Be True To You

I recently learnt that the first woman in England to be executed for being a witch was Agnes Waterhouse, who lived in my home county, Essex, around 1566.  This lady was called Mother Waterhouse by the local people and sadly, many thousands of women would follow in her footsteps, being sent to their deaths for being independent, wise, healing and spiritual beings.  That was their only crime. 

Thankfully, witches and the Pagan religion has only thrived since this awful time in history.  It makes me feel that Paganism (which is an umbrella term for many different disciplines/crafts/traditions that fall under it) is more than just an “alternative” form of religion (ironically there is nothing “New Age” about something that has been around longer than most other religions) – it is actually a place that marginalized groups are attracted too, like for example, the LGBTQIA community.  It is a religion (I use religion lightly here, as most spiritual people do not feel they follow a religion per se, they follow their own guidance and path) that allows women in particular to thrive and to have a voice and ultimately to be themselves without any form of oppression.  However, that being said, you would think, in 2021 that Paganism and other forms of spirituality like Witchcraft would not be marginalized anymore, however, unfortunately, it still is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about individuals who are marginalized in society recently.  Selfishly, I thought I understood what it might feel like to be gay, or to receive subtle racism, but really, I had no idea.  Until something happens to you to make you feel judged and different, then it is very hard to truly feel what others go through when they are on the receiving end of this type of behavior.

I guess I am privileged in that respect, straight, white woman, I’ve always been given opportunity and just accepted it as normal, without experiencing prejudice at all, until recently.

Because being a Pagan, expressing my spirituality through my life choices, apparently slips me into a marginalized group too.  Perhaps that is why I have always felt an affinity to anyone that stands to be different and proud, to not allow the silent yet loud voices of ignorance stop that person walking their truth.

I have amazing tolerance levels for others ignorance, but there are certain things that make me feel very uncomfortable, one being an incorrect judgement on my character and identity. 

I’m pretty open, I blog, I have a growing following on Instagram and Facebook, I’m currently writing a book about my life….so I’m not afraid of putting myself out there.  However, recently, I have felt an invasion of my privacy like nothing else, based purely on fear and total and utter ignorance from another party.  This was unprovoked judgment, I was just quite nicely minding my own business and suddenly this unwanted opinion and quite literally, force of fear has tried to creep itself into my world, trying to break down the very foundation that is all that I am.  Because, when you are a psychic medium, it’s not just a hobby.  It is your entire identity, it is the air you breath, the thoughts you feel and the essence of your soul.  So, if someone tells you to “stop doing” what you are doing (when it has nothing on this Earth to do with them) – can trigger something in you that makes you look at the world through different eyes.  If you are making someone “feel uncomfortable” for just being you, then that is a serious amount of wrong on that other person’s part, a serious amount!

You suddenly know what if feels like to have this big, large, dark, force of energy bearing down on you, trying very hard to shine out the light that you thrive upon, because your light is apparently triggering their darkness so profoundly that they don’t know how to deal with it. 

Let me tell you something, people will only every judge you if you trigger something in them that they need to deal with, something they need to heal.  So, you have to turn it around.  You must try to see it for what it really is.  You have to feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t see your light, because they are so shrouded in their own darkness that they cannot view the truth from their own judgement.  The people who judge the most have much work to do on their self-development, much work indeed.

So, what should we do when this happens?

We must take our light and turn it into a huge, bulging, magnificent bon fire!  We must be us and take pictures, we must continue to bloom and grow, to learn, develop, thrive and move through life enjoying the new possibilities and opportunities that our way of life offers us.

We must join together with like-minded people, and to add it doesn’t matter if these people believe the same as us, because that is ok too, if we are sharing our energy with people that accept everyone for who they are, you fall in love with someone’s spirit,  and, the colour of their skin, their sexual preferences, which God they want to pray too, becomes insignificant, because here we all are, together, floating through space on this big ball of rock, each one of us unique and different and what we can learn from each other is exciting and truly mind blowing!

So, wear your differences with pride, be true to who you are.  In fact, forget the “different” word, what is “different” anyway?  It is just a word.  Your normal is you, your reality, the way you feel, your inner guide.  It is “You”.

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Parallel Lives?

My eight-year-old is really into Doctor Who at the moment, so we are binge watching the “newer” episodes from around 2005 (not the ones that left me trembling behind the sofa when I was the same age in the mid-1980s as soon as I heard that theme music come on!).  The most recent episode we watched was the one about a parallel world to our own Earth world, the Doctor & the Tardis landed there by accident, by a crack in the Universal law of time or something like that.

