Private Tarot Tuition

Would you like to;

  • Learn the key meanings of the Major Arcana?
  • Learn the key meanings of the Minor Arcana, as well as the different suits and how they connect to each of the four elements?
  • Understand what the Court cards represent and how we use them in our Tarot spread?
  • Learn basic spreads to help get you started on your Tarot journey?

How I work with you;

My private Beginners Tarot Course will give you the space and time to work with me, so I can help you understand the key meanings of your deck. We can go over any cards that you keep getting stuck on and I can teach you some helpful ways of how to connect with your cards. Knowing what spreads to begin with will help you achieve some structure to your reading and I will give you some time to practice with me.

How the course works;

We will meet for two hour sessions (each week or when you wish to take them!) for up to 6 sessions. Each lesson will be split into easily digestable chunks to help with your learning. You will receive a free copy of my Beginners Tarot Manual to keep and read long after your course (which comes complete with bonus cheat sheets!)

When working with Tarot we are working with key energies all around us and as the law of attraction/vibrations feeds directly into our self-development work, I would love to give you a free gift when you book up your Tarot course with me! My 21 day LOA video course will be sent to you absolutley free when you sign up to my Tarot course. This will give you member access to the 42 videos I have pre-recorded to help you learn the key steps of law of attraction and manifestation! This video course is worth £50 and is an amazing added bonus to your practice!


Private Tarot Course With Tanya

A 6 session (2 hours a session!) with Tanya in person or via Zoom. Includes free Tarot Manual & free LOA video course.