The Spiritual War

Now, this may be one of my most controversial blog posts yet.  Why?  Because it’s a highly emotive subject, especially amongst the “spiritual” community.  So I have to be careful how I word stuff, but to be perfectly frank, I’m having to be careful how I word stuff all the time now as it seems there is always someone waiting in the wings ready to pounce and try to unravel every single point you are trying to make.  As soon as you make an opposing statement to someone, you are then labelled a name (more about that later, but it’s so easy to just throw a name at someone isn’t it?  Like argument over, I’ve labelled you, enough said). 

What am I talking about and why is this blog post called a spiritual war?  This term “spiritual war” has been floating around now since Covid started.  Let me explain how things look from my perspective.

Covid struck in the UK properly in February 2020.  Like war time England, it was time to hanker down and join together for the common good, lockdown was forced upon us, no matter what your beliefs were about the pandemic, it was time really for communities to join together and remember that we are all human and doing this for the common good.  Me, as someone who not only has a full time living in the spiritual industry and who deems my spirituality as part of my entire identity, was expecting to see acts of kindness, unity, solidarity and strength within all sectors of people, and boy did I see this, it was truly remarkable how people came together for the common good.

I also began to notice, however, that another type of energy was beginning to penetrate, an army of (mostly many well-honed, experienced and professional people working within the spiritual field) people who decided that we are all now in a spiritual war and you either join their side or you are in fact, part of the actual problem.  They began to swim in a very dark and depressing narrative, about lies, manipulation, deceit and that basically, law and order, a civilized and organized world is actually part of the matrix of lies and that those that do not believe, those that have an opposing view, are labelled as asleep (not awake) or sheeple.

Some well-respected Healers (which are normally one of the most peaceful vibrations you will ever meet!) were getting on their soap box, during a gathered meeting which should have been about healing, positivity and raising the vibrations of others but then systematically making the entire group feel like crap because they ranted and raved for two hours about the theories of gloom and absolute doom which is 2020 and the future of mankind as we know it, every Reiki principal value, practice and discipline being thrown out the window like it had been erased from their being entirely.

Well known psychic mediums, pushing so much force on telling everyone that we are being controlled and manipulated and if anyone posted an opposing view on their facebook meme they shared, would be cut down with what can only be described as an aggressive bulldog type behavior, or even worse, personally ridiculing the opposing view, which is so far removed from spirituality, in fact you would go so far to say that is the exact same stance that they are warning us about.  Everything they are telling us is happening to us, about being brainwashed and controlled, is what collectively these people are involved with.  It’s like a mirror looking at a mirror.

There were also some massive egos at play when it came to this pandemic in the spiritual field.  Some of the worst ones are those that have been publicly slamming other people within their industry, saying things like “I was told about the pandemic, I saw this 5 years ago, why was you not?  You are not true or authentic!! You are not a true spiritual worker, I am!!”.  Wow. 

I will always trust in spirit and my guides information to me and what gets delivered, not only to me personally but to my clients.  I have been seeing visions since I was a young girl.  My predication’s have been so bang on, to the date of a person actually dying, that is has shocked myself and others.  But this isn’t about me trying to tell you what a great psychic I am.  It’s for me to explain that, if spirit wanted me to see a national pandemic (and I’m not the only one, I know some amazing readers who were not informed) well if they didn’t want us in particular to see what was coming in, then so be it.  It does not mean I am a shit psychic.  It does not mean that the person who did see it, is shit hot. 

On the subject of seeing and delivering information.  In this industry, we have to be very careful with our words, and I mean very very careful as the power they hold can be life changing or even life destroying.  As a psychic medium, we have to have a bed-side manner like no other profession, I’m talking on par with medical consultants or funeral directors or police officers.  I’m not comparing the job to theirs but in terms of our words and how it makes people feel is crucial.

I have met psychic mediums who pride themselves on being raw and “saying it like it is”, leaving the ethic book at the door and feeling like because they are a channel, that it is there right to deliver a message and that is it.  This makes me shudder to the bone.  I have been accused by another psychic of not “saying it how it is” to people.  This was such an ignorant assumption.  I say it exactly how my guide wants to me say it, depending on what the topic is, who I’m reading for and what they can and cannot handle at that time.  As a working medium, I do not have one button which means that I am constantly on “go”.  I have many buttons, like “handle with care” or “tread carefully” or “she can handle that” or “tell her exactly how it is no airs and graces” or “only tell her so much and leave the rest there”….you get the picture.  I am constantly tuning in with them and feeling what is acceptable, right and appropriate at that moment in time. 

So, what does the above paragraph got to do with the spiritual war?  I guess I’m tying it all in together because I have unfortunately seen so much ugliness from other people in this field with the irony that they honestly believe that they are doing forces of good, when at the same time sinking so low into the depths of negativity, depressing words, darker forces that its sticking out like a massive sore thumb.

I know I don’t usually rant in blogs but that’s what todays one was.  For the record I wanted to put some last points across, and this is for all those people who sit in the middle too, of this so called “spiritual war”;

  • My silence on a subject does not mean I agree or disagree with you.

  • Just because I don’t constantly air my views does not mean that I do not have a voice and I am not afraid of using it.

  • You may be surprised to learn that I can be confrontational and that may shock you, as on meeting me most think that I am soft, calm and dare I say it “a people pleaser”.  The difference is I know when and if I need to turn it on.

  • If I do not believe in conspiracy theories, that does not make me a shit psychic or someone who is unenlightened.  If you feel so strongly this is the case, may I suggest you go back to your rule of spiritual studies book 101, which will tell you that a spiritual path is one that is bound by no rules, discipline or dogma, you go with your gut and intuition as your guide and take your practice from there.

So, the ethos of this post is, don’t forget your true values of why you believe in something and what does and doesn’t feel right to you, go with your own intuition, research, fact find and do your own thinking and mostly, do not believe everything that is shared on a facebook post!  Oh and lastly, if you air your views and do not “listen and acknowledge” that of the opposing view, that makes you an extremist in the best sense of the word.

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