The Right Phone Line

There is a famous saying that becoming a good medium is 20% your ability to connect well with spirit and 80% working on yourself as a person.   

The long and short of it is that your direct radio connection to spirit will be considerably hindered if you do not clear out the crap in your head and heart first.

This is because when you read for someone, you must remove yourself from the equation and literally be the voice box that is passing on the message to the recipient.

Mediumship readings are difficult.  The first major hurdle is getting the right line connected to your spirit person.

Imagine you are one giant radio that has lots of strands of energy running off it (frequencies).  You can tune into these frequencies if you want to develop your psychic and mediumistic skills.  I do believe that all humans are psychic but not all are mediums. How psychic you are depends on how open you are to the idea, how much you trust in the information you get and crucially, what your connection is like.

Most people think that psychics are special and walk around with these superpowers to know other people’s thoughts and predict the future.  But the reality is that we are all tuned on that vibration however some people’s lines are busier than others and some may be completely blocked or permanently cut off. 

Every human being has a psychic line to each other, as we are all connected.  So, when you think randomly of a person you haven’t seen in ages and then bump into them the next day, imagine that you have actually called each other on your psychic lines.  Mostly, this is not a conscious effort on your part, but the beauty of psychic development is that you can deliberately make the call eventually.

People such as myself, who have been working on clearing that psychic phone line for most of their life, have a pretty robust connection but only when outside influences do not block the line.

Outside influences are how well I’m feeling physically, what’s going on in my emotional life, do I feel stressed, have I meditated? It also depends on the outside noise/distractions as I am trying to tune in.

Here is the thing also, if you are a medium in training, you can believe you are connecting to a loved one in spirit, but you may be using the wrong phone line.

The psychic line will take you to an energy that is alive today, here on Earth. You can also “read” the energy of someone who has died because their energy left an impact on this Earth, like the negative of a photograph.  However, are you actually “connected” to that conscious energy of the spirit on the psychic line?

No.  You can only connect to the conscious energy of the spirit by changing phone lines.  Because spirits are on a different frequency to human (psychic) energy.  This new dial up has a much higher frequency.  Some humans can reach it.  Others are going to struggle big time because they cannot raise their vibration to blend through the line.

This new line is like taking your psychic phone line connection to the gym and trying to flex the muscle that it is, so it’s strong, clear and able to receive free flowing information.

The most important thing to know is that your spirit loved one sits at the other end of that higher frequency phone line, waiting to give you a message.

Now here’s the thing, when the spirit speaks down the line, they do not speak a clear message of communication to the medium in how we do it here. It is not quite as easy as talking down a line.  Think about the telephone line and the fact it is reaching through space, time, this physical construct and multiple layers of universal law that our small brains would never be able to fathom in this reality. The line is distant, very very distant.

The spirit needs to tell us who they are, their relationship to the sitter and then start filling the line space with the essence of them so the medium can convey it all back to the sitter. The spirit uses telepathy to communicate down the line to the medium.

This is a true story; when I was on the mediumship line once the spirit wanted to tell the sitter about the son he had and how that period of his earth life was emotionally unstable.  

There I was on the line, trying to keep the connection and the spirit sent an image of a buoy bobbing up and down in stormy ocean waters.

Why this man spirit couldn’t send me an image of a small boy and a man crying next to him I will never know but on reflection he was giving me the literal word “boy” only spelt different and stormy ocean means troubled emotions.

But all I could think of was “did he work on a life boat? Was he a fisherman?  Did he almost drown?  Did he make buoys in a factory?”

The frustration of finally reaching the right line (as this is a feat in itself sometimes) and yet having to sit in front of my sitter like a contestant on “Catch Phrase” was enormous.

We got there in the end and she understood my message but I have to say I’ve had many moments of wanting to get up and slam my head against the door.  In fact, I’ve just wanted to give up entirely.

In my opinion, psychic is much easier to master because the line is so clear!  But that’s because it is part of this universe.  The mediumship line is like a supersonic satellite version and there is a team of serviceman managing it (your spirit guides) but you have to be the output, the start of the line.  

How do you become a robust, efficient, and clear output? I will discuss that in next weeks blog…..

Until next time,

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The Law OF Vibrations

I have researched, studied, and even created and filmed a course on the positive law of attraction.  Over the years I have seen with my own eyes the power of manifestation, from not only the material (literally having £1000 appear in my hands about a week after asking) and from a health perspective where my whole family have gone down with a sickness bug and as I felt myself in the grip of it, managed to breath it away with the power of my intention, and focussed positive thought control. 

It sounds easy when written like that, but I also know the truth is it can be very hard to stay in the right “place” on a vibrational level to manifest the life we desire.  In my experience and opinion, the way manifestation works should never be dismissed as nonsense because it is as real to me as the air that I breath, however it should be respected in that it does not come easily to some.

I recently read someone coin it “the law of vibration” instead of the familiar LOA and that makes so much more sense to me.  As a psychic reader, I live my life through the law of vibration.  That is how I pick up on others, read past and future energy, it’s how I connect with people that have passed on, all based on what their vibrational frequency felt like.

I’ve been reading a fabulous book by Entrepreneur Jo Macfarlane called Ask & Act.  The book is incredibly motivating, probably because I can see so many similarities and life parallels with myself and Jo. 

One thing she talks about is the vibrational emotional scale (or the scale of Consciousness) that displays different emotional states we find ourselves in.  Obviously as humans, it’s important to experience every single one to help us learn, grow and develop along our journey.

