Learning Through My Dreams

Since starting my consistent meditation journey (read about that here), I have noticed how my dreams are becoming even more insightful and some predictive in nature again.

In my twenties up to my mid-thirties some of my dreams were eerily accurate with world predictions.  It was mostly negative events, like the twin tower terrorist attack and other ones in France and the UK. 

Last week I dreamt that I was in an area that had just had severe flooding.  The animals (some exotic) where huddled together as they had to flee.  The trees were soddened and felt spongey as I prodded them, the waters had saturated the trunks.   The woodland I was standing in was not a UK wood, it had a much warmer climate (New Zealand or somewhere similar sprang to mind).  The towns surrounding the woodland were also destroyed and I remember thinking “if I hadn’t of climbed that tree, I would have been dead”.

On waking, the first thing I did was tell my husband.  Then about an hour later he saw on the news that whilst we were sleeping, on the other side of the world in Tonga, a tsunami had ravaged and caused significant damage to towns and woodlands.

Having this dream got me thinking. Could I also use this opportunity, whist I slept, to have a proper conversation with my guide Blue and gain some insightful info about what happens when we die?

It did not take long for my intention to be heard.  As since then I have had another two dreams that have given me some useful information.

The Matrix

A few nights after the Tonga dream, I found myself dreaming once again (there isn’t a night that goes by that I do not have colourful, detailed dreams with lots of people involved!).

In this dream I was watching a stranger demonstrating something when using light.  This guy was holding up what looked like tin foil and catching the suns sharp reflection.  As he turned the tin foil in a certain direction, he held the reflection to manipulate the light, a “sweet spot” that created a hole in the atmosphere.  It was like a rip in our existence, which allowed me to see into another dimension.  

Within this tear I was seeing into another reality, I could see other people walking around, with no idea we on this side even existed.  They couldn’t see me looking at them.

Suddenly I heard a voice.  “This is the matrix.  It’s real.  There are other layers on top of that one, they go on and on to infinity,” said my guide.

Much to some of my friend’s surprise, I have never watched the Matrix.  Since having this dream It is certainly on my list of films to “must watch” now!

The Afterlife

A couple of days after the matrix dream, I had another.  In this dream I wanted to ask my guide what “consciousness” feels like when we die.

As a medium I know we continue after physical human death.  But what bothers me is how we perceive our “new existence”.  I have this inner fear that we enter a dream like state and are not sure if we are dead or alive.  In my dream, my guide showed me what happens.

“This is when you dream” he stated as I found myself in a normal dreamlike state.

“And this is when you die” he said, and suddenly I was no longer in my dream, I felt myself leave my body and enter my astral state (to read more on this click here).  I was lucid and “awake” in my dream. 

From what I could gather, he was demonstrating that when we die, we kind of “get up” and walk away from our physical body / Earth and enter into an energetic astral realm that still has a physical looking mass but the vibrational frequency is much faster.  We still feel “alive” yet because there is no physical construct like in this reality, your energy can be anywhere at any moment in time and space.  Meaning thoughts can be the new language and we can move backwards and forwards through time.

That is about as far as my tiny brain can go (for now) on the subject!

I intend to ask more questions in the future, so of course when I get answers, you will be the first to know!

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