Be a sceptic, not a cynic!

What is the difference between a sceptic and a cynic?  Here is my definition;

A sceptic is a person who has an open mind and wishes to seek out evidential research to support ideas, opinions and facts.  In my mind, we should all be sceptics with everything, be open minded, explore, research and investigate.

A cynic is a closed minded individual who has a strong belief system and opinion on a subject, without doing any research, investigation or experiment on the contrary.  In my opinion, a cynic is ignorant.

One of the hardest things I have had to stomach about coming “out” as a psychic medium is the occasional (and sometimes constant) back lash from the non-believer.  It’s awful, archaic and sometimes makes me question everything, not my ability or the fact that life continues after death, I think what hurts me the most is that some people whole heartedly believe that anyone associated to this industry is a con artist.

Sometimes it has made me want to retreat inside myself, sometimes it has made me ask myself why I continue on this journey, if it can trigger such a hateful reaction in other people, but then I have to remember that this is a very small minority, that the number of people that are helped, comforted and informed by this line of work, does and has to outweigh the shadow of fear and darkness that appears to fall on the people that go out of their way to make it known to mediums that they believe them to be lying, fraudulent, and scam artists.

The fact of the matter is, in every single industry there are liars, frauds and scam artists.  But because of what we are dealing with in my industry, it’s an easy target for some hefty criticism.  Unfortunately, there are fraudulent people in this line of work.  But there are also people that have had their own psychic experiences, or near death experiences, or shared death experiences, there are palliative care nurses that have witnessed countless death bed communications, or near death communications, there are people that have seen ghosts, predicted events, heard voices, had astral and out of body experiences whilst asleep….the list goes on, the evidence is vast.

The people that are throwing insults usually are ignorant when it comes to the study of the paranormal.  They haven’t researched, experimented, or probably have not had their own experiences to draw contemplation on.  They would argue that because they don’t’ have these experiences it means that it is all nonsense.  There is a reason they do not have these experiences.  Their logical minds will not accept anything outside of material matter, they are completely closed off from anything outside of their physical five senses.  Let’s put it this way, if a spirit that has passed on is trying to communicate with this type of person, they might as well give up, because nothing is penetrating their force field, it’s like a thick wall of aura that is letting nothing and I mean nothing in.

I promise you that behind every single one of these people, there is a big element of fear that drives their thought process.  Some may be heavily caught up in the material world, finding their happiness outside of themselves and never taking inner contemplation to ask the bigger questions.  Others might be under strict religious dogma and have been brainwashed, conditioned to not think or be guided by themselves.

I have even had a woman enter my home and told me to stop dealing with the devil.  This woman has had her own mediumistic experiences and prophecies and once had an infinity with angels and crystals.  Unfortunately, she also suffers from very low self-esteem, confidence issues and anxiety.  She found religion and the fear started to creep into her, felt it upon herself to knock on my door and try to scare me into submission and join her religion.  She was not spreading love, inspiration or guidance.  She was spreading fear, segregation and dogma.  I have no issues with religion at all, but what I found interesting is that (inadvertently) I was made to feel terrible.  She wasn’t trying to be hateful, but she felt she had to save me from an awful fate.  She was so scared that if she didn’t follow the rules of her religion that she would go to hell, and me too if I didn’t follow it as well.

Heaven and Hell?  No.  Low and high vibrational frequencies, residing in a place where there are other spirits just like you when you pass on?  Yes.  There can be a segregation in the afterlife, but it depends on YOU.  Not what others think of you.  It’s no other human beings’ job to judge anyone else.  You judge yourself, that’s what spirituality is.  It’s about inner work, healing and contemplation. Of course you must treat others kindly and with love and respect, if you are happy, fulfilled and at peace in the inside, that outside stuff will come naturally to you.

I don’t need to follow a group of people or teachings to know who I am or where I came from.  I knew that from a child that I was a kid from the Universe and that all around us, there are things going on, things that our human eye is not able to see, our human ears are not able to hear, but does that mean they are not there?  I appreciate that we are not all born mediums, and that if you are, you get an advantage when it comes to all this stuff.  But still, even if you are not born a sensitive, does not give you an excuse to be hateful, does it?

Another question that comes up often is, if you have this gift, why do you charge money for it?  The answer to that would be, because money is our human currency and we can’t buy food on good wishes and a hug.  That sounds awful doesn’t it?  But it is true.  To give time, full time, as a job, you must charge, we must exchange energy for something back, otherwise there is no natural balance and equilibrium, temperance is vital for a healthy and happy earth life.  I would pay a doctor, an artist, a therapist, I would pay anyone who has given their time to me.  A medium is a skill and a job, it’s a job of communication, like a translator.