What we do not want to do is spend our lifetime in the lower vibrational states.  As all this will do is attract more of what we are feeling.  I have had first-hand experience of this.  At the end of 2021 my anxiety began to creep up again and, even though I was exercising a lot and still trying to keep on top of my healthy eating, I was allowing social media to become an obsession.  I was looking at my phone far too much, I was consumed with the misery of Covid news, I was finding that I was getting irritated easily by other people and sometimes losing the empathy that I know I have for others (normally in abundance).

I was feeling stressed easily and my health in the base/sacral chakra was deteriorating with chronic problems that I could not seem to heal from.  I started to have bleak thoughts about death, and “what is the point of all this if we are all going to die anyway?”.  (This coming from someone who has been lucky enough to have direct contact from spirit in the past!).

When others spoke to me about negative subjects, instead of my usual “let’s try and pull them up and away from this” I found myself joining in, on the same level as them with the woes and depressive narrative.

For some reason, I felt like I was being rained on constantly, like I was standing at a bleak bus stop in a dodgy part of London on a Tuesday afternoon and just allowing this negativity to engulf me.

I don’t know when this started but it crept up subtly like a bad smell.  It was when everything came to a head when I finally took stock.

On a very heavy downpour one morning on the school run I had a car accident (my first in 22 years of driving) and not only that, received ten minutes of verbal abuse from the other car driver, it was shocking and something I had never experienced before in my life.

Not only that, but the same week also I received more verbal abuse from a lady along a deserted part of the cycle track, as I walked away with her yelling I was thinking “why is this happening?”.

I then got in trouble because I didn’t do some paperwork that I was supposed too, which is so unlike me…..all of this was so far removed from my normal reality.

On reflection I can now see why it was all happening, the metaphor of standing in the rain and doing nothing to shelter myself was becoming my reality.  I knew it was time to take stock of my feelings and emotions again, mostly to raise my vibration with using self-care techniques.

Below is an example of the Scale of Consciousness that Jo mentions in her book;

Enlightenment            700-1000

Peace                           600

Joy                              540

Love                            500

Reason                        400

Acceptance                 350

Willingness                 310

Neutrality                    250

Courage                      200

Pride                            175

Anger                          150

Desire                          125

Fear                             100

Grief                            75

Apathy                        50

Guilt                            30

Shame                         20

When I look at the scale, I can see a lot of the lower vibrational frequencies that I was resonating on.  Don’t get me wrong, the core of my personality is made up of a definite majority of the higher frequency emotions but for some reason, I was being stuck with some feelings like guilt and apathy. 

On the sclare, desire surprisingly is lower than anger (the desire for material obsessions) although if you think about it, anger is a powerful emotion for change, if directed in the right place.

Going down is always easier than coming up, like gravity shows us.  Once you descend, it is like being on a giant slide and the only way is down, especially when it feels like everyone else is going headfirst down that slide too.

To raise yourself up the slide with your arms backwards, takes determination, strength of will and courage.  But once you begin to get some momentum, you find that you no longer need your arms to pull you, you begin to float upwards on the wind and the lighter your thoughts and feelings are, the higher your frequency vibrates.  It is at this point that other people, things, situations, and opportunities begin to fly your way, coming toward you with ease. 

There is no more feeling stuck in the rut, or the mud, once on a higher vibrational level you are free to swim in the sky and catch anything that floats past you. 

The incredible thing is that most of us know what daily habits pull us down and what good daily practice will raise us up.

This year I am making a concerted effort to stay above number 175 on that scale!  At the same time, I appreciate that life happens around me.  I cannot change people dying, things ending, bad news, difficult circumstances, or just hard knocks.  I think it is ok to be within those lower frequencies when something of a negative nature may have engulfed us.  But what is paramount is that we acknowledge where we are on the scale and begin to self-regulate to raise our vibration and climb back up again.

I feel grateful every day that I know what to do to get myself back up the scale again.  Here is just a selection of what I do;

  • List things daily that I am grateful for
  • Tell myself positive affirmations
  • Do not feel like tasks such as cooking are a chore, I use it as a practice for mindfulness
  • Exercise every day, which includes Yoga, running and walking
  • Eat a healthy and clean diet, avoiding alcohol
  • Challenge myself to something that takes me out of my comfort zone, like a race or a new hobby (this year it’s roller-skating!)
  • Turn conversations around when I am faced with someone with a more negative outlook on life
  • Have a disciplined routine when it comes to sleep and wellbeing practices like Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, and regular facials
  • Set goals, read lots, and acquire more knowledge to keep my brain active
  • Stop watching and reading the news, reduce social media time significantly and connect more with human beings
  • Appreciate daily the gift that is life and how I am so lucky to be here today
  • Meditate daily, with a real and complete focus on “now”.  Using the fear bubble for worry (I will only worry about something if I need to IF it is happening, then adjust my emotions accordingly during that very moment. I will not be in fear three weeks before the event, as that is a waste of my energy).

I feel the most important thing we must do is every day be grateful that we wish to work on ourselves and make the changes.  There are many people on Earth that have no idea how to self-regulate.  I recently read a comment on social media where a member of the public made a sweeping comment about mental health and that it’s not a real thing, it is a “band wagon” since covid began.  I was floored by the ignorance of this man, that he truly had no idea that mental health is the same as physical health and that sometimes we become sick in body and in mind and we must work to keep both healthy.

I felt sorry for the man after my initial outrage at his comment.  He had no idea that he needs to look after his mental health, if he has no idea then how can he keep himself well in himself?  I am a true believer that our mental state effects the vibrational frequency of our physical and we can manifest physical illness quite easily if we do not manage the stress levels.

