Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

I have been practicing the art of the Tarot for over twenty years.  After realising from a young age that I had psychic & mediumistic ability, I decided to go on a Tarot Card course once a week, during my lunch break whilst working in London City in 2001.

Many years later, after leaving corporate life and setting up my own Holistic business, I can offer Tarot Readings to clients, using my experience and knowledge of the card meanings and pulling on my psychic and intuitive abilities.

A tarot reading is a unique and uplifting experience, a time that allows me to talk about the energy in your life, the layers of such, and to offer wonderful, spiritual advice along the way.  The cards offer unique insights into past energy that has led us to today, they allow us to look at situations on a deeper level.  The cards will also provide a forecast of energy depending on todays thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions, always reminding you that you have complete control of your life and your future choices are always up to you.

I have many returning clients because of my solid reputation as an honest, grounded and practical tarot reader that means that most of my business comes from personal recommendations.


You can choose one of the following services:

Face To Face Tarot Reading (via Zoom or Facetime)

45 Minutes: £45.00

Audio Reading  (which is voice recorded and messaged to the client)

20 minutes: £20.00


See below for online PayPal options 


Please use these links to pay for your reading (by purchasing you will be confirming that you have read & understood the T&Cs below).

45 Minute Tarot Reading

This can either be face to face in Tanya’s treatment room or via FaceTime/skype/zoom. Please email Tanya after payment so she can set a date and time for your appointment, thanks.


20 Minute Audio Tarot Reading

This is a remote reading, after asking your question, I will perform and send your tarot reading to you via WhatsApp or Email. Please email your question once payment has been made.


Once you have purchased your reading, I will send you an email letting you know my next available session date and time slot. I work daytimes Monday to Thursday and evenings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Terms Of Sale

A tarot reading will not be booked in unless payment is made no later than 24 hours before appointment time.  This is the only way to secure your booking and a Zoom invite will be emailed to you as soon as the payment is made.

I like to stress before every single Tarot Reading that I conduct that readings should only be used as a tool to help guide you during your life’s journey.  Nothing is ever set in stone and a Tarot Reading SHOULD NEVER be used to base a life decision on.  The point of the reading is to help us find the best solution possible to current situations. You as an individual take full responsibility for the decisions you make.

Even though short term predictive energy forecasts will more than likely be discussed during your reading, I discourage any longer term questions such as “will I marry this person / where will I be living in ten years time / describe the exact house I will buy”.  Energy is fluid, changeable and is mostly dominated by your free will as a human being.  Predictions do come up and if we carry on along our chosen path (based on our free will), the likely outcome is that of what the reading predicted.  However, as previously mentioned, outcomes can also be changed based on our free will and movement in a different direction.

I will not do third party readings, this means that I will not talk about the energy of a person who is not directly connected to you.

The client can record the reading if they wish, however with the complete understanding that they will not share the information with anyone else.

I would only ever recommend a tarot reading to be performed every 3 months (for a different set of life area questions) or every 6 months for the same theme.  This is to ensure that a client will never become “reliant” on a Tarot Reading.

I am also obliged to tell you that under UK Law, a Tarot Reading is “for entertainment purposes only”.

Under UK law I am unable to cover Health, Pregnancy or Death related questions in my readings.

On every single reading that I perform, I do to the best of my ability, experience and knowledge of the Tarot.  In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your reading, do talk to me about this and we can discuss a way to rectify this.

Thank you again for visiting my page and do message me should you have any questions at tanyashortenergyreader@gmail.com