To become a professional medium, takes years of dedication and training.  This in itself is costly in terms of man hours and money.  It’s all well and good getting visions, hearing voices and feeling stuff but you need to learn how to speak the language of spirit, otherwise communication breaks down.  I do not charge for mediumship currently, because even after 5 years of formal development, a life time of experiencing spirit people and signs, and most importantly, some mind blowing evidence from spirit, I still refuse to charge people until I am 100% confident that every single person that walks through my door believes without a doubt that their loved one was with them during their sitting.

So, I will not let the haters and fear mongers stop me on this journey.  I will continue to treat people with the love and respect that I would like to hope they can find it in their hearts to treat me with.  I will not be negative, spread fear, dogma or have extremist views.

Being spiritual is about accepting us all as humans, believing in finding happiness from within, and allowing the source of all that is, the Universal love of all that is, to run through us, each and every one of us, no matter what race, colour, religion or creed.

Until next time,


Spiritual Closet


I remember sitting at a family BBQ some few years back, when one of my sister’s family members, a lovely gentleman who turns 80 this year, pulled me aside by my elbow and whispered in my ear.  Previously, I had been telling him and some others about the unexplainable, paranormal experiences I have had in my life.

“I see people when I am in my bed……people that shouldn’t be there” he whispered, trying not to let anyone hear him.  Ah.  He is in the closet, and he needs to chat to someone about this.  “Tell me more” I say, then I can’t believe my ears.

Not only does he see light orbs, but he see’s people in human, physical form, some dressed in Victorian clothing, some look at him, others just keep walking past……they just pop up every now and again but are completely real to him.  Does he have any idea what a gift he has?  Physically “seeing” spirit outside of your mind is rare, but entirely possible.  He has lived his entire life and not told anyone about this.  I’m astonished.

This isn’t unusual.  I have met so many people that have had a story to tell about seeing, hearing, or just knowing something that they can’t explain, but they worry about what others will think, so they keep it to themselves.

My nan died before my grandad.  A few weeks after her death, my grandad said to me “Tanya, I saw Rose, in the kitchen.  She was sitting at her stool, smoking a cigarette. She looked right at me and then disappeared”.  He told me because he knew I got it, I understood, and most importantly, I believed.

My mum saw a man at the end of her bed when she was very small.  She told her mum, and described everything he was wearing, his jacket, shoes, cap, everything.  My nan was shocked, my mum had just described the grandad she had never met or seen a photograph of.

About 3 weeks after my own grandad died, I awoke one night to feel someone touching my arm.  I couldn’t see grandad with my eyes, but I felt a touching sensation on my arm.  I knew it was him, I could feel his spirit.  He must have spent at least 20 minutes with me that night, comforting me, letting me know he was there. The next morning, I received a text from my sister, who isn’t a medium but on occasion has psychic things happen.

“Tanya, last night I got woken up, something was stroking my arm, I think it was grandad.  He was doing it for ages”.  Yep, these are moments that I just love, more validation from the afterlife.

I would love to hear about your experiences, do you have any?  Feel free to email me at or message my facebook page, don’t stay in the spiritual closet, come out with the rest of us and talk about your experiences, nothing is dismissed or taboo!!

Until next time


Les Sent His Gift!

Wow!  Just wow……I love it when magic happens…..but it’s not magic, it’s just communication.  It’s just someone saying, “I’m going to get you a gift soon” and then they go get it, because that person isn’t really as dead as we think.  Who and what am I rambling on about?  I’m talking about Les, my good friend’s dad who died over twenty years ago.  If you are a regular follower of my blogs, you would have read this recent blog, posted on my website, three weeks ago: Conversations with Les: Part One.

During the mediumship sitting with my friend, her wonderful dad Les came through, telling us all about his most recent experiences in the afterlife and also some amazing evidence to prove that it was him talking, of course stuff I would not know about, only my friend could verify it.

One thing that he said that really stood out, was that he is going to send a gift to his daughter, my friend, very soon.  She also said she “felt” like something big was coming.  Do you remember I said that my friend appears to manifest like a boss, she wins things all the time, it’s a mix of being on a really high vibration, but not only that, her dad Les, who currently resides in the Astral Realm (afterlife) is a very efficient gift giver.

Check out the last paragraph of my blog from Conversations With Les:

“Just before it was time for Les to go, I asked for a message for my friend.  Les showed me a vision from Royalty, someone sitting at a throne with an orb and red velvet cloth.  I described this to my friend, and I asked her if it meant anything to her?  She was so excited, “Yes!  Just before I got here, I just entered a competition to visit Hampton Court Palace and for an overnight stay with a friend, I’m trying to win it for me and you to go!”, “Well, he is saying you will win something this year, hopefully that’s it!”.  Les is very good at giving gifts to my friend.  Since he passed, she has won two holidays, countless days out and other material things, I’m absolutely certain these are gifts from father to daughter”.