So, on that note, my goal for 2022 is to keep working on myself, being in the moment and loving every minute that the glory is of life.  I can feel it changing already and it feels amazing!

Until next time,


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Walking From Our Shadows

It is two days after Christmas, and I have just had one of my strongest out of body experiences to date.  As soon as I awoke, I sat right down at my laptop to record it, so I do not forget a thing.

It’s important for me to point out that this wasn’t just a lucid dream, this is an experience where I left my body entirely and entered another reality that lightly presses against our own.  Because I believe there are many of these realities, in fact, too many for any human mind to fathom.

This all happened during an afternoon nap, well a mid-day nap because I haven’t been feeling too well today.  For some reason, out of body experiences tend to happen when I either go back to sleep in the morning or when I shouldn’t really be asleep at all.

I must have only been sleeping for half an hour or so when I recognised that feeling of viewing my bedroom through my spirit eyes.  I can flair my arms around me and they cut through the air like I’m swimming in the lightest ocean, as there is no atmosphere here.  I can sort of “see” my body, it is made up of the finest, lightest particles so that they almost twinkle and shimmer as my arm moves and I can see right through my limbs.  

I know I can float if I want too but my intention is to sit up and look around, as if I was still in a physical body.  So that is what I do.  I also know that in this place I can get to wherever I want to go quickly, it is only a thought away, it is made up of my mental world, physical things appear to be a by-product if that makes sense.

The first thing I decide to do is lightly float next door into my neighbour’s bedroom.  

The feeling of moving through walls in an astral body is the same every single time I do it.  You can feel the “matter” as you move through the cement, it is like a sticky slow vibration that has a cooler temperature and only lasts a few seconds as walls are surprisingly thin and once you are out on the other side the vibration sort of pings again and there you are in the other room.

Whilst all this is happening, I am trying my hardest to not only navigate my new body, but also trying not to go back to my physical body in the other reality that is “sort of” next door.  

I can “hear” with my human ears and know my daughter is playing in her bedroom next to me and I’m complexly conscious to the fact that the state I am to keep myself in to be able to stay within this reality is a fine balance between being lightly asleep and awake.  Which means, any outside noise that is loud enough will startle me and pull me straight back into my physical body like a giant magnet.

So, bearing this in mind, I concentrate hard in this new reality and I realise that I can hear the faint sound of music coming from downstairs in my neighbour’s house.  I am trying to move around the room and focus on the wallpaper in their bedroom.  I must point something out here – I am not in their Earth bedroom.  I am in their room that exists within this reality.  So, I will describe their wallpaper, but it will more than likely not be the wallpaper they have up now.  Or it might be, I guess I will never know because it’s highly unlikely I will be in their bedroom any time soon……anyway, I digress….

The wallpaper is uniformed with like a pink tear drop pattern, with a darker outline and the surface feels bumpy, like that wallpaper from the 1980s with the bubbles that I really wanted to pick off….

Dragging my astral finger along the bumps on their wall as a I study the pattern in its intricate detail, a noise came from my Earth house, and I was pulled so fast back into my human body that when I woke fully up the room was spinning, and it took me a minute to settle my head back into my own reality. 

I was awake, but not for long, I decided to go straight back to sleep and try to go back where I had just come from.  

Luckily, it worked.  Within minutes, I had fallen back into the deep meditative state that allows you to penetrate the reality.  I had to start all over again by peeling myself out of my physical, but this time it was rather easy.  I decided to not go next door but go out the wall on the other side of my house instead.

Pushing myself through my upstairs external wall I braced myself to fall like a stone on the other side and sighed relief as I glided down toward the side alley in bright sunshine.  The first thing I noticed as I landed was the huge stack of bricks that were balancing up right as high as the roof, someone clearly has a DIY project on.  Then I realised that this was no longer my house on Earth, but my parents.   Well, that’s my dad, I thought, who loves DIY and loves grabbing bricks when he can.  

I floated along the alley way to the front of the house.   Yes, it was certainly my parent’s house but with my bay window from my current Earth home?  Weird, this is a hybrid of the two Earth homes I have ever lived in.  I approached the small gate to let me out on to the street and noted a knocker with a loins head on the side, with this knowing that a lion is symbolic and important to me (I’m still trying to figure out that part but to me, a loin has always signified strength of character).

Out on the street, I decided that flying is quicker than walking so I float gracefully into the atmosphere knowing that I will not go too high if I don’t want to.  As I slowly spin up there, I look down and see a brown-haired woman in her late 30s rushing in my direction.  She has a short fringe and a beige coat on (wrong clothes for the weather, I noted).

“Are we dead?  Are you dead?  Is this where we go when we die?” is my flustered question, which appears to be the same script every time I have an out of body experience and meet another person on my travels.  

“No, we are not dead.  But we cannot run from our shadows here” she said eerily as she turned her head to look behind her and rushed hurriedly on, like someone was following her.

What a poignant line “we cannot run from our shadows here” I thought as I floated down my parents’ street.  I thought about what she said and what it means.  To me, it means that all your good parts and bad parts are laid bare for all to see, so that you have no choice but to work on them……

I decided to travel on.  Down the road, I noted that the streets are pretty much empty of cars, it’s very quiet. Two ladies were outside a house and having a natter.  They both look past me but can see me and say, “better be quick, they are coming soon”.  I instantly know they are referring to the fact that this is the place where shadows cannot be made therefore secrets cannot be created and I felt afraid.  Basically, everything I ever wanted to keep to myself is about to be laid out bare for all to see……

As I floated on toward the park to my left, the park that I played in on Earth as a child, I felt myself getting drawn inward toward the tops of the trees.  I felt out of control and noted that the sky began to darken and through the trees I saw a loan man in the park and he was not a nice man, I sensed utter fear and danger and noted that he had a magnetic effect.  One thing is for certain, in this place you don’t have to be an empath to pick up on vibes, they come to you instantly.  

