Course: Positive Law Of Attraction

Online: 21 Days Of Positive Law Of Attraction Course With Tanya!  Now just £25 (from £50!)

I get a real buzz when I meet positive people, that seem to vibrate on a high ranging frequency of happiness….is it something they are born with or have they learned it?  I think it’s a bit of both, that’s why I learned the theory and concept behind the positive law of attraction.  After building my own successful business and establishing my very own client base, I have decided to reach out and offer my course to a wider audience, to individuals who want to:

  • Introduce positive change into their lives

  • Reduce negativity, drama and unnecessary worry

  • Build confidence and increase motivational levels

  • Realize their dreams (for it is never too late!)

  • Understand and learn what the LOA is and how to apply it to their own life


Who should take this course? 

  • People who want to bring in prosperity and abundance into their lives

  • People who want to improve motivational levels

  • People who want to know how to protect themselves from negativity

  • People who seek ambition, positive change and know that their happiness is in their hands

  • People who want to come out of comfort zone, accept opportunities, open their mind to new possibilities and take more positive, calculated risks in life

This is a twenty-one-day course, so it is quick and effective and will keep you motivated throughout.  If you wish to order, please click below.

21 Day LOA Online Course

Purchase my Law Of Attraction Course, online, 42 videos, learn over the space of 21 days!


Once the payment has been made, a password will be emailed to you (on the address provided on your Paypal account) within 24 hours.  You can then click on this linkto take you to the course page.


Please contact Tanya if you have any questions about the course, thank you.