Clairvoyance & Beyond

Often, when we think about communicating with our spirit guides or loved ones who have passed into spirit, we feel they must be outside of ourselves.  It certainly looks that way when Mediums are giving us the messages, it is as if a spirit is whispering information into their ears.

Once I started practicing mediumship myself, I began to understand that its not as clear cut as that.  When you communicate with energy, its an invisible language that can only really be “felt” or “visualized” and it is not outside of you, it IS within all that you are.

The professional term for clear seeing is Clairvoyance.  Sadly, the title Clairvoyant gets mixed responses, from a Magician to a cold reader who is scamming people for money.  When you do have the ability to see visions you understand that Clairvoyance, like all the other Clair abilities is very real indeed.

In this week’s blog I want to discuss the different Clairs in more detail and with my own personal examples of using them when connecting to spirit.

As you develop your skillset as a psychic, you will begin to understand which clair sense works best for you.  Like everything in life, some are better at seeing or feeling, whilst others are good at hearing information or even tasting/smelling it. 

Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing

We use this clair to “see’ our messages from spirit.  Some lucky psychic mediums see spirits outside of their mind, so a standing, fully materialized being.  This is rare.  Most of us see within our minds eye.  Like a daydream occurring in your mind, you will see a person and then some details, a symbol, object or you will even see a word written.  This is probably the most popular form of clair. 

My example; I use this clair a lot, in fact it’s one of my strongest.  I see people or words in my mind and I can describe them to my client, I am also drawn to objects around me when reading for people, for example I will suddenly see my clock, or a word on a poster, or a dog outside and tell my client what I see and why its relevant, and it will make sense to them.

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

We use this clair to either hear a spirit or guide talking to us outside of our mind (this is rare, but it happens, I have had this experience twice before) but mostly we “hear’ the words being said in our mind, almost like a memory of someone speaking, sometimes in accents or in the tone of voice the person would have used.

My example; As I child, as I fell asleep, I used to hear conversation in my mind, like I was tuning into a radio station, it would be people with different accents or even languages, in mid-conversation, outside of me yet within my mind.

Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

My very favorite clair, this is the one I use mostly in my practice and when in full flow, it’s what every psychic medium wishes to get too because the words will spill out of your mouth without you even knowing why or how!  You just “know” what you are saying will come to pass, or you can talk to someone about their life and just “know” the information about them.

My example; When my grandfather died in 2005, I already knew the exact date of his passing, six months before his death.  A few weeks before he died, my mum was struggling to get him home to care for him during his final days.  I remember suddenly being overcome with a certainty and strong knowing feeling.  I took my mum to one side and said confidently; “You will get him home for two nights exactly before he passes”….of course this was absolutely correct.  This was a psychic insight using claircognizance.

Clairempathy – Clear Feeling Emotion

Most empaths are walking around with this clair fully engaged and not even realizing it!  This is where we can “feel’ how others are feeling on a deep emotional level, whether that is sadness, anger or great joy.  Have you ever been in a stadium full of excited fans/supporters that are united together and felt a tremendous, overwhelming feeling of complete unity, excitement and positivity?

My example; Before I was actively working as a psychic, I had an office job.  I was in a challenging meeting and once it was over, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was about to burst into tears.  The strange thing was, that it was a feeling I knew did not belong to me, it wasn’t linked to my own emotions.  I was feeling strong and confident, not sad at all.  I turned around and saw that my colleague was sobbing, I had picked up on her emotions and felt like I needed to join in (I didn’t!) but it was remarkable how I literally felt her emotions outside of myself, that is clairempathy!

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling Physical

Like clairempathy, clairsentience is a feeling clair however it is feeling a physical sensation within your body that would have related to someone else.  Have you ever seen someone hit their kneecap and your hand instantly covers your own knee as you somehow “feel” their pain?

My example; Whilst giving a mediumship reading to a client, I connected to her old school friend who died as a teenager.  The spirit friend gave an impression on me of how she died, and suddenly, the room began to spin like I had been drinking alcohol and I felt vomit rise into my throat, even though I knew I wasn’t going to be sick, I was given the sensation, I reported to my client and she confirmed that her friend died from choking on her vomit after drinking too much.  This is a sad yet very powerful example of clairempathy.

Clairgustance – Clear Tasting

This isn’t one of the most common clair’s, but it is very powerful once it comes in!  It basically means you can suddenly taste something that you recognize that in turn triggers a memory, which you can then relay back to your client.  Pretty impressive eh?

My example; I was giving a tarot reading to a client when suddenly, from out of nowhere, I had a flash back memory of me sitting in a holiday apartment in Portugal eating a very distinctive tasting foreign biscuit (I was generally shocked at how this taste memory was accessed and can honestly say that without it I would never have even remembered such a time).  I asked my client if she had a friend who owned a holiday home in Portugal, as she will soon be holidaying there, and my client confirmed.

Clairalience – Clear Smelling

I find that this clair is the one that people who do not even feel they have psychic ability can claim to experience, especially after someone they loves dies.  Have you ever smelt tobacco smoke or flowers in a room whist there is nothing physically happening to produce that smell?

My example; Once giving a reading to a client, we BOTH smelt bread baking which was in relation to my client’s dad, who loved to bake.  He allowed us both to enjoy some clairalience, it was pretty amazing I have to say!

Clairtangency – Clear Touch

Clairtangency is the ability to receive information through physically touching an object, person, animal or structure.  This ability is also known as psychometry.

My example; I often find that having a photo or piece of jewellery from a person that is no longer with us, really does help me to connect to their energy in a way that is easier than just formulating a link with them.  Our energy leaves a residue on many things, therefore it’s important to cleanse when we can, especially after doing any spiritual energy work!

Think of these senses as PRIMARY senses, not “extra” sensory perception.  They were always there first, we are born with them, they are part of who we are as spirits and as humans.

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