Like drugs, nicotine, alcohol, or any Earthly material substance (or act) that lowers your vibration, it was almost magnetic in its nature and wanted to suck me in like a black hole.  I knew that the only way back from that was to “wake up” into my physical and just like Dorothy wanting to get back home, all I had to do was ask and my eyes opened back in bed.

 As I lay there, processing it all, I knew where I had just been was another layer of existence that some of us may find ourselves in when we leave this Earthly realm.  I say, some, not all.  

I believe this is the place some may find themselves when they really need to work on some hard lessons that they didn’t quite break through on Earth.  The lure to pull me in to the dark park with that man was strong and I had to use my full intention to not go there.  The same principal of when we need to use our force of will to stay strong on this side to not undo good behaviour that we know is helping us on our journey.  That we know is raising our vibration.

I don’t want this blog post to freak anyone out thinking that this is the place we go to when we die, because I do not believe it is.  As I mentioned on opening the blog, I strongly believe there are vast amounts of these layers of realities that mirror our own exitance and because we enter a mental reality (as opposed to a physical) then how we are feeling at that time reflects the place we end up in.  

One thing that is always a certainty to me is that a) the places we find ourselves are only temporary and b) there is always a loving person next to us that can help us whenever things get too strange, scary or tough.  All we have to do is ask for help.

After this experience, I decided to ask my tarot some questions about the place, to see if I was right with how I feel about it.  The answers to my questions were very insightful!

Question one; What was this reality? 

Answer; Five of Pentacles; the place people go when they are feeling very low, downcast and like they are outsiders who cannot move within happier circles.  (The picture on this card is literally two people walking within the shadows).

Question Two; What is the point of this reality? 

Answer; The Star; To heal.  Like everything, this pain is only temporary.

Question Three; How does it help you heal? 

Answer; The two of Pentacles; it allows you to weigh up things, to try and seek balance, to keep working on and checking in on yourself so you are not over doing things – its learning the art of patience and temperance in all things.

Question Four; Can we leave if we want too?

Answer; The Lovers; everything is always a choice.  But choices are harder after we have made an initial investment, we may think we have more to lose.  If we walk away from the material things that hold us down, what do we have left?  We must rely on our sense of spirit, is that enough?  Therefore, some choose to stay attached to their material obsessions as it brings them more comfort than exposing their true selves to work on and improve on.

Until next time,


Aliens Walk Amongst Us

There is one thing having my very own profound spiritual experiences to write about, but when I get the chance to listen to other stories, well that really excites me.  Because it validates and strengthens my resolve that there is more to this 3D reality than meets our eyes.

Recently, a lovely friend and member of my psychic circle shared the most fascinating of past encounters.

I want to put a caveat in here before I tell her story, in that the lady who told me this is one that I trust inexplicably.  She is a gifted medium yet solidly has her feet on the ground, there isn’t anything airy fairy about her, she says it how it is, and she questions everything.  I feel it’s important that I tell you that, because this next story is so unreal but equally fascinating!

The reason why she shared her story is because it was the end of our meditation class and she noted that she struggles with meditation and to truly switch off.  We asked why and she said she believes it might be from a weird experience she had once at a trance mediumship event.  Trance allows an experienced medium to enter a very deep state of meditation so that a spirit can literally “take over” the medium and channel information directly through them.  Often, the medium may change their mannerisms, accent, even start to look different as the messages are conveyed.  I will now paraphrase my friend’s story, just as she told us;

“So, there I was at this trance mediumship circle.  I had never done trance before; this was a totally new experience for me.  I sat with the others as the medium who would be going into trance sat in the centre of our circle and she had another medium sitting directly next to her, holding her hand.  Apparently, this is to keep the trance medium grounded throughout the session as the energy used can be very draining and could be detrimental to her health.

Once she went into her trance, she began to talk, and she did sound different.  I found this fascinating, until she announced that she was an alien from another Universe.  I must admit, I was smiling inside and looked away.  Now, I’m a Medium and obviously I believe in spirits and life after death…but ETs?  I’m not so sure.  So, whilst this is going on, inside I’m questioning everything.

Suddenly, the medium stopped talking then addressed the circle directly and said “There is someone in this circle who does not believe me”. 

The hairs went up on the back of my neck, I felt a little self-conscious.  I was showing no outward sign that I did not believe her, I was just sitting as was everyone else was in the circle.

The trance medium then proceeded to point her finger at each member of the group, saying, “not you, not you, not you” and as she came to me, stopped and stared me in the eye and said “it’s you, you do not believe”. 

I must admit at this point I was horrified, plus felt a little flustered with all eyes on me.  The medium sitting with her, asked me to stand up and approach them in the centre.

I willingly did what she asked, not sure what was about to happen.

The medium took my hand and told me to “Feel this”.  I wasn’t sure what she meant until I felt what can only be described as a charge of electricity go up from the soles of my feet and travel so fast all the way up my body and out of the top of my head.  I was astounded by this physical sensation and not only that, I saw a clear vision in my mind’s eye.  As the medium gripped my hand, I watched aliens that live and walk amongst us here on Earth.  It was abundantly clear to me at that point, we are not alone, there are Aliens amongst us, and we have absolutely no idea. 

Once she let go of my hand, she asked me if I believe now?  I nodded my head and walked back to my space in the circle.  For the rest of the evening, I couldn’t wait to leave and process what had just happened.

