Magik is Real

I want to talk to you about the power of spells.  I will forgive you for thinking that magic, spell work, charms & potions are a made up thing (I did – for years), coming to life through the power of JK Rowling’s fabulous imagination…and years of mystical stories of legend & folklore, myths and fables…what’s so interesting is that this mythology has never died out.  I believe there is a reason for this, it hasn’t died out because…magic is real.  As most of my readers know, I’ve been dabbling with the forces unseen now most of my adult life and energy work is basically what I do.  But do you know, it wasn’t until this summer that the absolute realisation dawned on me that magic is REAL actually, finally hit me??

I mean, I’ve always been interested in paganism, Wicca, witchcraft and spells etc however, I won’t lie I just thought it was a bit of ritualistic fun.  But on deeper contemplation it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, I see magic every day in my energy work, and I’m naive enough to not believe in the power of intention?  I TEACH law of attraction for goodness sake, that is magic in itself.  And it can be very, very powerful.  Let me give you a little example, for seemingly I’ve been casting spells my whole life and not even realising it.

Fifteen years ago, I was working in the heart of the square mile in London City for a huge corporate insurance company.  I was at the start of my career working within Procurement and I had a wonderful colleague, who was also a good friend.  We shared some common ground; we were both being bullied by our direct manager.  I’m not saying this lightly, she bullied us.  She would hold work back until half an hour before the end of the day on a Friday to stop and delay our evening plans, she blocked my annual bonus for not returning a 55p lever arch file as she requested (I’m not making this up), she was manipulative, cunning and toxic.

My friend and I were at our wits end.  We could, obviously, get a different job.  But we didn’t want to do that and quite frankly, why should we?

One day, my colleague had an idea, after she researched a way to “banish” someone.  She told us to write down our intention on a slip of paper (basically to kindly remove this horrid woman) and then drop the paper into the River Thames.  There were three things here that I was not aware of when we did this “spell”;

  1.  when two people do a spell together it makes the spell twice as potent.

  2. Water is one of the main elements for spell work, strongly connected to emotions.

  3. When all you do is think about what you want (the boss gone) the Universe begins to ping back a signal to your vibration.

We wrote our intention, said a few words and threw the papers into the river, watching them Bob away into the current.  I can’t tell you how much energy we both put into that intention. It was pure focus, prayer and wish.

Fast forward three weeks later; my friend and I sit in utter astonishment as we watch our manager collect her plant pot, photo frames & personalised diary from her desk.  Not only was she going, she didn’t quit, she was made to leave, out of the blue, management suddenly made her position redundant, it wasn’t as if there were rounds of jobs being cut, this came out of the blue, with management saying she wasn’t the right fit.  It turns out she was not well liked in the business and was not delivering (she was also heavily involved in the church and doing this work in her office hours, as well as chasing tenants for money as she managed a property development portfolio).  

So – you are probably thinking that her cards were marked anyway, and it was just a massive coincidence that we cast our spell three weeks before.  But I don’t believe it was.  This woman had been in the business a long time, she would have been costly to lose, they didn’t even give her a warning, they just made the decision to get rid of her.  And not only that, they didn’t even replace her, both me and my friend got a promotion out of it!!  Our power of intention to remove this woman was so powerful that we may have influenced the decision making when it came to management dealing with her.  This example always stands out to me.

I have other examples where my intention has moved things around, or connected me with someone/thing, or opened a door, or even closed one.  So, if this is the case when I do it casually, what would happen if I really put some power behind it with ritual and words?

Now I must stress, I do not cast spells to harm others.  Mine is a white light witchcraft, because not only does the energy you put out come back to you three times as powerful, I would never lower myself to that type of vibration.

So, to sum up this blog post, is magic real?  Yes, it is, because everything is energy and energy can be changed, moved and spread.  So why not use it for good?  Good health, abundance, peace & happiness??  After all, witchcraft is about returning to nature, using the earth for medicine and helping others.

Why not try some for yourself?

Until next time,


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