This isn’t my normal topic of blogging, but seeing as the world has started to seem more and more surreal like I’m living in my very own Black Mirror episode…..I thought I should write about my experience during the weirdness of it all.

How strange, before the news of the virus broke out in January, I started to overbuy toilet roll.  I didn’t need anymore, I have a family of 3, we don’t need loads of resources, but I found myself subconsciously hitting the “pack of 16 toilet roll” button on my weekly online shopping order……..then I realized that I had quite a stock and boom, Corona Virus hits and I have enough loo roll.  What was I picking up on exactly?  Maybe a coincidence but…….

I also haven’t felt “right” since Xmas.  My mood has been low, with no explanation for this, I just couldn’t shake it.  I’m now pretty convinced that I was picking up on future energies, this has happened before, however shorter-term when we have experienced a close terrorist attack.

I’ve also had this awful feeling of running out of food for a good 12 months now, I’ve even mentioned it to friends that there is something that didn’t’ sit right with me every time I went into a supermarket…..I now know why I was getting this feeling.

The night before things started to “get real” with the Virus, I had a dream that we were all wearing face masks, on a boat but trapped, limited travel, being stuck and separated from each other.

Anyway, enough of this negativity.  That can only get you so far, and I am sure that the food isn’t going to run out completely!  If anything, this crisis will help us appreciate more, learn how to be resourceful, thrifty and lift the human spirit so that we help others in need, join together to raise our vibrations collectively.

I do believe this is happening to us because Mother Earth needs to restore balance, remember that limited window that humans have to make sure that we make a conscious effort to start reversing climate change?  Well I believe we were never going to make that target, and the higher consciousness knew we were not either, so, on an energetic level, this virus was manifested to restore balance, to force us to stop in our tracks…..which is exactly what it is doing.  There will be causalities here, there will be death, loss and deep sadness.  But from this, there will also be a new day dawning, one where people are more in tune with nature, Earth, the Universe, their spirituality.

As I was walking to the local shop this morning (to literally buy the last loo roll pack on the shelf, not for me may I add!), I heard the birds singing and felt the breeze on my face.  It struck me how I find such peace in nature, in being outside, in connecting with birds, animals and the source that is connected to every living natural thing.  I remember that the reason I feel such peace with that is that nature is what we are all connected too, and what we go back to when we die.  The blossom is out too, which always gives me a warm feeling inside, it also makes me sneeze and sends my hay fever into overdrive…… the time I got into the corner shop I was sneezing like I had a full-on cold…..I could almost feel the shop owner grimace as he handed me my 4 pack of Andrex, with his green surgical latex gloves.

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