Tarot with Tanya


Tarot Readings

Tanya has been practicing the art of the Tarot for over twenty years.  After realising from a young age that she had psychic & mediumistic ability, Tanya decided to go on a Tarot Card course once a week, during her lunch break in London City in 2001.

Many years later, after leaving corporate life and setting up her own Holistic business, Tanya can offer Tarot Readings to clients, using her experience and knowledge of the card meanings and pulling on her psychic and intuitive abilities.

A tarot reading is a unique and uplifting experience, a time that allows Tanya to talk about the energy in your life, the layers of such, and to offer wonderful, spiritual advice along the way.  Not only can Tanya read the message of the cards, her psychic ability allows her to predict certain outcomes as well as connect to spirit loved ones who have passed on and wish to provide the sitter with evidence that they are still around us.

Tanya has many returning clients and her solid reputation as an honest, grounded and practical tarot reader means that most of her business comes from personal recommendations.


You can choose one of the following services:

Face To Face Tarot Reading (including Skype & Facetime)

1 Hour: £45.00

Remote Reading (which is voice recorded and emailed to the client) – 20 minutes: £20.00


See below for online PayPal options 


Please use these links to pay for your reading (by purchasing you will be confirming that you have read & understood the “Legal Bits” page).

1 Hour Tarot Reading

This can either be face to face in Tanya’s treatment room or via FaceTime/skype/zoom. Please email Tanya after payment so she can set a date and time for your appointment, thanks.


20 Minute Audio Tarot Reading

This is a remote reading, after asking your question, I will perform and send your tarot reading to you via WhatsApp or Email. Please email your question once payment has been made.