As I travelled home, I played the whole thing repeatedly in my mind.  It was utterly unreal, yet it happened to me. 

That night in bed, I finally fell into a deep sleep.  I was rudely awoken a few hours later, by a solid hand tugging on my right ankle which yanked me across the bed toward the end.  In my horror, I gripped on to my duvet, looked up and right into the face of an alien.  I know this part is hard to believe, but it happened!  I screamed for my life which awoke my husband, seeing me half off the bed, asked me what the hell was going on.

I told him that something had grabbed me and was pulling me off the bed, to which he told me not to be silly and go back to sleep.  I must have been dreaming, he protested.  But I wasn’t.  I saw an alien with my own eyes, and it physically pulled me along my bed.

The next morning, I was so traumatised by the whole thing, I went to church.  I felt like I needed to cleanse myself.  Thankfully, nothing ever happened like that again, but it was certainly one of the profoundest moments I have ever had.  I think that is why I can’t meditate, do you?”

She asked the group, as we all burst into laughter.  As she told her story, you could have heard a pin drop and after we had stopped laughing, we said, joking aside, that it was amazing and a validation that there is so much more that we haven’t even scratched the surface of yet.

So, you see, I had to share her story, it was too incredible not too!  Aliens, who live, and walk amongst us……

Until next time,


Circle Surprises

It is at my psychic development group where the most interesting of phenomena can happen.

The last night of term is often when we try (safe) experiments to connect with spirits from the other side.

I remember once trying transfiguration.  The room is left dark with just the glow of a red light from the corner, meaning that you can just see the person sitting in front of you.

In pairs you are opposite one another and take it in turns to relax your breathing and focus on your partners facial features.

When I did this for the first time, before we even started the experiment, the main light in the hall turned itself on and off without a human being touching it.  The light bulb that hung from the tall Georgian ceiling glowed brightly then dimmed out….a few seconds later did the same thing.  I had never seen anything like it and knew we were connecting with spirit.  The energy was flickering all around us.

After sitting in the red light for about five minutes, I noticed my partners facial features change.  The most noticeable was that I saw two eyes looking straight at me….yet her human eyes were closed tight. 

I won’t lie, this freaked me out.  I was being looked at in the face by eyes that did not belong to her.  They belonged to her spirit guide and slowly her entire face changed shape right in front of me.

When I tried it with someone else, a man, he suddenly had what looked like a Mexican type of moustache on his face.  Others also witnessed this and it was truly incredible. 

After that night I thought I had seen it all.  But I was wrong, as a recent experience at circle was just as surreal.

We decided to give table tipping a try.  I had done this before at an organised event and knew that a table could feel as light as a feather when spirit is giving you a helping hand to lift it off the ground.

On this night, as about four of us were stood around the table, I felt something different.  As it began to lift, after a couple of minutes, I felt a ball of energy circulate the table.  It came right at me and hit my solar plexus then bounced off as I gasped and dropped my end.  I could then see this energy in my mind’s eye as it circulated the table, bypassing every person until it reached a lady and almost “entered” her.  Her head went back, eyes rolled and astonishingly she proceeded to lift an entire table with two fingers about three foot off the ground.

The swaying continued as did the table until we grabbed her and sat her down until she came back around.

You may be reading this thinking “What? Was she possessed?  Is this dangerous?”.  My answer to that is no.  The lady it happened too explained that she has been having strange experiences since a child.  One time she felt herself levitate off the ground during meditation.  This was not unusual for her.  However, I would stress that any spiritual experiment should only be conducted with experienced mediums present.

The ball of energy was a spirit, and it certainly helped her lift the table that night.  It was a demonstration of the power of spirit and what can be achieved, especially when someone is too open (note that it tried to enter me first and bounced straight off my solar plexus).   It was like I had a force field surrounding me that night that would not allow the spirit to get any closer.  This is another lesson in why it is always critical to protect yourself, daily, if possible, from all energies and auras that surround us every day. 

The lady was fine after what happened, and I do believe a few of the class members that had never seen anything like that may have been a little shocked to say the least.  Physical spirit work is not for everyone but if it is something you are interested in, it can be completely life changing in your trust that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

Until next time,


Showing Up To Your Life

How do you pull yourself back to being grounded, grateful and with a feeling of inner peace when all your mind wants to do is self-destruct and rip apart every layer of you? 

Even the most “together” of people may shock you with the fact they are dealing with many internal conflicts, anxieties, and jumbles of feeling that they are not sure where to place.

Sometimes I feel the whole point of being a human being is to be programmed so that we are starkly aware of the negative side of “life” to give us the nudge to find the joy in as much as we can.

One thing is for sure.  It is not easy being human. 

Sometimes I must remind myself to get back to “me” by doing certain things that I know will help.  I often find that I am looking for something that I know is missing but I have no idea what that thing is.  Does that sound familiar to you? 

The more I read tarot for people the more I understand that we are all looking for this thing.  But how do we settle ourselves back to “us” when we are not even sure what we are looking for?

I know what works for me.

I must busy myself in a way that is not stressed or rushed, but productive and resourceful.  To set goals, to stick to a plan, to focus. 

It’s to smile and connect with people whenever I can, even when I do not feel like it.  To remember that it is ok to say no.

I once read a book about a woman who pulled herself out of a cycle of poverty, disillusionment, and extreme toxic behaviour.

She got up every day with a plan.  With a focus, a routine.  She made herself busy, so that she made “energy” with the things and intentions that she focused on.

