The Power Of Your Potential

This week, to carry on the theme of tarot predictions V potential, I’m going to write about exactly what that means.

When I started learning tarot professionally, one of my big questions to my teacher was “can tarot read the future?”.

It did not take me long to understand that the cards can certainly see a forecast of energy for us.

I feel though there is a common misconception with many people believing that all tarot readers are psychic and can all see the future for the sitter.

It worth mentioning that being a tarot reader and a psychic are not always one and the same.

Tarot is a spiritual, psychological art form (Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist was a huge fan of tarot and he used it to try and understand the layers of peoples psychs!).  Having the gift of foresight and prophecy is, however, another thing entirely.

So please remember, when you visit a tarot reader, they may not be able to see into your future the way you feel they should.  But what they can see is the potential that the cards are giving you.

Before we talk about that potential, I want to tell you that I do believe that psychics can see into the future and make predictions.  I have that strong belief because I have had given such accurate predictions in my personal and professional life.

However, when a person comes for a reading with me, I am conscious that they understand that I will not be giving them hard and fast predictions with no other outcome to their current situation.  I will always tell them that we are looking at their potential

Your spirit guides do not want to give you everything laid out on a plate, otherwise you will not learn the lessons you need to, now.  But what they do want you to see is your potential.

I know the cards are talking about potential because, when I look at it and feed it all back to my client, after a few months when they connect with me again, most of my clients will tell me that everything that the cards talked about that were in the future forecast of energy came true.

There is a much smaller selection of clients that come back and say, “it has not happened yet”.  This is how I know we are looking at potential, because you either decide to rise up to your potential or you choose to stay where you are and ignore it.

I would love to give you an example of this.

Her Potential In The Cards

I once had a lovely lady come for a tarot guidance reading.  She suffered a lot with self-esteem and motivation.  Crippling anxiety after a difficult relationship breakdown had floored her and she had spent a good amount of time trying to live an independent life and accept that she was now on her own and having to make decisions for herself.  This did not come easy for her.

She had just started a new job, which was a big step for her indeed.  She was working for herself, cleaning the house of a chap that she rather liked.  His was the only job she took, as she felt nervous to take on any more houses.  When we looked in her relationship area, this guy came in quite strongly because she had a bit of a crush on him.

Now, when it was time to investigate her future potential, the cards energy just lifted off the table!  When it came to her business, I was getting some big players come out!  The Queen of Wands, The Queen of Pentacles (a female who leads with creativity and business in her life – a real go getter!) and all sorts of other very positive cards.  I saw her expanding, building a business and making a real success of it.

In turn, this business would give her the self-confidence that was so needed and so desperately lacking in her life right now.

As she changed, so did her relationship with this single guy that she had her eye on.  He noticed her in a different way, she was loving herself, making her own decisions, becoming independent and like she knew exactly where she was heading in her life.  He liked that side of her, and something was sparking between them.

After I had said all this to my client, I looked at her and she sat stony faced and stared at me in disbelief.  She raised her eyebrows and said, “That’s not going to happen, I told you I have anxiety”.

 I did detect some anger behind her words, probably more frustration, I was picking up a vibe of “It’s alright for you to sit here telling me all this rubbish, you are confident, you have our own business but that is not me, I am not that woman!”.

The thing is, she was that woman.  She just failed to recognise her potential and resistance and fear had such a hold on her, that was all she could see in the moment.

After she left, my heart sank.  I had to admit that the contrast between her energy now and the future laid out were poles apart.  I had never seen such a change in direction and she would have to work hard to make it come to fruition.  It conflicted me so much that I telephoned by mentor Gaynor in Spain to ask her what she thought.  Her advice made so much sense.

“Tanya, trust your cards.  They are showing your client her true potential.  Whether she wants to take that potential is her choice.  You may have sparked something inside her, perhaps not now, but maybe she will think on your reading, and she might decide to build her business and therefore begin her journey of self-discovery”.

So, there you have it in a nutshell.

Yes, some things I believe are planned for us.  The big stuff, life birth, marriage, death, career, partners and family, I feel this is already in our great plan.  But the smaller stuff, the stuff that makes up the tapestry of our lives, this comes to us from our own free will.

So, your potential is there, waiting for you, are you going to go and grab it?

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  1. We all experience a kind of angst in our lives. Faith and hope comes in many colours and shapes. Card reading is positive. I believe in it and it does bring what is it again…hope…yes that’s it. Nice Story! 💗

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