I found it an interesting watch, seeing as I also have my own theory on a parallel universe/life.  Do you ever wonder if that is what Déjà vu is?  Something plays out that you have already seen before or feel like you know exactly what is going to happen next?  I know, I know, the scientists will tell us that Déjà vu is actually trickery of the mind, a conscious “mini sleep” that happens to us when we are really tired….sometimes I beg to differ but I don’t have loads of letters after my name so perhaps I’m not qualified to have an opinion, or maybe the fact I talk regularly to spirits from “another dimension” does make me a little more qualified than I thought?

Anyway, here is a conundrum; this is a true story.  Last summer, in 2020, in-between the spring/summer Covid lockdown and the autumn one, when we were allowed to leave the house and meet a friend again, my daughter and I agreed to meet my friend Helen and her two children for a coffee close to where she lives and then on for a forest walk after.  Now, everyone that knows me well knows that I am as punctual as a SAS officer in training, (even my child was born on her exact due date!)…so this means that I turn up to things on time, but it also means that I have to wait around a lot, especially for friends that are not the same as me.  You would think being punctual a virtue but it’s actually a curse at times, as it puts pressure on my friends!  Helen, that day, being one of them as she had loads of logistics to sort out, like picking her kids up from her mums on route and then dropping her mum to the supermarket and all this other stuff, unlike lucky old me who could just throw my child in the car and get going.  So, understandably, I had a feeling Helen may not be dead on time.

However, as I approached the main (and only) large roundabout that leads out of Helen’s estate, I saw her zoom around it, in her White Hyundai , her hair up on her head, except she didn’t have the two kids in the back.  I got a perfect view of her, in fact my little girl shouted out “There is Helen mum!” ….and I said “Oh yeah – bloody hell she’s on time!!  She must be on her way to get the kids”.

Less than a minute later, I pulled up at the coffee place we would be meeting as my phone began to ring.  It was Helen calling.  The conversation between us went like this;

Helen;  “Hi, it’s me, so sorry, I’m going to be late!  I haven’t even picked the kids up yet!”

Me; “Yeah I know, we saw you on the roundabout on your way there, I saw the back seat empty and you pull off the roundabout in the other direction to the coffee place so assumed you are on your way to your mums?”.

Helen; “You couldn’t have seen me, I haven’t even left the house yet!  Still trying to get dressed, I’m so behind this morning!”

Me; “What?  But me and Ariane both saw you, your exact car, your hair plonked up high on your head today?”

Helen; “Yes that is exactly how my hair is, I’ve just put it up….it must be another woman who looks just like me?”

Me; “Helen it WAS you, with the same car as you, you were driving off toward the A414”

Helen; “That’s the way I will be going….but I’m at home, you can even hear my washing machine”….which I could in the background…..

Me; “What a weird bloody coincidence”

It was very strange indeed, she was so close to us (we were at the front of the roundabout queue as she drove past) and it was the same car, colour, make and model (I don’t know her registration so could not verify that) – her hair style was the same which I could validate as soon as we did eventually meet up …but it wasn’t her (and she wouldn’t lie to me, Helen is one of the most honest people I have ever met) – so was it just that, a pure and simple coincidence?

But it got me thinking (I guess I was having my very own Doctor Who moment!).  What if it was Helen, and my daughter and I had just seen a crack within dimensions?  What if me and Helen, and everyone else for that matter, is playing out the exact same stuff, routines and relationships but with some subtle key differences?  What if there are not one parallel life, but many, with the same big life milestones but the key differences being that because of free will, we either get to (or don’t get too) the milestones based on our life choices & decision making process?  What if our soul gave us a string of “lives” upon different vibrations and said “it’s a race, see who gets there first” and there we are, all living our separate yet joined lives, trying to do our best, to make a success of it, be happy, and moments like Deju Vu are simply a moment in time where we zone in on those other lives but then write it off as a trick of the mind?  What if the same set of circumstances are always given but each one of us handles it completely differently based on our core personality traits, which in turn, would give different outcomes, luck verses bad luck, the right path versus the wrong?  There could be much to learn on a soul level from each separate life experience…..

I know, this is deep (and welcome to the inner workings of my mind).  Who actually knows?  No one, but it’s certainly worth thinking about, right?

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Have You Lived Another Life?

On a spiritual level, I don’t know much about reincarnation although I have a strong inclination that we do have many Earth lives.

I once went on a past life regression course for the day which was insightful, under light hypnosis I had visions of me being an armored guard protecting some valuable goods in a small, circular room of a castle, someone’s granny who was also the local healer back in tribal Britain times and a Chinese man who ended up being stabbed to death for trying to uncover some sort of mystery.  It was very interesting indeed, but what I find really intriguing is the memories I have that I can’t quite place in this lifetime that I don’t need to be regressed to pull from my subconscious.

Now, some avid readers of my blog may remember that I once wrote about the house I remember on “the other side”?  So basically, I have a feeling of a home in the countryside and I know it’s in the spirit world, or if I see certain images of beautiful skies and scenery it reminds me of “heaven” like I know that is where “home” is, but that’s not the same thing as I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about memories of another Earth life.

