The Rat

It has been ages since I have received a clear and direct message from spirit.  So, when I received one last week, I couldn’t quite believe how obvious it was.  

It all started the week I crashed my car.  I couldn’t locate my driver’s license, so I sat on my bed and meditated, asking the angels for a bit of help on where to find it (this has worked wonders in the past!).  Sure enough, the angels showed me the drawer where it was wedged under a load of paperwork.  But before they showed me, I received a vision of a giant rat in my mind’s eye.  

I wondered where it had come from and wasn’t sure if it was linked to my car crash saga, so just pushed it to the back of my mind and focussed on sorting out my driver’s license.

About two days later, as I was walking along the cycle track near the shops, a massive rat ran out of the bush and across my path.  He made me jump and I was instantly taken back to my meditation where I had seen a rat.  I thought this was interesting as I carried on my journey.

Another two days went by, and I was taking another trip to the shops, this time, with my daughter.  We walked past a bush, and it reminded me of my rat encounter a few days earlier.  So, I told Ariane about it and then suddenly, to our utter shock, another giant rat appeared from the bush and scuttled right across our paths.  A lady behind us screamed and Ariane jumped up and down in astonishment, more to the fact I had literally just finished the sentence and there was another rat!  

“Mummy, how did it run out just as you were telling me about a rat?” she asked in amazement.  “I don’t’ know, but I think the Universe is trying to tell me something!” I said.

The very next day, my mum had picked me up and was driving me to a client’s house.  As we pulled up in traffic, I decided to tell her about my rat story, the fact I had seen one in meditation, then seen a real life one in front of me, then when I was telling Ariane the story, another one came out from nowhere.

“They are trying to tell me about a Rat`!” I stated, as I noticed that my mums’ eyes widened as she looked ahead.  As I turned to follow her gaze, I gasped in utter shock.

The very car that was in front of us had “RAT” on the end of the number plate, clear as anything, right there for me to see!  Mum and I could not stop laughing and actually get over the fact that the message was so blatant.  But what message?

I think we are always quick to judge a rat.  We have negative connotations toward them, like they are dirty, mistrustful, and negative in nature.  But what about their positive attributes?

I decided to do some research to find out what the spiritual meanings are for rats.  What I found was very interesting.

Rats were known as the informers, the messengers from the divine to warn people about forthcoming earthquakes or plagues.  They gave predictions to the masses.  This is something I have done in the past, I have dreamed of big, worldly events that have taken place a few weeks later or more personal predictions when reading for people or my own life.

Rats are also resourceful and seek out new opportunities, they are incredibly adaptable to change and to grow in a new environment.  During the week that I saw the rats I had a lot of upheaval, having the car crash then having to shift things around and rely on other people.  It knocked me out of my flow and unsettled me, but I adapted.

I also took my Munay-Ki Rites (see last week’s blog post for more info!) and this shifted my energy completely, I mean it was huge.  Since I took my rites, my intuition has been stronger, my readings sharper and much deeper in terms of my insight.  So, I recognised a shift has happened around me and I believe the rat is my sign.

The rat is my spirit animal.  Maybe the first on my totem pole, I don’t know, but I do know that I have an affinity to it now.  Rats are feared for their power and knowing, their secrets and cunning.  They can get themselves out of trouble and are depicted as the go to people in movies, like a fixer of sort.  They are also helpful, like to be around others and go where the bounty is, they can outlive many other species because they know how too.  They can live on land then jump on a passing driftwood to get across a turbulent stream.  They are resilient and versatile.  I felt it was a clear message that whatever happens in my life, I can walk the storm, we can all walk the storm.

So, I take this from my rat sign; to be resourceful, to adapt and change, to tune into myself to seek inner wisdom, predictions and intuition, to connect with other like-minded people, to know when to speak up and when to keep my cards close to my chest, to feel the energy around me and flow with it, moving constantly, changing always but still being myself.

Until next time,


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