Spirit Signs For Special Occasions​


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that spirit will ramp up their efforts to give you a sign that they are with you during big occasions.  Weddings, births, graduations, that sort of thing, they want you to know that they are sharing in the festivities with you.  This also counts for funerals, especially the spirit who has passed, they will certainly try and get a message to a receptive loved one, telling them that they are ok, they are fine where they are, it is us who are left behind that find it hard to accept what has happened.

After being together for eighteen years, my sister and her partner finally decided last year to book and plan a wedding!  The last time we had a family wedding, well it was mine almost ten years ago, so the excitement has been building and finally, on Friday 14th June the big day arrived!   I certainly got a few signs just before the wedding and also managed to nail the weather prediction, have a read:

Weather Prediction

This isn’t a sign, but it is one of my predictions that I wanted to mention as part of this blog post.  Last summer, I had a clear dream of what the weather would be like for my sister’s wedding.  Living in the UK, our weather is one of the hardest climates to predict in the world (fact!) because of where we sit on the globe and the jet stream makes it even more unpredictable (I have no idea where I picked this fact up from!  Probably the husband….) anyway, last year I had a dream prediction: heavy (and I mean HEAVY) rain in the morning and then it clears to bright, fantastic sunshine.

Fast forward to the week of the wedding and the rain here had been a torrential downpour. I mean non-stop solid rain for at least two days of the week and then drizzle and cloud in between.  It really had been prolonged (even for British standards) and depressing.  Bearing in mind its mid-June, it’s pretty damn awful. I kept thinking about my prediction and checking the weather constantly and the forecast said that Friday would be sunny all day, no rain at all.  Perhaps my prediction was wrong?

On the morning of the wedding, even with my very reliable weather app still telling me that there would be only sunshine, I could see out of the window that it was a very different story indeed.  Black low clouds were looming.  As we, the bridal party got ready at my mum’s house, to our horror we saw the heavens literally open and the heaviest rain come down outside.  The make-up artist and hairdresser tried to give words of encouragement, the photographer said don’t worry it will be okay.  But my poor sister was devastated, I could tell, her venue was specifically chosen as it is an outside venue, having it inside would just not cut it……

As we made a dash for the wedding cars under huge umbrellas, we drove through the soggy country roads and I kept thinking about my prediction.  “Heavy heavy rain then the clouds will literally open and sun will shine down” – I prayed that I was right.

The heaviest of the rain must have been between my sister getting in the car and her twenty-minute journey to the venue.  However, minutes before she arrived, something miraculous happened.  The rain clouds started to blow in the other direction.

The wedding venue organizer decided that he would not be beaten, we were having this wedding outside!  So off to the gardens went the guests to await the Bridal Party.

As the beautiful ceremony commenced, the rain clouds floated away.  Then something happened that I will never forget.  The divine timing of this was one of those wow moments that makes you feel like magic just happened.  As the registrar announced that the couple were now man and wife, the clouds parted and the biggest sunbeam shone down on them from the sky above, a spotlight of pure golden energy, just as I had predicted!

My mum grabbed my arm with tears streaming down her cheeks “You did it again Tanya!” she said and I laughed “Mum I can’t change the weather….I just get a heads up sometimes!”

After that, the sun continued to shine brightly well into the evening………..

First Dance Song

The Saturday before my sister’s wedding was the Hen Night.  We were at a restaurant with a large party of friends.  Half-way through the night, I left the table at the restaurant to go to the toilet.  There was background music on in the toilet and when I entered it was Taylor Swift playing. Once I was out of the cubicle and washing my hands, I noticed the track had changed.  It was a band called “The Goo Goo Dolls” playing “Iris”.  This was my first dance song at my own wedding ten years ago.  I never, repeat, NEVER, hear that song anymore.  I knew instantly it was a sign from spirit, nodding a head at my sisters forthcoming nuptials!

On the morning after the wedding, during breakfast at the hotel, low and behold, in the background the very same song was played again!  Perfect timing, on the hen night and during the wedding breakfast – my first dance song!  Spirit will use songs to grab your attention, the songs that hold the most meanings and memories for you. They are always connected.  So do listen out for them!


My wedding present for my sister and her husband-to-be was a night’s stay at a really lovely hotel in Hertfordshire.  My mum and dad decided to pitch in and give them some cash for a nice meal whilst there and we toyed with the idea of getting them a bottle of champagne for the room on arrival.  After being quoted £65+ from the hotel for the champagne, we decided we would rather them put the money toward food, but I did feel a bit disappointed.  On that same day, my husband came home from a works conference with the biggest bottle of champagne I have ever seen!  “I won this in the raffle, I never win anything! I thought we could give it to Karley and Danny?” he said as he walked through the door.  I knew instantly that this was no coincidence, this was the work of my nan, telling us don’t worry, the champagne is on her!

English Rose

Talking of my nan, I have mentioned before what a good sign giver she is, it’s pretty amazing what she can manipulate from her living quarters to ours!  If you follow my regular weekly blogs, you will see last week that I posted about my lucid dream experience and I met with my nan during that episode. I couldn’t understand why my nan was wearing an English Rugby t-shirt in the dream (she was not a Rugby fan whilst living – in fact, none of us are).  When I woke up, I googled it and saw that the England Rugby emblem is an English Rose, her name is Rose and I felt like she was making reference to her name.  I left it as that, until the morning before the wedding!

I popped out to do some last-minute errands and, on the way home I almost drove another way back to my house but decided to stick to the route I was on.  It’s like something told me to go that way.  As I drove up the hill, there, on someone’s front gate, was the biggest England Rugby flag with the biggest English Rose emblem on that I have ever seen.  Coincidence? No, not at all.  In this part of England, you never, ever see Rugby flags.  Football flags yes (only during big games) but not Rugby (in fact I don’t think I have ever seen one out flying before).  Was there an England Rugby game on that day?  If there was it was news to me, so as soon as I got home I googled this and there was an England Rugby game, the under 20s England V Australia……exciting but not exactly a national big deal……whoever stuck that flag up is very passionate about Rugby to stick an entire gates worth of flag up for the world to see……or me to see……..to reference it straight back to my nan, for me to know instantly that she is sending her love, that she is HERE, she is watching and she and all the other people we have loved and “lost” are going to be with us tomorrow on my sisters big day!

I also googled “Rugby World Cup” and apparently this year, 2019 is the Rugby world cup but it doesn’t start until September……….so there you go, this could also be a bit of a prediction, we may well win the Rugby world cup……….place your bets now………..

Until next time,