She spoke to literally everyone she met.  The postman, the bank cashier, the teacher, the stranger in the street.  She connected her energy with every human being that encountered her that day, even though she didn’t want to, she did.  She was alone inside, so she made it a point to make these connections. 

She did this every day and not only that, but she also wrote about her day. She journaled everything.  Her thoughts and feelings, the why’s, why nots, questions, triggering thoughts and complex feelings.  It all went down on paper before she fell asleep.

She soon found that by showing up to “do things”, to “connect” to “feel, express and create” shifted her energy in a way that almost moved the walls of her life around her to open out onto a vast landscape of new possibility.

By all these connections, by having a plan, by putting words on paper, she was manifesting, and her energy was changing.

  She blogged about her life, her problems, her feelings.  Someone of importance read her blogs and then they turned them into a story of her journey.  She has sold millions of books….it changed her life overnight.  But the work was done months and months leading up to the very moment that she sold her first book.

Instead of being in the mercy of her “life”, she decided to show up to it and move from passenger to driver.  She used the energy around her to either wallow in self-pity or to dig deeper than she had ever gone before and start making small changes that eventually pulled her in a completely different direction.

So, when you feel like your life is pulling you in which way what, like you have no anchor and stability even though on paper, your life doesn’t appear to be wobbly, you must try to navigate your emotions as much as possible.  Give yourself a helping hand by focussing, planning, connecting, building, creating, smiling, singing, appreciating, letting go, giving up, sticking too, accepting, refusing, inviting and being. 

I follow a lady called Alana Fairchild and she puts it so well here;

“If you want a life of passionate purpose, start with knowing, accepting and loving who you are as a person.  As you love, respect and nurture your authentic self, it will help you to understand what is best to cast aside.

You have the power to choose how you want to feel and what you want to express in each moment, no matter what is going on around you”.

Until next time,


Sliding Doors….Again

It seems that my brush with a parallel universe has happened again…..if you read this blog; “Parallel Lives?” you would know that after that experience, I was convinced that we are having multiple lives that are running alongside each other in other universes.

I was also convinced of this when I once saw my daughter very clearly run into the living room, to follow her only to see that she wasn’t in there, she was fast asleep upstairs.  She had on the same PJs and her hair was the same…..I clearly saw her with my own eyes yet she wasn’t there at all. 

So, these two instances stand out in my mind, yet I recently had the strongest “evidence” that we may be living parallel lives.

I have a friend who was travelling up from the Southwestern coast to Essex on a Saturday a few weeks ago.  He was visiting some mutual friends on the next street to where I live.  I knew he was coming on the Saturday but no idea when.

At around three o’clock in the afternoon I left my home for my dog walk.  I walked past the street that has the house where my friend would be visiting that weekend. I wondered if he was there yet or still on his travels.  As I turned the corner and walked down the hill toward the main road, a dark coloured car passed me slowly.  I looked into the car as it approached and squinted my eyes as I recognised the driver to be my friend.  He did what looked like a double take of me, as recognition also flittered across his face and then he waved at me.   I couldn’t believe that we had crossed paths at the same time.

As he drove on, I was half expecting him to stop and jump out and say hello, but he kept on going.  As this was all happening, the energy around me felt strange.  It’s hard to explain – I saw him, recognised him instantly and knew he did me…I knew it was him, but I thought it was unusual that he didn’t stop.  I also thought what a coincidence that he drove past me just at the right time.  In that moment, it was like I knew I had saw him, but it was like he wasn’t even there.  I grabbed my phone and sent him a message.

“Did you just drive past me?”

He replied; “No, I didn’t make the journey, haven’t been well at all so decided to stay here instead”.

I stopped in my tracks.  But I had seen him?  He saw me?  We had waved at each other, both with a look of “fancy seeing you here” on our faces as he drove toward his friend’s house….however in reality he was MILES away.

I told him what had happened, and he was equally mystified. 

Could it have been a look alike?  Massive coincidence that he waved at me though and in those split seconds had the same “mannerism” as my friend (the way he waved at me was so him!).

Or perhaps could it have been cognitive bias?  I knew he was travelling up on that day at some point and his doppelgänger just happened to wave right at me, so I thought he was my friend?

So just a massive coincidence?  But why wasn’t the guy they waved different?  Perhaps a different hair colour, skin colour….gender even?  The fact he looked THE SAME freaked me out. 

The way the energy changed felt off too….like I was in a different time zone?  It’s hard to explain it, but seeing him in his car, I felt like I was in a different period of my life, like it was jumbled up.

It led me to think hard on this as I do have a belief that we each have one soul that has many streams of our individual self that run alongside each other, having the same yet different lives.

Like the film sliding doors, each decision or life choice results in an alternative set of life experiences.  Can you imagine what would have happened if you had taken that job all those years ago?  Or dated your childhood sweetheart?  Or got on the train that you just missed?

I believe that the people in our lives now are still in our parallel lives yet perhaps different things are occurring because of the routes we are taking.  So, he and I are still friends in this other universe, but when I saw him, he was well and able to make the trip.  I felt like I had just glimpsed into another dimension.  A tiny split in the jelly of our universe allowed me to peek inside another reality.

Which gets me thinking even deeper on this….if I can read future energy when doing tarot readings….or if I can connect to people that have died through mediumship…why can’t I connect to my other “selves” in other Universes…this is something I may have to experiment with in the future!

Until next time,


A Tarot Story Board – Don’t Hide Your Magic

This week’s blog is a little different!  I shuffled the deck, selected six cards to let my tarot deck tell a story………….

