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Beginners Guide To Tarot E-Book!

My beginners guide to Tarot e-book is the perfect helper to start you on your tarot journey! I discuss the key meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana as well as the suits, elements and what the court cards represent within our reading. I also show you basic beginners spreads to start working with, along with my amazing bonus cheet sheets split into each life category! To order your copy, please click below;

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PDF booklet “Tarot for Beginners” by Tanya Short


This spring it is busy busy busy!

I will attending lots of events, from a local community fayre in Harlow, to a stunning converted monestry in Sardinia (manifestations really can come true!). Not only that, I have the opportunity to work within the amazing space that is with Melanie Pitman at her Reiki Residence in Hertfordshire on 10th May. The spaces are fully booked for this day but don’t worry, I am sure there will be more coming soon.

If you are on Facebook, keep a look out at my events page for the live hour sessions that I am starting this May, from live tarot card pulls to mini classes on spiritual awareness/practices.

This months blog posts have a focus on healing and raising your own vibration for spiritual work.

As always, I am here for intuitive Tarot readings so drop me a message or book up directly here.

With brighest blessings