In a nutshell, I have a feeling that I was an American and must have died in the 70s (I was born in this life in 1980).  However, my memories that I have, I was a kid in the mid to late sixties, and I died young, I was a male too. 

Some things will trigger my memories.  Like this past weekend, my husband was watching the Ice Hockey and I have a strong recollection of training practice at the local ice rink, I’m about 12 years old and this is a regular thing I do.  There is a real family “feel” here, I’m familiar with the rink and when I go home, I can almost see the house, its dark, the house is big, detached, and has a garage to the left before the front door and there is so much stuff in that garage.  It’s so homely in this house, warm and it’s like I can hear Cher playing in the background and see the stairs in the living room.  There are many family photo’s on the wall and a big, well worn, comforatable sofa near the window.

That’s the only memory I have until my death, I’m sure I was early twenties and its either Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve and I’m visiting family, there are lots of presents, then I go somewhere on my motorbike and that’s it, the end.

I have to stress that I have never dreamt about this, I’ve only ever just remembered it. I wonder if its some childhood memories mixed in?  But I can’t recall anything like it?  I mean ice hockey in the UK?  When I first visited Canada in my early twenties, I remember looking at the city we were passing through and it was dark and I thought “this all looks so familiar” ok, its Canada not USA but it’s that big sky, huge city landscape that almost pings at me like I’ve seen it before.  It’s hard to put into words when you soul recognises something on a level that is difficult for even you to understand.

I guess I will never know, unless I try some more hypnosis, interestingly this one didn’t come back during that course I went on.

I would love to know if anyone else has ever had a similar experience?

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Break The Links


The best way to start a new “good” habit (an emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental good habit) is to break away from the negative energy that may be pulling you backwards.  You may find that the negative energy is like a magnet at times, almost pulling you toward it and you have to try so hard to break away.  I believe there is a reason for this, sometimes we crave what is really not very good for us and to overcome this craving is to learn valuable lessons about ourselves and move on in our self-development.  How do we know if it is a bad habit?  It may make us feel bad, low, guilty or like our intuition is telling us that something it out of balance with it (no matter how much our ego tries to drown out our good intentions!).

I will give you a personal example of this.  Through-out this whole Covid experience, the hardest thing for me to deal with is the conspiracy theorists that appear to be collectively joining forces and are being (from what I have seen), aggressive, cold and obtuse to other people’s views and opinions that are not the same as their own.

I can look at my phone in the morning, and see in the sea of social media posts, these negative people popping up or jumping on threads and in the face of such devastation, almost mocking everyone else going through it.  I find their vibration so low, so vastly different from my own that their energy will stick to me all day and I find it hard to shake off.  This is a clear example of when we around people of a different vibration and how it can affect us on an energetic level (fyi, this is not a political post, no one is right, no one is wrong – but I’m writing about how it makes me FEEL).

But like a moth to a flame, I find myself being sucked into their comments, the negativity, not to join it (I try very hard not to engage!), but to be triggered by it.  To want to retaliate with my own opinion, but by doing that, I have made an active link to the person, not a good idea at all!

I know exactly the cure to deal with this, and it is to cut the link completely.  So, this means;

  • No news alerts that lead me to read the comments
  • Silence anyone on my friends list that I know is not on the same vibration as me (this normally means unfollowing them, not unfriending them!)
  • Do not search out any of the hardened conspiracy theorists that have open profiles, yes, I know a couple that have claimed some huge stuff would happen and on a certain date, so of course when it didn’t happen, I just had to look to see what their response was (radio silence) – but I was angry at myself for looking.  Because looking adds energy to their flame, even if they do not know I am looking.

So, this is my example, and one in which I am really going to try and work on.  You can use this example for things in your life you want to cut contact with, it especially works well on people you no longer want to see.

However, if someone is still in your head, this is not cutting contact or breaking the link.  Energy goes through walls remember, vibrations and frequencies are what we connect too. If you spend all day thinking about someone you don’t want to see anymore because they make you mad/sad/whatever then you are subconsciously keeping them on a line.

You must busy yourself, find new energy to engage with, take your focus on to something else.  You can do this with all sorts of things, even if you experience depression or anxiety, it’s a good way to break free of the same thinking patterns.

As soon as you “put your energy” into something else, you will be breaking off from the thing you want to remove.  It will happen, it will be tough at first, but eventually, any people / objects / songs / things associated with the person in question will also start to disappear too.

So, try it, with anything that no longer serves you.  Of course, if you want the opposite to happen, and you actively want to connect with someone….well then you just do the opposite (just don’t become a stalker!). Another blog post on that to follow soon!

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Can we change fate?