Don’t hide your magic.  It’s easy for them to say.  The glamourous witchy YouTubers who have fifty thousand followers…….they can be exactly who they want to be because they are now paid to do it!  They get to live, eat and breath their authenticity……not all of us can do that.

I work in a heavily masculine dominate environment.  A corporate concrete box of pale, male and stale traders who are constantly bashing their egos together.  I feel out of place….all the time.  I cannot wait to escape, to get home and just be me.  To look at my tiny glass jars filled with speckled white snowflake obsidian and lavender clippings.  Or my book of shadows.   To shuffle my tarot cards and ask what my future holds……

My heart feels confused.  I want to be myself, but I don’t know how.  I’ve decided to set an intention tonight on this waxing full moon… dream in a change, to help clear the fogginess of my heart.


Today Clive called me into the office.  Clive is an expert in his field.  There isn’t anything he doesn’t know about the insurance industry.  Unfortunately, we have never connected on a personal level.   He isn’t really in touch with his emotional intelligent side.   Sometimes I feel like I irritate his soul.  It is as if I can see past his shell and on some level, he knows it.

As Clive sat in his huge office chair, back straight and focus sharp he peered into my eyes and came right out with it.  My job is redundant……cut backs and budget reforms……all these words.  I didn’t hear much, because my heart was singing so loudly.

I packed up my desk box with my aloe vera plant and rose quartz wand without even looking back at my now ex-colleagues.  This is the new start that I have been waiting for, finally the Universe has stepped in to help push me along…….

My parents were shocked to hear my news.  My dad really wanted me to progress in the insurance industry, it’s a job for life (apparently).  But my mum knows I’m more creative and I’ve told her how restrictive it makes me feel at times, in fact, all of the time.

The conversation with my parents was the perfect time to tell them who I am, the real me.  I am a Witch.  I have a connection to the moon that can make me feel whole, or throw my emotions completely off balance.  I can think of someone then see them the next day and I often feel like I know what others are thinking.  I can see and feel spirit people.  I love using tarot cards and get a buzz in my hand when I hold a crystal for a little while.  I have dreams that turn into reality a few weeks later.  I can feel other people’s tears, joy and anxiety…….I like to make intention jars, and sometimes the wishes I put into those jars comes true……..I want to help others in a way that I cannot put into words.  I want to live my purpose.

My mum listened intently and smiled so warmly at my words that it made me want to cry.  She put her hands on both my shoulders and said “be you, step into the world, be authentically you, grow and show your magic…..”

So that’s what I did.  I put my heart on my sleeve, I stepped into my feelings instead of running away from them.  I understood that some people wouldn’t get me, and that’s ok.  Because the upside of that is that so many will get me………..they will catch my drift…..I will vibrate so high that my tribe will have no choice but to come running in my direction.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know that it’s going to be an exciting one.  I’m going to let my creativity flow, allow my magic to shine and become the inner witch I was always meant to be.

Until next time


Are All Tarot Readers Psychic?

Over recent months I have noticed the same question being asked on beginner’s tarot forums, along the lines of “do you have to be psychic to read tarot?”. 

The quick answer to this, in my opinion is no, however, it seems that one thing can often lead to another when you reach a certain level of advanced tarot reading. I also feel that most people are psychic but with differing degrees of ability, like being able to draw or sing in tune.

Here is the thing, there are many sceptics out there that have no idea how accurate tarot reading is.  It is spookily accurate.  And much to their protests, the story being told is not made to fit the querants current life situation.  Let me give you an example.

New clients are often complete strangers when then walk through my door.  They have text me to book in and all I have is their first name.  Not that I would do anything with a name, but in the age of social media and Facebook business pages, you cannot help most of the time to see a profile photo of the person coming to see you.  This photo may give a snapshot into someone’s life and personally I don’t like this, I love just a name and a person. 

A stranger who sits in my room has her tarot spread laid out in front of her.  I don’t have to be a psychic to find out if she is single, divorced or in a long-term partnership, my trusty cards will do that for me.  So, for example, I will turn over three cards and ask;

What is her current energy?; Death Card

How does she feel?; Ten of Swords

What influenced this?; The Tower Card

Because I have learnt the basic meanings of those three cards, I know that something has ended with no going back and it was a complete shock for her.  If I wanted to dig a little deeper, I could ask the cards about her ex-partner and more than likely a King will be pulled from the shuffled deck.  Depending on what suit he falls under (sword, cup, pentacle or wand) I can then go on to describe his personality in detail, and she agrees and nods her head enthusiastically and will say something like, “Yes!  That’s spot on, how do you know that?”.

Up until this point, I have not needed to tune in psychically, the cards have given me exactly what I need to know.  On occasion, it can be harder to decipher the information being presented but after many years of practice, it becomes a language of symbols, numbers, images, and colours that provide all you need to know as a reader.

So, your basic understanding of the cards can take you quite far, in fact, is all you need to know really to give a rewarding and beneficial tarot reading.  But what if you wanted to know the details of the breakup?  You can see it’s over; it was mega stressful and a shock…but what if you wanted to know the ins and outs of what happened?

This is where your psychic ability kicks in.  When you join those three cards together and relax your mind, you connect the cards and allow a story to unfold.  Suddenly you may be drawn to an image on the card you have never seen before.  It is a suitcase next to a doorway.  You tell your sitter that he up and left, no warning.  Then you see that the card is number 13 and say it was approximately 12 to 13 months ago.  Then you see two people pushing a boat along and tell her you can see two children, both boys.  You might notice a dog in the grass, and he is half covered in the picture and tell her that she and the ex are sharing the dog as a 50/50 split.  Your sitter says yes to this all and is astonished how you have managed to piece this all together with your cards.  This is where your intuition kicks in and used your cards as a gateway to access the psychic information.  You have literally just read the energy of her life.

