean that you are in the wrong relationship.  Generally, you will settle down with one of them (if you are lucky enough to find the right one!).  By the way, if you google this, it may come up different to my interpretations, but that’s okay because all of my guidance is via my guides and belief systems:


Soul Mate

This is the ultimate right, the one we are always trying to find?  There will be a reason for that.  Your soul mate is the one that you are always drawn back too in each and every level of existence because they are your anchor, your rock, your match. These are generally the people we end up marrying and staying married too.  If you keep breaking up because you can’t live with / can’t live without a person, they are not your soul mate, they are probably your twin flame (see below). You can work through anything with your soul mate.  They ground you, compliment you, they are the ying to your yang.  You share eons of experience with them, even though you might not realise it.  Yes, like all relationships, you will argue, but this relationship is for keeps, and to a degree, forever, because this person is your person, your mate, and you come together like gin and tonic!  There is deep love here, recognized on a soul level.


Twin Flame

So, surely, if you have found your soul mate above, why would you need a twin flame, are these even the same person?  Erm…no. Your twin flame is someone who is almost the same as you but a different person.  I mean, it blows soul mate out of the water to be fair but that doesn’t mean to say you could have a long-lasting relationship (if any!) with the twin flame. This person, you will recognize across the room, not by looks or personality, but by energy.  It will be unexplainable and has a depth that is more than just sexual chemistry or attraction.  It’s like you are two peas from the same pod but to be in a relationship would be an explosive mess of clashing, light, passion, brooding, frustration and goodness knows what else.  This is the person you can’t live with or you can’t live without.  They reflect your shadow side so acutely that it’s like looking in a mirror at yourself every time you have an argument.  You desperately need to be together on some sort of spiritual level but to do so is dangerous and to a degree….pointless.  So why do we even have or need a twin flame?  We need them because they are one of us, are a part of us, but they can’t offer us what the soul mate can.  The soul mate is not selfish, however the twin flame is.  They will strive to suck us dry and vice versa, because we are in fact trying to suck ourselves dry, to heal ourselves, so we look for healing in each other.  What should you do if you are in a twin flame relationship?  Let them go but not too far, acknowledge that you are better off as friends but also acknowledge the beautiful thing that you two have that no one else does, you are one of the same flame, and that is to be treasured always.


Karmic Lover

The difference between the karmic lover and the twin flame is that the twin flame is a part of you.  The karmic lover is not.  Unless you break the cycle, the karmic lover will keep coming back into your life like a repeat offender.  This relationship is all about the lessons you agreed to take before even being born. To balance out your karma and also theirs, you will need to meet this person, and I’m sorry but it won’t’ be pretty. They will probably hurt you like no one else can.  But, once they do, and you hit rock bottom, you will learn to love yourself to a level you never thought possible before.  And once you start loving yourself like that, you can only do one thing, you can only attract love right back, then in walks your soul mate (whilst your best friend, who you have always had a crush on, cheers behind you but is secretly jealous, because they are your twin flame, you get me?).  The trouble starts when you don’t learn your lesson of the karmic partner, don’t love yourself enough, and go and pick he or she straight back up or attract another just like that one that resonates on the same vibe as your karmic energy is vibrating on.  They will keep coming like a boomerang until you awaken and start to practice some self-love, acceptance and boundaries.  Once you have learnt this lesson it truly is a beautiful thing.  The karmic cycle will be broken and peace will be instilled forever more.

So there you have it!  Do you recognize any of the above people in your life?  I bet you can………..

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