One of the biggest questions that I ponder when I look into the future using tarot cards is, can we change what is coming up?? Especially if we see something of a negative nature in a relationship.

Here is a good example of that; I was reading for a young female client a few years back and I could clearly see her current relationship ending in the near future. What was interesting was that it was very much based on her attitude and decision making process in her current state, we could see two lines drawn from her current position, one choosing to change to adapt to her partners needs a bit more (she was being stubborn), the other to remain as she was, she chose to remain as she was and the relationship did indeed end.
I thought about it a lot and wondered if she made a massive mistake, then found out she had met a new guy and fell pregnant and was very happy!! So – it was meant to be it seems….had she have changed her behaviour would she still have broken up with the first guy? Was her soulmate her new man and whatever it took she would find him to have her future children?
These are massive questions that even psychic readers struggle to answer. I do have my own theory on it though.

I believe the big stuff is written in like a “life contract” and cannot be changed, milestone stuff like;

  • birth and death dates
  • The family we are born into, even the country & culture & Earth time (more on that on another post!)
  • Major accidents or illnesses (which are life lessons for us to over come on our journey to help develop us)
  • Who our main relationships will be with (soulmates / twin-flames / karmic love debt!)
  • How many (if any) kids we will have

Now I believe the other stuff I’m about to list is more “changeable” based on forks in the road, decisions and how we navigate life based on our free will;

  • our job/career choice
  • Our motivation & aspiration levels
  • Our happiness levels
  • Our success levels (whatever success means to that person)
  • Our physical and mental health based on life choices we make

Each one of us resonates on a vibrational frequency and when we find something on our frequency (be that a person, job, situation or circumstance etc) we feel good on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. So we are kind of nudged by the tarot to stay on our vibrational frequency, as soon as we come off that, things start to go wrong.
So can a person avoid the big stuff? No, I don’t think they can. But they can navigate around the smaller stuff to get in alignment with their true purpose; that of which is how to develop further in character, spirit & soul.

So to get back to my main point, when I give a reading I always remind people that we can in fact change our future if it’s on one of the smaller roads along our paths, like a job or new house etc. The rest of the stuff seems to be written.
All I can advise is that we try to keep on the right path as best as we can, using our intuition and feeling our way along as the best form of guide, using tarot as a wonderful helping hand to help guide and nudge us from time to time!
Until next time,

Do Like The Priestess Does

There has never been a blank canvas like 2021 has there?  If this past 12 months have given us anything, it has given us the ability to reflect on our entire life, to be grateful for what we do actually have (from good health to a home) and to really appreciate what an essential service is, not only medicine and healthcare but the food that gets delivered to us from farm to mouth. 

Personally, for me, 2020 will be a turning point on my life map, a pin mark in my journey that I will never ever forget.  Yes, I have heard some awful things, not only of actual death from Covid but also of the fall out, couples that have ended their relationships that I never thought would happen, people getting sick with diseases that are not the virus, others losing their jobs and businesses going under.  It’s been really, really hard for many.  But for others, it has been an eye opener.  That’s me included.  I want to tell you about it here;

Living in NOW

I never really understood the concept of living in the moment until this year.  To appreciate every single moment of togetherness.  To not allow my anxiety to travel to places that are dark and scary, like the death of people I love, to accept that we all die, but all we have is time, we have this moment, this moment is our past, present and future all wrapped up into one.  We worry about the kids getting older as loosing these golden years and do not focus on this moment, this precise moment of now, to enjoy it so authentically that it’s the only moment we will ever need.  Live your life like that, deal with the future when it happens, go moment to moment and you will feel so much more at ease.

To Appreciate

I am totally grateful and thankful for the country I live in and the Government/s that work to run it.  I know this is an emotive sentence, and there are many people reading this that do not trust our Government.  But I feel certain that as we all live our own reality, we all see different things.  I understood that clearly this year.  This world only exists because I am conscious within it.  I also write my own story, with my own outlook, choices and decisions.  I don’t see lies, deceit and a matrix.  It’s not because I am asleep.  It’s because I see what I have created in my reality, I can’t find the cracks others speak of because they are not in my vibration.  The others may see those cracks but will not see what I see, the positives about the way things are done, because it is not in their vibration either.  They or I are not wrong or right.  It is all just a story that we put together based on our own personality, upbringing and living conditions.  I am not asleep; I am very self-aware and awake.  But I see a different horizon to others.  What do you see?  It is ok to see whatever you see but remember, the way you respond and choose to think and feel about your life will certainly shape it…..the more we love, the less we judge. 

