The Message Is In The Feeling

For some reason, when I connect with a spirit, they like to start their life backwards, in terms of what they show me.  So, I normally tune in at the time of their passing, and then we go back through the years from there.  I believe what is happening is that they are trying to show me some structure, because I like structure, and this will help me a lot. Also, its a sad time, so better get that out the way first and then move on to better things!

I did a reading today for a lady and it started off slow.  I was trying to connect to her mum.  But I couldn’t seem to find her energy, and when I did, I struggled to get my words out to make sense of everything, it felt so frustrating and laborious.  It’s like I wasn’t getting anything! I completley forgot that spirit like to show me how they died/felt when they died first…..all I cared about was establsihing a link for my sitter and just thought “this is going to be a bad reading”.

I felt really embarrassed and that my client must being thinking “what the hell is this?”.  So, after telling my guide (internally) that he must help me now before I stop doing mediumship work altogether, (he must shake his head at times really!) my eyes were suddenly drawn to my angel calendar that sits on my desk.

The angel sitting there was not speaking.  It’s not that she didn’t want too, she couldn’t.  In the picture she is pulling her leg up like she is frustrated that she can’t move or make a sound.  I realized that the lady I was connecting too, couldn’t speak, towards the end of her life.  My client, the lady I was reading for, confirmed that her mum had lost the ability to walk or speak at the end of her life. 

My guide had helped me, he had drawn my attention to the angel, and whatever that image portrayed to me, whatever feeling it gave me, was that of what the spirit was also trying to impress on me.  Art is very powerful!  Spirit communication is very powerful!  The very fact that I thought I couldn’t find a link with my clients mum, find the words or the imagery in the first place was exactly how my clients mum felt before she died.  I was connecting to her without even realizing it.

It seems to me this was a lesson, so that the way I was struggling with the words, the way I was feeling (frustrated!) coupled with the image of the angel, was exactly my own interpretation of how my clients mum felt before she died.

After we went over this, I then felt the beautiful energy that my clients mum used to have during her happy years of her life, and it was quite wonderful.

When you practice mediumship, you have to take in every smell, sound, gesture, vision, feeling…..everything is a picture that is being painted for you to convey to the sitter.  It can be as subtle as a butterfly landing on the window ledge, to your eyes being drawn directly to the clock as it strikes 3.32pm exactly.  The absolute key is to know what to say and how to say it.

I felt a bit bad on Blue, my guide.  I snapped at him in my head!  I had meditated before my client and asked him to come in with his usual vibration on my shoulder or flash of blue light, however, nothing happened this time.  He came in within the first five minutes of my reading (when I was struggling!), I saw the flash of blue in my mind’s eye.  Where was he, that’s what I would like to know?  I think we need to set a few ground rules maybe…..

Until next time,