I haven’t had a lucid dream in ages, until last Friday night.  It’s bonkers how I go from just dreaming about a load of old rubbish to suddenly “waking” whilst in my dream, understanding very clearly that I am in a different state of consciousness and then deciding that I’m on a mission to take as much evidence as possible whilst being in this unusual state of mind.

It’s quite apparent to me that when we dream, we also visit the Astral realm.  This is a place that is another reality, another level of consciousness that we access when we sleep, meditate (sometimes) and when we die.  I’ve read extensively about people who are able to Astral travel (leave their body whilst sleeping, an out of body experience that literally means they wake up somewhere else).  They go to the Astral, which isn’t that dissimilar to Earth, except that it’s much more beautiful and we are able to do a few more “futuristic” things that we can’t do here on the physical (like fly or read people’s minds, psychics, however, can already prove this ability here on Earth).

So, with all this in mind, when I wake up in my dream, I suddenly turn into Investigator Tanya, making sure I use the time wisely to conduct a few experiments, have a few conversations and also meet up with my deceased loved ones!

On Friday night, whilst sleeping, I was quite happily dreaming when all of a sudden the view changed in the dream, I look down at my hands and I can see every intricate skin line and detail, I rub my hand on my jeans and feel the fabric and friction against my skin…that’s it, I’m awake in my dream and I must hold this energy for as long as possible to conduct my experiments!  So here are my findings:

Talking to a local:

I find myself on the street that I live on now (lots of consistent research suggests that the Astral is like a carbon copy of Earth, so when you pass on you won’t be surprised to find you can visit very familiar places).  So, I’m on the street, but not in my house, I’m in a big house that is on the row just behind mine, I’ve been in this house before as a client lives there.  For some reason I’m leaving the house then see a stranger walking past so I shout out to her and she stops and looks directly at me.

“Am I in the Astral?” I ask.

“Yes, you are” she replies.

“Do you know you used to live on Earth?  Do you understand that you died?” I ask.

“Yes, I do know that” she replies.

Satisfied with her answer, I walk on towards my own house.

The Elements

I’ve always wondered about what the weather is like in the Astral.  I’m currently writing a fictional novel about the Astral and when it comes to describing the weather, I kind of left it that its always at an ambient temperature/no real extremes either side.  The Astral is a mental plane, although there is physicality there.  It sounds hard for us to wrap our brains around this, but the basic consensus with people that have had Near Death Experiences or who have astral traveled via them have confirmed this.  So, the weather and elements have always been something I have wondered about. I often ask myself questions like, what’s the point of rain if it isn’t needed to sustain life?

In my “dream”, I remember clearly that it was very windy outside, in fact, the wind was thrashing against my face and it was taking my breath away.  Interestingly, on Friday night, the actual night that I had this dream, there were gale force winds outside and I am now wondering if I was actually astral projecting myself, even though I felt like I was lucid dreaming.  I can’t put into words how “real” the wind on my face felt.  This was no dream, nowhere near the same.

I remember thinking that I can feel the wind on my face, then it just stopped and I felt the sunbeams on my face and it felt wonderful.  “So there is a sun in the Astral” I remember thinking, another answer to another question I have often thought about whilst writing my novel.

Mental Creation

Two experiments down, I decided to conduct another, I ask two volunteers (these are literally strangers just walking past) to sit on a bed with me (it appears that I can just conjure up a bed out of nowhere) and I ask these two women to come and sit on the bed with me, we are going to fly through the air on it. One of the women seems enthusiastic about this, the other does not, however, she decides to join us both on the bed.  Before we know it, the bed has taken off and we are now flying around my street, however, only two of us are experiencing this.  The other woman makes it clear that even though she is sitting on the bed, she is not flying with us because she didn’t want too.  It appears that different realities can be experienced all at the same time, even when people are together.


After the bed ride, I understood that to hold my energy in this lucid state is hard work and I will soon fade back into a normal dream state so I decided that whilst I am here I must catch up with my nan, who died in 2002.  So far I’ve met up with my father-in-law, Uncle, and Grandad but haven’t seen nan in ages.  This is an ideal opportunity!  I look up toward my current Earth house and it seems the same except there are roses all over the wall, this is a good indication that she is there (her name is Rose).

I go into my house, upstairs into my bedroom, seeing roses everywhere.  I call out to her and then feel her presence, suddenly she walks straight into the room!  My visual of her is as clear as a button (remember I haven’t seen her in 17 years).  She is wearing an England Rugby shirt (I thought this was a very strange outfit choice, I didn’t know why) and her hair is straight and grey (my mum used to perm her hair, but obviously she has let it go straight now) and she is the same age as when she died, she has put on a little bit of weight, not much, just healthy.

We go to speak to each other and then I am pulled back away from her.  I am really disappointed but this feeling doesn’t last long because I realise that my spirit guide Blue is next to me, I can feel him and then see an Asian man in blue robes praying and all of a sudden I am overcome with extreme emotion at seeing Blue (even more so then nan!) that suddenly I wake up in bed, actually crying!  Not sad tears, happy tears? (god only knows what my husband must think I’m doing in bed each night!).

I just lay there and think about nan and the Rugby shirt and decide to google the logo (I am not a Rugby fan at all & I’m ashamed to say that I have never really thought about nor noticed the English Rugby emblem!) and realise that the logo is the English Rose.  Of course, she is wearing her name for me!

Some people may think this is just a very elaborate dream, however I know the difference between a normal dream and a lucid one.  The possibilities are endless, the hard part is knowing when and if a dream will turn lucid but when it does I will always use that opportunity to see what life is like in the Astral and most importantly, catch up with those that have moved on from Earth.

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