Well, as it turns out, Les was right and so was my friends gut instinct.  She didn’t win the ticket to go to Hampton Court Palace.  Instead, he sent her something even bigger.  In fact, he sent her something that not only she could enjoy (she has had a tough personal few years) but also that her mum, his beloved wife, could also enjoy.  My friend entered a competition with Classic FM, coincidentally, the radio station that her mum loves.  The competition was to win 2 tickets for an all-expenses paid, fully inclusive health and wellness holiday in Saint Lucia…..and she won it yesterday!  Now my friend can spend some much-needed relaxation time with her mum, the two women he loved most in the world! When she messaged to tell me this, thrilled was not the word, I was so happy for her!!

My friend and I knew that Les would deliver his promise, but even I was amazed at the speed of this manifestation!

Which begs an interesting question, do we manifest everything, or is it all simply “pennies from heaven?”.  I feel that it’s a bit of both.  Our spirit family, spirit guides and angels can send us what we want and need (or the Universe, use the term that suits your belief system), but we just have to take the opportunity to receive it.  By entering the competition, my friend gave herself the chance to win, and Les pulled a few strings his end to make it all work out.  He told us and he didn’t’ let us down!

I can’t wait for some more conversations with Les and I wish my friend and her mum the best time in Saint Lucia!!

Until next time,

Tanya Short


I do believe that to a degree, the majority of us are conditioned to believe that life is all about acquiring things.  Things that are nice to have, not necessarily “things I need to survive on this Earth journey as a human being”.

We can’t help being conditioned this way, after all, most of us see parents going to work, to pay for things, to allow us to survive.  We also have pressure, consciously and subconsciously from companies trying to convince us that we need to buy stuff from them, because they need to get paid right, to live too?  So, we are all caught up in this big old viscous cycle of materialism.

It happened to me too, after seeing my parents set a very strong work ethic to get off your bum, get a job, work hard and have nice things in your life, I wanted to do the same.  I landed a well-paid job straight out of college and continued along that theme, the same as my boyfriend now husband, the pair of us, heads down, working hard, working hard on our goals and aspirations.  This is in no way a bad thing, in fact, I would say it is pretty healthy to have this type of attitude.  We live in a harsh world at times and I believe the combination of a little bit of luck and mostly hard work, you can make the edges of it so much softer and not quite as sharp as they can be.  But when does materialism get too much?  What do I mean by that?  I used to think that the house you lived in, the car you drove, the job you had, was a mark of your success.  I shudder when I think back to this thought process.  I had no idea about the bigger picture, about how meaningless “stuff” actually has a carbon foot print that outweighs its necessity by a figure I can’t even contemplate and how the things you buy do not and will not make you happy.  I guess this realization happened when I started working as a medium and that old saying of “you know you can’t take it with you” has never rung so true.  Because you can’t take it with you, so if you are hell bent on trying to have the biggest house, the best car, if you accumulate things without the slightest twinge of guilt about its impact on Earth, you are going to have the biggest shock when death comes knocking because without all that stuff you going to be more naked than you could ever imagine possible.

If we were to remove all the stuff, what would we end up with?  If we had to measure our success on our happiness, how we make people feel, what we do for others, how selfless we actually are, how rich are we exactly?

In my lifetime I have seen some people that are so driven by not only beating Mr Jones, they are actually a new breed of Mr Jones.  An absolute drive to have material wealth to prove to others that they made it, congratulate yourself on your Earth journey because all this prosperity can only mean one thing: you are a wonderful human being.

It is little wonder that so many famous and rich folk end up pretty depressed, when they realise that actually, all that stuff they were searching for, meant nothing when their friendships are empty, when everything around them is fake, in fact, the whole foundation they thought was solid is actually pretty pointless if they are poor from their soul.

Having a materialistic and rich life means nothing if you have no moral fiber. How about being materially rich and then sharing your wealth with the human beings that really need it, now there’s a thought!

See I think its ok to be rich when it comes to money wealth and I find it a real source of inspiration when I see people (especially women!) that make it with their career or business and earn from that, I think it’s wonderful and empowering.  But what I don’t like is people that are the true materialists and are greedy.  The type of person that would spend £4000 on a champagne bill and walk past the homeless person sitting outside the bar.

This is what I think about wealth:

It’s totally ok to want a comfortable life and I believe every human being is entitled to abundance.  It’s ok to work for that and strive for better.  Money gives you power and freedom.  If you are in a position to have choice without if affecting your basic survival and wellbeing, then I feel that as human beings, we have a responsibility to help others, to help the planet, to see the good that can be achieved from our own success.

I’ve changed my mind about things now.  I used to think a huge house would be amazing, but now I see that a good view and cosy place is just as perfect.  A smaller space, a better connect to those that I love.  That is where the richness lies.

