Law Of Attraction – My Interpretation

What is law of attraction and how does it fit into the now as well as the afterlife?  Well I believe “now” does fit into the afterlife very much.  If you visualise your continued existence like a circle (so this life, then the one you will have after you shed the physical “human body”) it just keeps going round and round, never beginning and never ending.  Your future is right in front of you on that circle.  Your past is right behind you on that circle (as we like to talk in linear terms here, i.e. everything must begin and must end for us to be able to rationalise it properly).

So, the future on that circle is right in front of us, coming up.  That’s how, when a Psychic person “read’s” your energy, what they are doing is feeling around in that energy that is just in front or just behind you on the circle.  They can feel what’s in your auric vibration.  They also feel what is going on right now, as it’s all around you, an imprint on your energy.  So, I often see where the person has been shopping, or what they have recently been discussing, or thinking about doing soon.  You put thoughts out into your own vibration.  It’s sort of like your own frequency or radio station.  So, when you think of something, it’s an energetic, vibrational process.  The thought is out there in energy form, what you need to do is make it tangible.  But to make it tangible, you need the opportunity, contacts, money, time etc to make it into your reality.  That’s what law of attraction does, it brings all the pieces of what is needed together.

Everything around you, was once someone’s vision / thought / dream.  Ok, perhaps not the Mother Earth (or was it?) but the room, chair, table, computer etc.  That was an idea.  A thinking process, a thought.  Then it was made into the material, 3-D tangible “thing” we have today.

What is it you want?  Is what you want from your highest good?  Does it light up passion inside of you?  Here are some examples: a wonderful relationship, a child, a new house, a better job, a successful career, more life / work balance, more money, better health.  Or whatever it is you are yearning for?

I use the law of attraction all the time in my life.  I can feel when I’m in the right vibration or not.  My gut instinct is usually on point with how I’m feeling in terms of where I’m going, who I meet etc and whether this or that is the right decision.  Obviously, years of being an intuitive has certainly helped with that, however, there are a few things that I do that I believe have helped me along the way.  Here’s a biggie before we start:

Never focus on the negative

Of course, the way vibration works is that if we focus on the negative then we attract like for like.  For example, a person that lives most their life with jealous emotions, insecurity, anger etc…they put those thoughts out there.  They wonder why their life never goes like anyone else’s.  They use words like “well that person is just lucky / that would never happen for me / why does he have it and I don’t?” ………instead of thinking “that person has created their own luck by being consistent with following their dreams and not giving up, what an inspiration / that could happen to me if I change my mindset and stop thinking about my lack of something and start imagining what it feels like to have that thing / if he can have that, then so can I and I will / things will change if I take responsibility for my own life and stop blaming others for my downfalls”.

So how does this relate to you in your life?  And how do you use law of attraction to help you live in abundance?   Well firstly I would tell you to move out of the comfort zone.  A decision based on your comfort zone is mostly always fear driven and in my opinion will never come from your highest good.  Without making a leap of faith we never know how we can change our lives and be the captain of our own destiny.  If you want success in your love life, career, artistic pursuits, sports etc, or any area of your life, first you must practice gratitude for what you do have.  This brings me on to my step by step guide of how I use law of attraction in my life and how it works for me:


Practice gratitude daily and do not focus on the lack of what you haven’t got. If you feel truly grateful for everything in your life, in the relationships that you have (the good ones – use the bad ones as learning opportunities) and try to see the good in all situations that is to be truly gracious. You can have gratitude from the smallest of things that may not mean anything to anyone else except you. Gratitude raises your vibration and increases your energy levels, and makes you feel loved and peaceful. You will have a beautiful glow about you when you practice gratitude daily. So many people forget how lucky they are even from waking up in a country that is free of war and is peaceful. There is food in great quantities, a clean water supply and most people that live in this country have a roof over their heads and warm bed to sleep in.  How about being healthy and having the use of all four limbs?  Or sight to see and ears to hear? That alone should give a person so much gratitude. Then look at your family, your relationships and all the people around you that you care about. Be thankful and grateful for those relationships and focus on how wonderful they are.


Every negative into a positive

Try to turn every negative situation in your life into a positive. I know that isn’t an easy thing to think about. Some people have a truly horrendous journey in this lifetime. There are many stories of inspiration where people have turned the negatives into positives and seen how their life has changed.  For example, look at a bad past relationship as a learning opportunity and realise that you had to experience that as part of your learning journey.  Look at all the positives in that relationship even if there were not many.  Try to understand how you dealt with the situation and take the learning points from it and congratulate yourself on how well you did deal with different areas of that relationship. By coming out of it as a positive, you are less likely to meet the same type of character again.  Assess the situation to see if you were living in your child state or adult state during that relationship.  The other person may have brought out the child state in you without you even realising.   Make a mental note to never go down that road again.