Live like the High Priestess

The High Priestess understands that her inner world shapes her outer one.  She is always guided by her intuitive and internal instincts, and she listens to the good advice that is given to her on a daily basis, the voice that needs to be heard above the noise of her ego that will try to destroy her progress in this life.  The High Priestess also listens to others and doesn’t judge them based on her own standards, she understands that most opinions are formed by fear and projection of the person giving them.  She finds solace in prayer and meditation, she understands that what she puts out comes back to her on a vibrational frequency that is so subtle, yet so so significant that it can be life changing.  She is of perfect understanding that we are here for a human journey and every encounter is to allow us to grow and develop, together.  The High Priestess has no time for hate as she appreciates that it is wasted energy and she could be putting that energy into something so worthwhile, like the creation of something wonderful.  She knows she has made mistakes in her life, but she practices self-compassion and knows that as long as she learns and accepts the lessons, she will be just fine.

So what are you going to create in 2021??  I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to do like the High Priestess does.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and peaceful 2021,

Until next time,


The Power Of The Witch

The Power Of The Witch

It was only this year, in 2020, that I started joining up all the dots in my life and see a pattern emerging which lead me to a strong realization, that I am in fact, a witch.  Seriously, it’s taken forty years to finally accept what I am, like I knew I was a bit “witchy” but I didn’t understand that it’s not just a made up word for someone who likes a bit of sage smoke or mixing a few herbs in essential oils…’s actually a real state of being and not in fact, a label. 

So, what are the dots and the patterns that I’ve had all my life?  I will tell you about them below, perhaps you too can totally relate to it all or perhaps you think I’m bonkers, either way, I do think it’s interesting for sure;

Feeling Different

Do you feel different from everyone else?  Like you are on the outside looking in, or from a birds-eye view of what is actually going on?  I felt that a lot growing up.  I was different, I knew that, but I didn’t understand why.  I was so sensitive as a child that it turned into anxiousness.  I could feel the energies of others easily, but with no knowledge of what was going on or why, this left me feeling confused and worried about lots of things.  As a child you don’t really know how to protect yourself or understand why you are the only one that apparently appears to notice that the teacher is about to blow his top big time, why can’t anyone else “feel” his vibration before he starts shouting?  I was constantly on edge……conversely, when everyone was happy, I felt on cloud nine for ages and could talk and talk and talk for what felt like hours about any given subject………………it was one end of the spectrum to the other.  I remember as an adult joining my first psychic circle and one of the things the teacher said to me on arriving was “so you came here because you are different, right?”…..correct.  So, flaunt your weirdness if it’s there, it’s what makes you so very interesting!

Being obsessed with witchy things

I remember watching “Teen Witch” as a child in the 80s and having this amazing feeling of connectedness with the lead character, it made total sense to me, I could do what she does.  I made a den under the stairs where I would imagine I had a crystal ball and tarot cards, a place where I could do rituals and magic….I felt obsessed with this idea that I should be sitting in a darkish place, away from everyone but at the same time, trying to connect to everything, all the energies everywhere, alive and dead, the whole thing.  This didn’t stop during the day, at nighttime I would lay awake in deep contemplation about the Earth and the Universe and just KNEW there was more to this reality than meets the eye.

Being Psychic

Knowing what presents are under the wrapping……..knowing the names of pets before I am told…..literally feeling what someone is thinking…….sometimes answering them out loud to a question they thought in their head….yep, the psychic witch.  And to think…….I was told so often that it was all just coincidences that I started to believe others that they were right and I just had all these coincidences and synchroneities until it became OBVIOUS that this was not the case.  Turns out that energy can be read, past, present and future.  Yep….that means that it may have already happened…….wow, perhaps this is another blog post topic!

Seeing Spirit People

Hearing full blown conversations at night as I try to go to sleep, seeing people talking in old clothes, people that are not here anymore.  I saw a lot of spirit in my teens and twenties but hardly ever anymore.  I guess they don’t need to convince me, right?  I believe now.  Do you see, hear or feel spirit?  There is nothing like your own experience to back up your faith in the afterlife, nothing at all.

Predicting Future Events

Dreams and visions also came in strong during my twenties, world events like 9/11 and natural disasters……again I don’t see that type of thing as much these days but when I did, there was no denying that reading future energy is entirely possible.  Witches generally have different gifts, the gift of vision, healing, alchemy, elements, manifestation…….what’s your gift?

The allure of the tarot

I was fascinated by the tarot the moment I walked into a little spiritual shop in Broadstairs, picked up my first Ryder-waite Deck and didn’t stop shuffling, that was twenty years ago.  The only thing in my life that I’ve never grown dissatisfied with in terms of continued learning.  I was obsessed with divination growing up.  Now, I use the cards like a partner, they talk to me and guide me literally every day of my life……it was a dedicated practice that I’m so pleased I stuck with.

The Natural Healer

Are you a healing witch?  I noticed my healing ability in my twenties, when friends used to lay down and put there head on my lap and I would lay hands over their face.  Funny thing was, I didn’t even know what Reiki was back then.  Now I use healing on myself and others, and its rather wonderful!

