The Death Transition (Conversations With Blue)

Since a child, I have always wondered what it is like to die.  Not in a morbid, suicidal type of way, but more of a fascination and deep thought-provoking way.

This interest may explain why I turned out to be a psychic medium, as I’m not sure it’s entirely normal to think and feel deeply about “the other side”…all the time.

When I was twenty-one, I had what I now know is termed as a “shared death experience” with my nan Rosemary, in that I felt what she felt as she passed over.  This entire experience was profound, solidly life changing and simply beautiful.  It was also very reassuring; in that it took away any fear I had of the death process because she allowed me an insight into just how mind-blowingly awesome and amazing it feels to cross over.  I did not feel fear, sadness or loss.  She felt ready to go and not only that, but a bit excited to say the least.  However, it was all well and good me feeling this way, as I could come back here after.

Over the years, since my experience with my nan, I have researched many accounts of near-death experiences, shared death experiences and death bed visits (people in palliative care that see deceased family members at their bedside just before they pass over).

There is one very common and consistent theme through-out, which also ties up with my own experience; there is nothing to fear when going through the transition of death.

However, that does not mean it is all a bed of roses either.  The transition may be blissful and full of so much light, colour, hope and more love power than we mere humans could even begin to imagine…what we do have to remember though is that once you are there, you are there and its final, there is no coming back in the same human body.  The vibrational frequency is a very different one, there is much to get used too.

I used to read about ghostly encounters of spirits stuck between two worlds and then a medium or a priest being sent in to “show them to the light”. This not only used to freak me out but made me fear death, the thought that I could one day be wondering around not knowing if I am dead, or in this living dream, an eternal quest to find myself again, or worst still, floating around, mute, deaf and expressionless yet still conscious…seriously those sort of thoughts could keep me up at night.

Thankfully, as I have researched into what happens “after” the initial transition part, it now makes a little more sense to me and isn’t as terrifying as it first sounds (and I believe I can explain the whole “ghost stuck between two worlds” thing, below). 

As a medium, it means I can communicate with humans that now reside fully in spirit form, on the other side of this physical life.  Their memories of this Earth life are very much intact because they show me.  They are still the same personality type, shy, or outgoing, cheeky, funny, flirty, introverted, polite, brash…you name it, they haven’t changed.  Even so, there is so much that they have had to get used to when they transitioned, and I believe there are a few things we can do this side of life to make the next a little easier to deal with.

Before I delve into this a little deeper, I want to explain how I am able to obtain this information.  Not only do I use my tarot cards to give intuitive, informative and uplifting insightful readings for my living clients, but I can also use them to have a dialogue with my Spirit Guide Blue and ask him questions about the other side.  This is a very efficient and informative way of communication.  I could also meditate, he is very good at showing me signs, symbols and words to answer my questions, but meditation isn’t always practical, and I can literally pick up my cards, any time of day, when a question reaches my mind (and believe me, there are many questions, many times of the day!).   

So, this blog post is the very first of my “conversations with Blue” that I would like to share with you, this first one being about the actual process of dying (well, more the period of time that follows after the initial “crossing over” part). 

One thing is certain; you will be loved, supported and helped when you die.  Yes, that’s right, even evil humans get a little love when it’s their time to go.  But……once the initial shock is over, it is now up to the new “spirit” to take responsibility of one’s feelings and emotions.

I asked Blue what it’s feels like to die, and he said (the positives are pretty much what I described in my paragraph about Nan, but I forgot to mention pain free and at total peace, with the weight of worldly responsibilities completely lifted from our shoulders).  However, I did not mention the negative feelings.  Contrary to popular belief, we are not solely tuned into “positive vibes only” once we find outselves in the afterlife.  After the initial love rush declines, we may feel confused and out of balance (some may even need deep healing after a traumatic end to human form).

Blue showed me the following cards to describe the more “challenging” aspect of death;

10 of Swords – This is the harsh reality that now where one finds oneself is absolutely final.  There is no going back in the same capacity in the same human body.  Ever.  That chapter is done for good.  That can be a massive shock, especially to the more materialistic members of the human race.  

Five of Cups – There is sadness and grief it appears, whether that be for those left still living or for the loss of the Earth life, I’m not quite sure.  I want to say grief for one’s life.  The thought of being in a cinema for one whilst you watch your Earth friends and family in complete devastation is my idea of hell and I don’t believe our guides would be so cruel as to put us through that.  

Five of Wands – Fighting, to stay where we are.  Ok, some deaths are quick and the human has no choice but to just, well, die.  But others are drawn out and slow, some humans will be very attached to the Earth, absolutely terrified of what is about to happen next.  It’s that human fear that keeps them in a state of flux, literally fighting between worlds.  

Two of Wands with Death Card – Not fully accepting the transition from one life to the next. Thinking about it yes, but doing it properly…well no not just yet.  

It appears that Earthly ties can keep a person rooted and not fully committed to their new level of existence.  They are not physically here (well, potentially in ghost form – see above).  They may well linger around this vibration if they haven’t fully embraced their new way of life.

In the days and weeks that follow physical death it appears that much healing is going on, that help is at hand, that family and friends that have before us died are also there to lend assistance.  But, as there is a level of judgement going on (not by an outside force, but judgement of oneself), that can be a hard pill to swallow.  

Imagine if someone today sat you down and asked you to delve into every bad decision you made, or hurtful thing you said, or any action based purely on your ego, would you want to go there, would you be ready?? Because when there are no material aspects to deal with anymore, all you have left is the good of your spirit, that’s a lot to contemplate.

And are we floating around like a giant orb when we die?  Actually no, we still have a body and we still have physicality to some degree (but that’s another blog post).

For now I want to tell you that I learnt the following when communicating with Blue about when we die;

  • It is a happy, blissful and unforgettable moment where we get to see people that we have missed so much, and we feel at “home” but that said;
  • We need to adjust, accept and heal. 
  • The more connected to Earth we are (I’m talking ego first stuff, like addictions, money, greed, that only Earth exists and nothing else) – it’s going to be harder (but not impossible) to make the full transition 
  • Everything, in this life and the next, is about how we look at consciousness, our intentions, thoughts and feelings. No hope is lost, not one soul is a lost cause (the evil spirits will reside with like-minded others within a lower vibrational frequency until they learn many more lessons of their own soul evolution). 
  • Acceptance, moving forwards, improving, evolving and developing on our “consciousness” path appears to be what it’s all about. 

This blog isn’t here to tell you to suddenly find a faith or become a believer in the afterlife, just in case you end up “stuck between worlds” when it is your time. It also does not mean that more spiritually open people on Earth get at easier ride then an atheist.  You can and must believe whatever you feel is right for you. But do become acquainted with the voice that guides you. As that voice is the inner you, the one voice that will properly guide you from this life to the next. You must trust it, believe in it, and allow it to help you. You will not be alone when you die (far from it) and the place that awaits us all is literally “out of this world” but it must be embraced fully, how long that takes us is up to us and us alone, as we walk this incredible journey together.

Until next time,


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