Make sure you love yourself too.  If you don’t like yourself, chances are you will bring someone else into your life that was exactly like the last person.  Think about what you deserve and the type of qualities you want in a person, focus on receiving that in abundance.


Envy to Inspiration: Not Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the lowest forms of vibrational energy you can have as a human being.  It leads to so much anger, insecurity and hatred. It is one of the roots of all evil on this earth. Jealousy is a harsh, low, strong powerful, deep energy.   It’s a human characteristic to feel jealousy but what one must do is turn this around into envy. Envy is a much lighter vibration. It is still negative in its nature however it is not as strong as jealousy and can be turned into inspiration. Inspiration is a very beautiful, bright and big energy. It raises our vibration as it allows us to fill up with light, hope, motivation and excitement and allows us to daydream of what we can achieve. To have an inspiration allows us to start a journey of exploring who we are and what we want to do and how we want to do it. So therefore, it is helpful to have envy in our lives and to use that to turn into inspiration to then become the person we wish to be.  But be conscious of it.  Ask yourself, am I feeling envy??  Yes, so let’s turn it into admiration, then into inspiration.  With inspiration we do not fall out with people that have more than we do. We are not jealous of people who are more successful than we are. We look at these people and they excite us because we think about what we can be. Unfortunately, if you do not have the foresight of the difference between jealousy and inspiration you will stay in a lower vibration and attract this to you. You will not reach the goals that you wish to reach or you will do things from the wrong focus. For example if you just want to become rich you will focus on the material things and want to beat the competition constantly. This will not lead to happiness as you are being driven from your ego and your need to have material wealth.   People are much more successful if they focus on the success of the person that they want to be or the goals they wish to achieve and how they can help others by achieving that. Money generally comes as a bonus too as they are not driven by wealth but they want to make the most of their life and of the personal goals they wish to achieve on their life’s journey.


No karmic debt

This one put simply: just try to be a better person.  We can all try to be a better person.  I truly believe that what you put out there, comes back to you ten-fold.  Karmic debt.  If your actions come from lower vibrations, for example hate, jealousy, anger and frustration, then you are probably building up a lot of karmic debt, even if it’s at a very subtle level.  The individual who actively seeks to undermine, to manipulate, to hurt etc, they are building on their karmic debt.  If a person’s intentions are never pure then it will come back to bite them.  Now, don’t get me wrong, who is a saint whilst living this life?  It doesn’t come easy and most of the time our instinct is to do or say something and we can’t even stop it in it’s tracks.  I’m guilty of this myself.  So what I try and do now is think about every action or what I’m saying a bit more.  Is it from my highest good?  Is it necessary to say that?  Does it serve anyone?  Would I like that person to say that about me?  By challenging yourself in this way and changing the way you think then feel about a person /situation I do believe you are reducing karmic debt.  The saying is too true, the more you give, the more you get back.  Karma works that way too.  The more you do for people, the more you should get back in abundance.  I also believe you should never give a gift of help or present to someone with an expectation of receiving something back from them.  If we do things from the goodness of our hearts, we get back ten-fold in different and sometimes very surprising ways (acts of kindness and luck!).  


The bigger picture with energy transference

I could talk about this for hours (I won’t don’t worry!) but this gets to me.  It’s such a simple yet completely overlooked thing.  Just one smile, just one hello, just one thank you….that is all.  If you greet someone you know, a stranger, whoever, with a kind heart, a genuine kind heart, you pass that energy onto that person.  That person then receives and you light them up for just a second.  But that’s all it takes, they then pass that one to someone else, and so it transfers, and the bigger that gesture is, the bigger impact it has.  Who knows who you could help if you just smile at them in the street?  A stranger could be going through all sorts of depression, grief, god only knows what….and that act of pure kindness, in a smile, could change their day, week….it sounds dramatic but I feel it is dramatic, it’s big!

A brilliant example of this is road rage.  The moment someone cuts us up, even the nicest of people get an anger from the depths of their soul and want to destroy the other person in that car!  I was one of these people, my stress levels in the car used to be off the scale.  Then, I decided that it didn’t make me feel too good.  I noticed that when I would shout at someone, they shouted back.  Then I couldn’t get the feeling away from me all day, almost like that person’s face was imprinted on my energy.  It made everything else feel awful.  So one day I did something different and I smiled, laughed, put my hand up and waved to the person.  They looked relieved, surprised, shocked and did the same back.  I felt so much better after that.  I don’t do road rage at all now.  I’m also nice to sales people (this took years for me to master, I used to be a professional buyer, it didn’t come naturally I must say!).  I just try to give out (without sounding cheesy) a little more love to people, even if they are being truly horrid to me.

