Once, when I was working for the NHS, I was sitting in the office, staring at the computer, probably trying to fix a spreadsheet or some other mental task, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I found myself sitting in my grandparent’s house.  The memories attached to this house came flooding in, the feel of the rough carpet under my feet, the familiar smell of the living room, the stone fireplace in front of me and most strongly, the taste of the sugar at the bottom of the china mug.  This taste was very, very distinctive.  Whenever I had tea at my nan’s house (I was drinking tea with two sugars from about the age of seven!) it would leave this sweet, almost porcelain taste in my mouth that I only ever got from my nans cups and my nans tea……..the strange thing was that I could taste it so strongly and the memory of it took me right back to 1987 however, it was actually around 2010 and I was at work as a grown adult and more astonishingly is that there was absolutely nothing in my mouth to trigger the taste which then triggered the memories.  It was just my nan, dropping in to say hello whilst I was at work, she was using the power of Clairgustance.  I never thought I would ever taste that again (and sadly I have never since) however it was so powerful that I wanted to cry right there in the office.  Luckily, I didn’t.

Clairgustance literal translation is “clear tasting”.  It is one of the many “clairs” that allows spirit to communicate through mediums and very sensitive people.  Unlike Clairvoyance (clear seeing) or Clairaudiance (clear hearing) it isn’t one of the most popular clairs, but when it happens, it is so exciting.

It is interesting because recently I’ve been working on a psychic development course and describing in detail the Clairs and how they work.  The day after that I delved into Clairgustance and then remembered that wonderful yet emotional time in my office, it happened again when I was doing a tarot reading for someone.

I could see that my client would be travelling next year and before I could get the next words out of my mouth, I was sitting in  our friend’s rented apartment in Portugal in 1989, eating a Portuguese biscuit and dipping into a cup of tea (notice a theme here?).  What I probably cannot convey in words to you is how this “taste” triggered so many feelings, memories and emotions.  I was in that space and time, dipping in that biscuit with its foreign yet inviting taste, aged nine years old, my Walk-Man next to me with my Jason Donovan tape inserted, wearing a swimming costume with a towel around my waist.  I knew the message was for my client (to tell her she would be staying in a friend’s apartment in Portugal – which she confirmed, she does have a friend that has an apartment there, she is not sure if she will be going, but I could see it clearly).  So, my guide used calirgustance to help me interpret my message more accurately and clearly to my client.

But what excited me even more than this, was what I realized spirit can do with space and time.  They can take you back, right back, to a place where your memories come from, and connect you right back to the people you love, even though they are no longer here.  So, have you heard of the life review that apparently, we each get after we die?  I’ve read many accounts of Near Death Experiences when the person has their life review and they are taken back to key events from their life’s journey and they feel everything again, I now know this is possible.  It means that time is fluid and that the past can be activated from a thought, that you can go backwards, forwards and access all the stuff in-between.  Most importantly it means the people you love, they didn’t go anywhere, they still exist, even though you can’t see them at the moment.

Never lose hope that all is lost when someone dies.  They are there, I can only promise you this based on my own experiences but allow yourself to believe in this, because the more you begin to trust, have faith and just “know” is the moment a peace will descend on you like nothing else ever has, or nothing else ever will.

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