The Wheel Of The Year

I’ve always had a connection to the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water) and the animals.  Most Kitchen Witches love to grow their own herbs or go foraging for different natural items like shells, sticks or herbs and flowers (I know a couple of Kitchen witches that are great friends, who are so green figured its unbelievable!).  The Pagan Wheel of The Year has always fascinated me, honoring the seasons, the moon and the sun…… called to me more than any other religion ever has.

Seeing the Patterns

As a witch, especially a psychic witch, you see patterns and symbols in everything.  You understand that nothing just happens, that each energy strand is connected and happens because of cause and effect…..or life patterns intertwining and connecting with other life patterns (people and places) that are meant to be…….you have to have self-awareness to notice all of this, no drama, no conflict, just a quiet state of seeing, understanding and believing.

The best thing about being a witch is that you learn to love yourself, self-care is paramount, loving the Earth, nature and all those around you is the most important thing to you.  Being a witch isn’t about casting black magic spells to put a hex on people who have done you wrong (sidenote; I only ever hex the people who speed on the school crossing road!), it’s about aligning oneself with the elements, the Earth and the energies within and outside of it….and all that is.

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Once, when I was working for the NHS, I was sitting in the office, staring at the computer, probably trying to fix a spreadsheet or some other mental task, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I found myself sitting in my grandparent’s house.  The memories attached to this house came flooding in, the feel of the rough carpet under my feet, the familiar smell of the living room, the stone fireplace in front of me and most strongly, the taste of the sugar at the bottom of the china mug.  This taste was very, very distinctive.  Whenever I had tea at my nan’s house (I was drinking tea with two sugars from about the age of seven!) it would leave this sweet, almost porcelain taste in my mouth that I only ever got from my nans cups and my nans tea……..the strange thing was that I could taste it so strongly and the memory of it took me right back to 1987 however, it was actually around 2010 and I was at work as a grown adult and more astonishingly is that there was absolutely nothing in my mouth to trigger the taste which then triggered the memories.  It was just my nan, dropping in to say hello whilst I was at work, she was using the power of Clairgustance.  I never thought I would ever taste that again (and sadly I have never since) however it was so powerful that I wanted to cry right there in the office.  Luckily, I didn’t.

Clairgustance literal translation is “clear tasting”.  It is one of the many “clairs” that allows spirit to communicate through mediums and very sensitive people.  Unlike Clairvoyance (clear seeing) or Clairaudiance (clear hearing) it isn’t one of the most popular clairs, but when it happens, it is so exciting.

It is interesting because recently I’ve been working on a psychic development course and describing in detail the Clairs and how they work.  The day after that I delved into Clairgustance and then remembered that wonderful yet emotional time in my office, it happened again when I was doing a tarot reading for someone.

I could see that my client would be travelling next year and before I could get the next words out of my mouth, I was sitting in  our friend’s rented apartment in Portugal in 1989, eating a Portuguese biscuit and dipping into a cup of tea (notice a theme here?).  What I probably cannot convey in words to you is how this “taste” triggered so many feelings, memories and emotions.  I was in that space and time, dipping in that biscuit with its foreign yet inviting taste, aged nine years old, my Walk-Man next to me with my Jason Donovan tape inserted, wearing a swimming costume with a towel around my waist.  I knew the message was for my client (to tell her she would be staying in a friend’s apartment in Portugal – which she confirmed, she does have a friend that has an apartment there, she is not sure if she will be going, but I could see it clearly).  So, my guide used calirgustance to help me interpret my message more accurately and clearly to my client.

But what excited me even more than this, was what I realized spirit can do with space and time.  They can take you back, right back, to a place where your memories come from, and connect you right back to the people you love, even though they are no longer here.  So, have you heard of the life review that apparently, we each get after we die?  I’ve read many accounts of Near Death Experiences when the person has their life review and they are taken back to key events from their life’s journey and they feel everything again, I now know this is possible.  It means that time is fluid and that the past can be activated from a thought, that you can go backwards, forwards and access all the stuff in-between.  Most importantly it means the people you love, they didn’t go anywhere, they still exist, even though you can’t see them at the moment.

Never lose hope that all is lost when someone dies.  They are there, I can only promise you this based on my own experiences but allow yourself to believe in this, because the more you begin to trust, have faith and just “know” is the moment a peace will descend on you like nothing else ever has, or nothing else ever will.

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The Spiritual War

Now, this may be one of my most controversial blog posts yet.  Why?  Because it’s a highly emotive subject, especially amongst the “spiritual” community.  So I have to be careful how I word stuff, but to be perfectly frank, I’m having to be careful how I word stuff all the time now as it seems there is always someone waiting in the wings ready to pounce and try to unravel every single point you are trying to make.  As soon as you make an opposing statement to someone, you are then labelled a name (more about that later, but it’s so easy to just throw a name at someone isn’t it?  Like argument over, I’ve labelled you, enough said). 

