The Pigeon Lady

I haven’t written a blog in a few weeks, simply because, if no magic happens then there isn’t much to write about, and that’s ok, because, out of the ordinary, magical, amazing things do happen but they don’t happen everyday.

Although, something amazing and magical DID happen last week. Something I consider pretty awesome when it comes to spirit communication, or validation should I say.
It was well needed, as a few days before it happened, there was a tiny bit of negative energy around me. I’m well protected when it comes to batting off the odd lower vibration (nothing like a little coconut oil & salt bath in the morning to cleanse and protect ones aura!) but on occasion we do come into contact.

I can’t go into too much detail about the negative force in this story. But, what I can say is that this person is in deep trauma and also is deeply invested in her religion (there is nothing wrong with the latter per say but it can influence relationships & judgement). This person didn’t know me and after initial introductions she probed me about my own spirituality, and then, basing my belief system on a bad experience she had with a couple of people, began to unpick it and make it clear that her chosen faith has the answers to just about everything. After our conversation, and to be honest I didn’t even say a lot, she had much to say on everything, It turns out she judged me and made a decision that she cannot speak to someone like me again. Judgement and segregation due to ones dogmatic belief system, the irony is not lost on me. She used to be a spiritualist like me but apparently free thought, inner guidance and acceptance of all faiths and disciplines are not for her after all. So be it.

But – the problem with this type of fear based existence is that it becomes an ear worm if you are not careful. You get a flash of “what if she’s right and you are going to burn in hell for eternity because you can communicate with dead people?……..what if the devil is going to come and tango with you because you are partial to a bit of divination?……what if…what if…what if?”.
That’s how you end up getting lost and confused on your path because fear gets the better of you. When that begins to happen, I’m always reminded about the time my Nan died and she appeared in my bedroom and then showed me what’s the afterlife felt like. Im convinced that I would never of been shown that, would never of had that experience if I was not meant to be doing this type of work. It was the cornerstone of my own spiritual faith, the one that I must always go back to when trust starts to wane or someone tries to rock my own belief system.

I started this blog post telling you that something amazing happened. Well, after spending a week thinking about the woman who made me feel off balance, I turned up to work an event, providing tarot readings for a bunch of lovely clients. I pulled up in the car park, got my stuff and eagerly walked to the door.
I could see my friend Alex through the glass and waited for her friend (who I have never met) to grab the door for me as my hands were full of all my stuff.
“Oh? Where has the other lady gone?” Said the stranger with Alex.
“Which lady? It’s just me out here?” I said as I walked into the reception area.
“There was an older woman standing right next to you at the door, I saw her! She looked like the pigeon lady from Home Alone Two” said the woman, who I later found out was called Dawn.
“No….just me” I said again, feeling a bit goosebumpy.
“Well, she was with you. She must be your spirit guide, I see spirit all the time, she walked in with you I’m telling you” said Dawn.
I thought this was really cool and was even more impressed with Dawns skill when Alex showed me to the little treatment room that I would be working in and asked me if I felt a presence. I felt an old man that was at the far end of the corridor, then Dawn shouted out “there’s an old man at the end of the corridor, I see him all the time!”……wow!

During the evening, mid-way through one of my readings, my nose started itching….cobwebs on my face, then the little lamp turned off and on again by itself…..”my nose is itching” said my client….”it’s just the old man ghost” I told her. She looked at me horrified. The next lady after her sat down and proclaimed “my nose is itching” and I just smiled widely and began her reading.

It was a successful evening (luckily the old man ghost didn’t bother us too much) and that night in bed, I was mulling over the other ghost that was seemingly standing next to me when I entered the building. Pigeon lady from Home Alone Two…..OMG….then it hit me. My Nan, my Nan! My Nan Rosemary is the spitting image of the actress that played the Pigeon lady….like how did I not even realise that at the time?? My Nan also works with me during my tarot readings….she totally turned up with me to the event.
The photo below is of the actress and my Nan during her youth. Uncanny, isn’t it??

Our spirit loved ones choose to walk along side us and every now and again, they are seen and felt by some of the living. This made me think about the woman who made me feel bad earlier on in the week, she made me feel different, outcasted, mislead, misguided and wrong. Then I smiled. I asked myself if I’ve ever made someone feel that way? Then I answered, no I have not. I’ve accepted all faiths and disciplines and not segregated anyone. That’s when I realised that I’m right where I need to be.
Until next time,Tanya

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