This not only works with tarot cards.  I recently connected to the spirit of my client’s father, who was in his late twenties when he died when she was just a little girl.  As I sat in my reading room and asked the man to show me how he died, I suddenly heard a huge firework go off outside in the street which made me jump in my seat. 

“He died very suddenly, it was like a firework going off in his head, he just dropped dead?” I asked, she nodded her head “Yes!  He just died out of the blue, no warning, just bang and he was gone”………

This is how messages are given to mediums and psychics, it is just a case of reading the silent language and mostly, trusting the information you receive.

Tarot is a fantastic framework to connect to the energy of pretty much anything – it is a toolbox that your sprit guide will use to convey the messages that need to be said.  Once you begin to trust your intuitive side, the cards come to life, you then see a story that is behind the imagery on the cards, it comes forward and takes on a life of its own….and that is when the magic happens.

Until next time,


Invisible Hands

Every single Reiki treatment I have with a client is different; it is always unique to the person having the session depending on what is going on in their own personal world.

Every now and again, I am reminded how powerful the healing energy of Reiki truly is and how it can help people to pick themselves back up after experiencing some hard knocks on their life journey.

I recently saw one such client, also a good friend of mine, who needed Reiki so very much to help her heal from some personal difficulties that had left her feeling sad, emotionally low, and out of balance.

When suffering a personal loss, Reiki can provide the person grieving with the space they need to let go of deep held emotions, worries and the pure stress of the weight they are carrying.

When I started the Reiki treatment on my dear friend, I could feel how heavy her aura felt, her sadness and pain.  Our aura’s will change depending on our own physical and emotional health.  The colours can change too, depending on how one is feeling.   With Reiki, we try to alleviate the problem by unblocking the energy centres (chakra’s) that need attention.  Deep healing is sent to these areas, I can often feel an imbalance just from placing my hands in that area.

When I placed my hands over her throat chakra, that sits on her neck area, I felt a sudden strong emotional pain in my tummy.  I could literally feel her sadness and I couldn’t stop my own silent tears from trickling down my cheeks.  This had never happened to me before, but it may have been because my friend are I are very emotionally connected that I felt her sadness so strongly.

What I didn’t realise until I looked down was that she was also crying at the same time, as her throat chakra released its energy, all those tears that had been sitting in her chest, began to spill out.  The healing power of crying cannot be underestimated.  It allows us to literally “make room” with our energy, as we are no longer hanging onto the emotional pain.  It is so important to cry when you need to, and it should never be blocked. 

Once her tears were released, we both felt better, I continued with her treatment.  At the end, as I clasped her feet in my hands and set my intentions to ground her energy, something caught my eye, to the left of my friend’s head.

I could see the white auric silhouette of a huge man, well over six feet, standing right next to her, with wings that could span the size of the room we were in if he wanted to open them up.  I knew instinctively that this was Arch Angel Michael, coming in to protect my friend during these difficult times.

I saw Michael in my minds eye, yet I knew he was standing right beside her, just behind her head.  I asked him if he would continue healing my friend once I had finished and I felt him tell me yes, of course he would.

By now, my friend was so relaxed, eyes firmly shut as she lay very still, in that beautiful meditative state that only Reiki healing can bring.

I decided to leave her there for five minutes, whilst I quietly left the room to go and wash my hands.

On my return, I gently rubbed my friends arm and she slowly rose, we both hugged and cried again as it was such a moving and special treatment.

“I heard you leave after the treatment had finished………but then the strangest thing happened Tanya” she said.  “You might think this is crazy…” she stopped talking and I nodded my head with encouragement “you are worried that I will think you are crazy?” I asked and we both laughed, as my friend is aware of all the strange yet wonderful experiences I have personally had.

“I knew you were not in the room, but suddenly, as I lay there, I felt the heat of hands on my forehead, the same feeling as when you were there at the start of the treatment.  It was so strong, there was no doubt in my mind that I was feeling heat from another being.  I have never had such a personal spiritual experience before” she said in astonishment.

I explained to my friend that I had seen Arch Angel Michael and asked him to continue the healing for her.  She had felt his angelic hands on her forehead.  She felt actual sensations of warmth from skin, as if a human was standing over her. 

Over the years since I have known my friend, I have told her about my encounters from spirits, the feelings I get when they draw close and how it makes me feel, sometimes, a little hard to put into words.  This experience for my friend, gave her the same feelings and she now understood without any doubt that there is more going on in our reality than we are aware of, that in times of need, when healing is so crucial, that behind the practitioner stands a team of beings who are providing that healing from the source of love in which it travels from.

After her session, my friend felt lighter, positive and most of all, changed in a way that enabled her to find the light in the darkness, to see that hope is always near, to feel whole once again.

I’m forever grateful for the gift of Reiki healing, the teams of beings that walk alongside us, even when we don’t believe they are there and for the experiences that others encounter that only strengthens my strong resolve that love never ends, it continues and that we are always held, always.

A week later, as I was wondering the spiritual shops in Glastonbury, I was thinking of my friend.  A sparkle of blue light caught my eye as a glass sphere reflected the sunlight, that was dangling from a display shelf.

I walked over and held the ball in my hand and read the description on the box next to it, “Arch Angel Michael Glass Ball, to offer protection and healing”.  I smiled to myself, bought the gift and gave it to my friend as soon as I saw her the next week.  Sometimes it is just a case of joining the dots to see the bigger picture.

Until next time,