What am I talking about and why is this blog post called a spiritual war?  This term “spiritual war” has been floating around now since Covid started.  Let me explain how things look from my perspective.

Covid struck in the UK properly in February 2020.  Like war time England, it was time to hanker down and join together for the common good, lockdown was forced upon us, no matter what your beliefs were about the pandemic, it was time really for communities to join together and remember that we are all human and doing this for the common good.  Me, as someone who not only has a full time living in the spiritual industry and who deems my spirituality as part of my entire identity, was expecting to see acts of kindness, unity, solidarity and strength within all sectors of people, and boy did I see this, it was truly remarkable how people came together for the common good.

I also began to notice, however, that another type of energy was beginning to penetrate, an army of (mostly many well-honed, experienced and professional people working within the spiritual field) people who decided that we are all now in a spiritual war and you either join their side or you are in fact, part of the actual problem.  They began to swim in a very dark and depressing narrative, about lies, manipulation, deceit and that basically, law and order, a civilized and organized world is actually part of the matrix of lies and that those that do not believe, those that have an opposing view, are labelled as asleep (not awake) or sheeple.

Some well-respected Healers (which are normally one of the most peaceful vibrations you will ever meet!) were getting on their soap box, during a gathered meeting which should have been about healing, positivity and raising the vibrations of others but then systematically making the entire group feel like crap because they ranted and raved for two hours about the theories of gloom and absolute doom which is 2020 and the future of mankind as we know it, every Reiki principal value, practice and discipline being thrown out the window like it had been erased from their being entirely.

Well known psychic mediums, pushing so much force on telling everyone that we are being controlled and manipulated and if anyone posted an opposing view on their facebook meme they shared, would be cut down with what can only be described as an aggressive bulldog type behavior, or even worse, personally ridiculing the opposing view, which is so far removed from spirituality, in fact you would go so far to say that is the exact same stance that they are warning us about.  Everything they are telling us is happening to us, about being brainwashed and controlled, is what collectively these people are involved with.  It’s like a mirror looking at a mirror.

There were also some massive egos at play when it came to this pandemic in the spiritual field.  Some of the worst ones are those that have been publicly slamming other people within their industry, saying things like “I was told about the pandemic, I saw this 5 years ago, why was you not?  You are not true or authentic!! You are not a true spiritual worker, I am!!”.  Wow. 

I will always trust in spirit and my guides information to me and what gets delivered, not only to me personally but to my clients.  I have been seeing visions since I was a young girl.  My predication’s have been so bang on, to the date of a person actually dying, that is has shocked myself and others.  But this isn’t about me trying to tell you what a great psychic I am.  It’s for me to explain that, if spirit wanted me to see a national pandemic (and I’m not the only one, I know some amazing readers who were not informed) well if they didn’t want us in particular to see what was coming in, then so be it.  It does not mean I am a shit psychic.  It does not mean that the person who did see it, is shit hot. 

On the subject of seeing and delivering information.  In this industry, we have to be very careful with our words, and I mean very very careful as the power they hold can be life changing or even life destroying.  As a psychic medium, we have to have a bed-side manner like no other profession, I’m talking on par with medical consultants or funeral directors or police officers.  I’m not comparing the job to theirs but in terms of our words and how it makes people feel is crucial.

I have met psychic mediums who pride themselves on being raw and “saying it like it is”, leaving the ethic book at the door and feeling like because they are a channel, that it is there right to deliver a message and that is it.  This makes me shudder to the bone.  I have been accused by another psychic of not “saying it how it is” to people.  This was such an ignorant assumption.  I say it exactly how my guide wants to me say it, depending on what the topic is, who I’m reading for and what they can and cannot handle at that time.  As a working medium, I do not have one button which means that I am constantly on “go”.  I have many buttons, like “handle with care” or “tread carefully” or “she can handle that” or “tell her exactly how it is no airs and graces” or “only tell her so much and leave the rest there”….you get the picture.  I am constantly tuning in with them and feeling what is acceptable, right and appropriate at that moment in time. 

So, what does the above paragraph got to do with the spiritual war?  I guess I’m tying it all in together because I have unfortunately seen so much ugliness from other people in this field with the irony that they honestly believe that they are doing forces of good, when at the same time sinking so low into the depths of negativity, depressing words, darker forces that its sticking out like a massive sore thumb.

I know I don’t usually rant in blogs but that’s what todays one was.  For the record I wanted to put some last points across, and this is for all those people who sit in the middle too, of this so called “spiritual war”;

  • My silence on a subject does not mean I agree or disagree with you.

  • Just because I don’t constantly air my views does not mean that I do not have a voice and I am not afraid of using it.