We are all so quick to judge, be oversensitive, get “hurt” so easily……why don’t we just chill out, accept that we are all human and just be nice?   I am certainly a work in progress with this!

How does this help with law of attraction I hear you cry?  Your vibration is based on how you are feeling.  If your energy levels are low, because some rotten old post office worker has been rude to you, that’s not going to help the bigger picture.  If it’s the other way around, your energy levels are lifted, higher, brighter, they reach out, the aura gets bigger, as the aura gets bigger it draws more people to us, like a giant sun, people flock to that energy.  I promise you, the happier you are, they will FLOCK to that energy!


Imagination and dreaming

I’ve always been big on day dreaming and working up vivid pictures from my imagination, since childhood.  If you want to bring the life you are hoping for into reality, first you must imagine what it would feel like to live that life.  If you want to lose weight, imagine how you will feel after you have shed those extra pounds or the actual “feeling” of putting on a smaller size of jeans.  Imagine the feeling of excitement, pride, satisfaction and your growing confidence now that you have achieved your weight goal. Practice feeling this daily, as you practice this your vibration starts to grow as you familiarise yourself with these feelings and then its almost like you are living that life, like it almost becomes you.  Do this with anything else you wish to materialise.  This brings me onto the next point:

Living the reality

After the imagining comes the living in the reality.  Even if you are not there yet, make it feel like you are.  Talk or think about stuff like it WILL happen, not that it’s an unreachable dream.  If you have the motivation to keep going, why should it not be a reality?  If you feel like you will never get the money or opportunity to start that business venture, then you probably won’t as you will focus on the lack of not having the sufficient funds.  However, if you feel positive that the finances will come your way eventually, you will put out that feeling along your vibration and sure enough, you will get the opportunity at some point within the next weeks and months.  If you have tried this and it just isn’t happening, then re-evaluate how you really do feel about this exercise and if you truly are believing it will happen to you.  Think about the words you use, the way you talk to people, the energy you are giving off.  If you keep complaining it hasn’t happened yet, you are not doing it properly.  Just be patient and trust and focus on the positive outcomes.  Here’s an exercise, write a cheque to yourself, for a reasonable amount of money that you need for an endeavor in your life that would serve you from the highest good.  Keep looking at the cheque every day.  Imagine the amount of money once it’s in your bank account.  Imagine the feeling once its there.  Imagine telling your nearest and dearest about the money, what does that feel like?  Keep doing this, then see what happens in the next few months.  It may come in drips and drabs, it may come all at once, but if you are in the right vibration with this, it will come.


Remember the bigger picture – your journey

I truly believe that everyone has a destiny and true journey here on the Earth plane.  Sometimes knowing your purpose can be hard work.  The best give away in my opinion is when your gut and inner voice tells you whether it is the right thing or not.  I’m a very firm believer that there are better opportunities out there for every single soul, however, we must have the inclination, drive, determination and will to succeed at finding this.  Change will not happen if we sit on our bums and expect it to come to us.  We will not be happy if we try and find that from others to give to us.  We must find that happiness and inner peace from our own existence first.  Talking about how we want things to change is easy.  Actually making them happen is the hard part.  But once we start the momentum with this and we are in the right vibration, being grateful, focusing on the positive, giving (believe it or not the more you give the more you get back….) and doing this from our own and others highest good, that’s when change happens and we are in our “zone”.

Some people do find this easier than others I must say.  Very successful individuals, musicians, sports people, business people etc seem to have a knack of making anything they touch into a successful outcome.  I believe there is a mix of things going on for these people, yes sometimes being in the right place at the right time in the first instance however I do believe the rest comes from them as a person.  They are using law of attraction without even realising at times.  They are in what I like to call “the flow”.  On the other end of the scale, some people who want success just for material gain and fame will end up losing a lot.  They may not lose all their money but often these people will never be truly happy or fulfilled.  The clue here is to not want from ego, that is not good.  Want from the best outcome for everyone involved, from your highest good always.  The ego is not united, the ego is very singular and selfish.  However: highest good is the polar opposite, united, together and with one basic foundation which joins every human being together: unconditional love.

I have used law of attraction in many instances in my life and found that it has worked.  The more you practice the better you get at it.  The trick really is to not focus on the lack of what you want and to focus on what you do have, be grateful for it and then imagine your life in abundance and know that it WILL happen for you if you believe and are following your true path, one that lights you up and lights up everyone else around you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about how law of attraction could work for you in your life and how it has worked, I love to hear these types of stories.

Until next time,



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