Meetings With Spirits

So, this is it, my quarantine is over and it is now time to get back out into the world again.  After making the decision to adapt my business to the current climate and stop all hands-on therapies, I realized that this was always supposed to happen.  Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love giving Reiki treatments and massage, I have always said that Reiki has been the foundation of who I am and my business as a whole.  However, what lockdown showed me was that I am able to connect with people and help them immensely doing tarot and mediumship readings, and I have a real love for coaching people on spiritual subjects, so this is why I’ve decided to really focus on this now.

This week, I threw myself back in the deep end with mediumship readings.  It has been six whole months since I did my last mediumship session, as I filled my lockdown work with Tarot. 

Those of you that follow my regular blogs know that I get mega nervous before mediumship readings.  However, that doesn’t mean to say that I do not get some good evidence, in fact, sometimes it is pretty amazing.  I have to stress that this isn’t about me, it’s about how effectively I work with my guide to get the job done and to serve the purpose of getting a message to a living someone from a person who has died. 

When working with my guide the energy is so subtle, so subtle!  I sometimes watch other mediums on YouTube who say that their guide just manifests right there in front of them.  Alas, this has never happened to me.  He lets me know he is around by giving me a tingling sensation on the left side of my head and arm and when I close my eyes, I see a shock of Blue light, that’s his energy.

I took time to meditate before each client this week (to calm the nerves and help raise my vibration at the same time!).  I spoke clearly to Blue (my guide) and told him that we need to work together, that his clients (the spirits) need to be in the waiting room in an orderly fashion.  I will then work with my client (the alive sitter!) and together, we should hopefully get some good communication going.

I have to say that I was really pleased with all the readings I gave, seeing as I had been a little rusty.  I had some wonderful characters come through, including a loving mum, an intriguing uncle and a thoughtful and sensitive husband.  I want to give you some snippets of what evidence we had this week, some of my favorite moments (no personal details will be given to keep the anonymity of my clients);

From Husband;

Me: “He is showing me a telephone, a telephone call, just before he died, like it was important and something that’s on your mind?”

Sitter: “Yes, I called my sister twenty minutes before he died, I was frantic at that moment and needed reassurance, I’ve always worried that was the last thing he heard”

Me: “He is laughing, he is saying it’s fine, please don’t worry.  He says that you were actually very calm and serene when he died, your strength during that process was amazing”

Sitter: “Yes!  I calmed down completely after that phone call, and then a tranquility fell on the room.  Can you tell me anything about his funeral?”

Me: “Yes, he is showing me a horse and carriage and loads of flowers and that you made it just the way you wanted it”

Sitter: “Yes!  We discussed it all before he passed, I told him that I was going to make it like that and he laughed.  He had a horse and carriage.”

Me: “He is showing me MacDonald’s?  Like that is significant?”

Sitter: “He collected MacDonald’s Toys for years and that was the last place we visited before he stopped walking”.

Me: “Before he goes, he wants to tell you to get a new hoover…..”

Sitter: (laughing) “The bottom has fallen off it!  He is right…..happened this week!”

From Uncle;

Sitter: “Can you ask him a question from me?  Can you ask him why the number Eight connects us?”

This was quite a challenge, so I had to really concentrate to allow Uncle to press his energy on me.  Working clairvoyantly (with vision) he showed me a school with children playing, a referee blowing a whistle and going to see a sporting event:

Me: “Football?  A football team?”

Sitter: “Yes! He had eight children and always joked with me saying “I’m going for a football team”.

From Nan;

Me: “She is showing me this green Emerald like it holds some significance here”

Sitter; “Yes, my mum has the green gem, however, we don’t know if it’s real or not?!”

Me: “Well she reckons it is!”

From Mum;

Me: “She is showing me her gold earrings as if they are really significant?”

Sitter: “Yes, she had them on when she died, and I took them off”

Me: “I can see her walking in the rain in the early years, going to places, but then a car flashes up later in life but it’s just a flash”

Sitter: “She couldn’t drive so learnt in her older years but never took her test”

Sitter: “Does she have a message for my dad who is still alive?”

Me: “Yes she is feeling frustrated with him because he is being stubborn.  Something about a move coming up for him and he is being difficult?

Sitter: “Yes, he needs to move into a care home, but he has a stubborn nature even though we all know, including him, that it will be good for him”.

I hope you enjoy those; I know I did!

Until next time,


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