  • You may be surprised to learn that I can be confrontational and that may shock you, as on meeting me most think that I am soft, calm and dare I say it “a people pleaser”.  The difference is I know when and if I need to turn it on.

  • If I do not believe in conspiracy theories, that does not make me a shit psychic or someone who is unenlightened.  If you feel so strongly this is the case, may I suggest you go back to your rule of spiritual studies book 101, which will tell you that a spiritual path is one that is bound by no rules, discipline or dogma, you go with your gut and intuition as your guide and take your practice from there.

So, the ethos of this post is, don’t forget your true values of why you believe in something and what does and doesn’t feel right to you, go with your own intuition, research, fact find and do your own thinking and mostly, do not believe everything that is shared on a facebook post!  Oh and lastly, if you air your views and do not “listen and acknowledge” that of the opposing view, that makes you an extremist in the best sense of the word.

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Magik is Real

I want to talk to you about the power of spells.  I will forgive you for thinking that magic, spell work, charms & potions are a made up thing (I did – for years), coming to life through the power of JK Rowling’s fabulous imagination…and years of mystical stories of legend & folklore, myths and fables…what’s so interesting is that this mythology has never died out.  I believe there is a reason for this, it hasn’t died out because…magic is real.  As most of my readers know, I’ve been dabbling with the forces unseen now most of my adult life and energy work is basically what I do.  But do you know, it wasn’t until this summer that the absolute realisation dawned on me that magic is REAL actually, finally hit me??

I mean, I’ve always been interested in paganism, Wicca, witchcraft and spells etc however, I won’t lie I just thought it was a bit of ritualistic fun.  But on deeper contemplation it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, I see magic every day in my energy work, and I’m naive enough to not believe in the power of intention?  I TEACH law of attraction for goodness sake, that is magic in itself.  And it can be very, very powerful.  Let me give you a little example, for seemingly I’ve been casting spells my whole life and not even realising it.

Fifteen years ago, I was working in the heart of the square mile in London City for a huge corporate insurance company.  I was at the start of my career working within Procurement and I had a wonderful colleague, who was also a good friend.  We shared some common ground; we were both being bullied by our direct manager.  I’m not saying this lightly, she bullied us.  She would hold work back until half an hour before the end of the day on a Friday to stop and delay our evening plans, she blocked my annual bonus for not returning a 55p lever arch file as she requested (I’m not making this up), she was manipulative, cunning and toxic.

My friend and I were at our wits end.  We could, obviously, get a different job.  But we didn’t want to do that and quite frankly, why should we?

One day, my colleague had an idea, after she researched a way to “banish” someone.  She told us to write down our intention on a slip of paper (basically to kindly remove this horrid woman) and then drop the paper into the River Thames.  There were three things here that I was not aware of when we did this “spell”;

  1.  when two people do a spell together it makes the spell twice as potent.

  2. Water is one of the main elements for spell work, strongly connected to emotions.

  3. When all you do is think about what you want (the boss gone) the Universe begins to ping back a signal to your vibration.

We wrote our intention, said a few words and threw the papers into the river, watching them Bob away into the current.  I can’t tell you how much energy we both put into that intention. It was pure focus, prayer and wish.

Fast forward three weeks later; my friend and I sit in utter astonishment as we watch our manager collect her plant pot, photo frames & personalised diary from her desk.  Not only was she going, she didn’t quit, she was made to leave, out of the blue, management suddenly made her position redundant, it wasn’t as if there were rounds of jobs being cut, this came out of the blue, with management saying she wasn’t the right fit.  It turns out she was not well liked in the business and was not delivering (she was also heavily involved in the church and doing this work in her office hours, as well as chasing tenants for money as she managed a property development portfolio).  

So – you are probably thinking that her cards were marked anyway, and it was just a massive coincidence that we cast our spell three weeks before.  But I don’t believe it was.  This woman had been in the business a long time, she would have been costly to lose, they didn’t even give her a warning, they just made the decision to get rid of her.  And not only that, they didn’t even replace her, both me and my friend got a promotion out of it!!  Our power of intention to remove this woman was so powerful that we may have influenced the decision making when it came to management dealing with her.  This example always stands out to me.

I have other examples where my intention has moved things around, or connected me with someone/thing, or opened a door, or even closed one.  So, if this is the case when I do it casually, what would happen if I really put some power behind it with ritual and words?

Now I must stress, I do not cast spells to harm others.  Mine is a white light witchcraft, because not only does the energy you put out come back to you three times as powerful, I would never lower myself to that type of vibration.

So, to sum up this blog post, is magic real?  Yes, it is, because everything is energy and energy can be changed, moved and spread.  So why not use it for good?  Good health, abundance, peace & happiness??  After all, witchcraft is about returning to nature, using the earth for medicine and helping others.

Why not try some for yourself?

Until next time,