The Psychic Underworld

I recently read an author describe anything to do with mediumship, paranormal, psychic studies & the occult as an “Underground Movement”, this is probably because when he started to have out of body experiences as he slept, in those days, the 1950’s, it was very much an underground group of people that he needed to speak to in order to research more about what was going on with him.  However, I have to say that sometimes it still feels a little like that now.

When I realised that a lot of the odd things that have happened to me are not generally happening to everyone else, I decided that I needed to find some like-minded individuals that I could spend time with to explore what the hell was going on.

So how do you penetrate this underground movement?  The first thing I thought of was to join a circle, but this is harder than you may think.  However, once you have a connection to mediums, psychics and spiritual healers, developing from there on in is so much easier because someone knows someone who knows someone that runs a course of whatever it is you are looking to study.  But getting in there is what can take the effort and finding the right teacher, is even harder.

The Circle

Home circles started in the 1800’s, mainly for the development of one individual and for others to come and sit and listen to the medium practice and demonstrate the existence of life after death through the work of their spirit guides.  Typically, people would sit in a circle formation, hence the name.

Circles are still around these days, they can be open (where anyone can drop in and out each week) or closed (an agreed group of people that should attend on the same day and time each week).

Home circles are generally seen as the best setting, as its comfortable and the energy can build up quickly to allow people to feel at ease and a place of safety to develop their skills.

On occasion, if I happen to mention that I am part of a circle, I can get looked at strangely whilst the person I’m talking to is probably imagining me joining hands with a group of strangers and summoning up spirits from the dead or planning when we are going to run off to Stonehenge and knock back some Cool Aid.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s uplifting to be around others that have the same abilities as you and know what it is you are seeing, hearing and feeling.  I have had so many wonderful experiences in the circle, I have been astounded at the evidence I have received from others and been gobsmacked and at times, almost euphoric when I have managed to break through the barrier of mind versus spirit communication and given evidence that has shocked me to the core.

Spiritualist Churches

There are conflicting schools of thought as to where the spiritualist church originated from, so for the sake of argument lets go with Wiki and say the United States in the 1840s.  England also has a rich history of spiritualism dating back hundreds of years and some of the best and well-known mediums to date have come from our shores.

The churches are still around today and open to all that wish to go along to listen to the medium demonstrate evidence of the afterlife up on the platform.

I personally find the Sunday Service (Divine Service) a little too church-like / religious undertones, even though I must stress it is not affiliated with any religion other than the religion of spiritualism.  But whether spiritualism is a religion in itself is open for debate, in my opinion, I think there is a difference between “spirituality” and “spiritualism” per se.

Anyhow, going to a church to see a (good and well respected) medium is an experience in itself and one I would encourage anyone to do if they are interested in this subject.

Schools & Affiliated Bodies

There are a number of psychic schools worldwide and proudly one of the best is only twenty minutes from where I live, The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Essex (  This college offers residential courses and workshops of all of the topics you can think of when it comes to mediumship and your psychic development, they have some of the best teachers from all over the world.  The building itself, which was built in 1871 was gifted to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) by James Arthur Findlay and started as a college in 1945.  It’s worth taking a visit to its beautiful architecture and history alone.


If you are really serious about your spiritualist studies, you can take an exam, called the SNU Qualification which allows you to learn about the religion, philosophy and practice of spiritualism and will certify that you actually know what you are talking about!

Forums & Social Media Groups

Some Facebook groups have been such a good source of information for me, especially those on out of body experiences and near death experiences.  What I started to do was read lots of books around these subjects and then follow the authors on social media and I have made so many good connections from doing this.  When you see those other people, from all over the globe are having the same experience as you, putting it into their own words, but the same theme is presented over and over again, that’s a really good thing and is incredibly powerful when people like myself can be up against some very strong-minded individuals….which brings me onto my next point…..

Opinions, Views & Beliefs

Many of the most enlightening books I have read have been of true stories of medical doctors and scientists that have changed their belief system after having a personal experience with the afterlife.  This kind of stuff really excites me, especially as I have always had my feet firmly in both camps (for example I believe humans descended from monkeys and evolved over thousands of years, however, I also believe that when we die we have a rebirth in another state of consciousness).

I used to get really defensive about my belief system and dare I say it, even angry at the non-believer.   That doesn’t happen anymore.  I would be a bit radical if that was how I behaved with someone who didn’t think the way I did.

I have come to realise that life isn’t about what you believe, it’s about how good your heart is. It’s about what you do, not how you think.

I still tread carefully when I tell people about my abilities, especially whilst still learning, as there is always room for error.

I have an example from just yesterday of when, sometimes, it’s good to speak up about things that I see and hear.

I was massaging a lovely female client when I looked up and felt like someone was watching me (not someone alive!).  I sort of saw shadows and like something was trying to form, the reality was changing.  I decided to tune into whoever this spirit was and this is what I got (clairvoyantly):

It was a man, who told me that he was connected to my client’s husband, an old friend, that was part of the bird watching group.  He died unexpectedly, of a heart attack.  He kept drawing my attention to a large framed photograph of a landscape on the wall like it held particular significance and I should mention it.  He said the reason why he had come to visit is that he wanted to thank both my client and her husband for the trip they were about to take, some sort of memorial in his name and that he would be with them.

After I had finished the treatment, I asked my client if she would be happy to receive and validate something I just got from a spirit as I wanted to pass the message on.  To my relief, she was happy and interested to hear this.  After I had explained everything, she told me this:

One of her husband’s good, long-term friends had died of a heart attack a couple of years ago, on a plane back from Goa, India.  He was coming back from a bird watching trip, they travelled all over to enjoy their hobby.  My client and her husband are going on a memorial trip, to India in a few weeks’ time.  The framed photo on the wall is one that he took, so it has sentimental connections to the dear friend they lost.

If I hadn’t have spoken up, my lovely client would never have got her message and the spirit would have wasted so much of his own energy.

When it works and communication is received, understood and delivered correctly, it truly is an amazing thing (if only it worked that well all the time!).

Until next time,