Also, put money into experience and not things, I love this!  Going places, meeting people, making memories, exploring new feelings because different places holds different energies and that shapes your character, that’s where it’s at!  Paying people for services and not things, even better!

Wealth doesn’t impress me, however your journey does.  What you do, the choices you make, how you go about getting what you want with integrity and honesty and then treating others the same way, that impresses me.  What hurts me the most is seeing people that will stop at no cost for their own benefit when it comes to their money greed.

I’m glad I feel differently about things now and I’m not hard on myself about that because I just grew up and saw the world differently.  We are all guilty of being attached to this material world and at our cost now…… the climate crises deepens, we all have a responsibility to stop accumulating and perhaps start using what we have to turn this situation around, not only for the planet but for our fellow humans.  So maybe, if you do have more money than the Jones and you feel guilty about that, perhaps giving to charity, or helping out because you have the time, might lesson that guilt and also might make you feel amazing in the process, after all, you can’t take it with you.

Until next time,



I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)

The Half-Brother

“Do something that scares you, every week if you can” I tell people on my courses.  Yeah, easier said than done!  I made a pledge this year, that I would tackle my confidence issues with mediumship and just go for it whole heartedly.  This means, that as well as joining a circle again, that I have to have sitters to read for, and lots of them.  So, at the end of last year, I put a post on my business Facebook page to ask for any willing volunteers to sit for me, if they are happy with their reading they can pay me for my time, if they are not, they don’t have too.  This does take the pressure off me (somewhat!).

I booked in a lovely client for a practice session, I don’t know anything about her personally in regard to passed relatives, so she was absolutely perfect.

I had a thorough talking to myself before she arrived.  Something along the lines of:

  • Stop being such an idiot and worrying about failing, it’s not about me, it’s about the client and her loved ones!

  • Grow some balls, be confident and enjoy the process.

  • The more I do, the better my communication abilities will become, therefore giving me the ability to help others, after all, that’s what this is about.

Before my client came, I made sure I wore my special necklace, a blue heart (the blue for my guide Blue and the heart for my nan, who both help me during my readings), I have no idea if wearing this enhances anything, but I do find holding it helps me to connect to spirit.

I sat and I meditated before she rang the doorbell, I do feel this is key before a session (something I started to do…!).  I also had a conversation with my spirit team and asked for clear messages, visually and also to feel things from spirit.  I then asked for a link to get started with and clearly saw an old woman, grandmother, very small, in a coat that looked massive on her, I knew that she hated the cold and really felt it.  With her, was a younger boy, aged around 18.  I will go with these, I thought, with my fingers crossed!

My client could take her grandmother straight away so we went with that, I gave more evidence and then connected with her daughter, my clients auntie.  After telling me some things that I relayed to my client, her auntie clearly showed me a birthday cake, with one candle on it.

“Is there a 1st birthday coming up or is a younger generation turning one?” I asked, as I just said what I saw.

“There is a birthday, it’s her son’s birthday today, he is 50!” said my client, and we both laughed.  I took the candle to be a signal for a first birthday, but all it was, was a birthday cake and a candle, perfect timing for her son!

When I got my clients late dad through, I knew that he had problems in his 20s. Try as I might, I could not get what had happened, but I knew that it changed him greatly.  He kept showing me a buoy, bobbin up and down in the ocean.  When I am shown any water, I interpret it as emotions.  But I couldn’t figure out what the buoy meant!  In the end, I had to give up and my client told me that her dad lost a child, a little boy, at 3 weeks old, then lost his dad very soon after.  I could see how this would change a person and how awful that would have been for him.  I also realised, some hours after the reading, that the “Buoy” sounds the same as “boy”, that’s all he wanted me to say, and I read it wrong!  (Doing mediumship is like playing catchphrase!).

After I gave all of my evidence from other friends and family members for my client (and generally feeling like this reading had gone really well), I asked her if she wanted one last link and then I suddenly remembered the young guy that was around her grandmother during my meditation before she arrived.

“I can’t take him, sorry!” she said, after I described him to her.

“Ok, let me see if I can get any more on him………….does the name Scott mean anything to you?” I asked, as the name Scott was clearly in my mind’s eye.

“Oh my goodness, that was the name of my dad’s first born who died, my half-brother!” she said, astonished.

We both couldn’t believe it.  The boy around her is her half-brother, now currently residing with his entire family in the spirit world.

Not only does this mean that we grow up in spirit, it also means that we can go and stop at any age we like, as he presented to me as a young lad, around 18, he would in fact probably be in his 50s if he was still on Earth.  I felt his personality and was able to tell my client some things about the half-brother she never got to meet.

I was so pleased with this reading and will certainly be using my meditation techniques before the next ones, and wear my necklace!

Until next time,



Who am I?  I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)

Beating The Winter Cold

Over the years, after becoming increasingly more health and body conscious, I now know the signs that a cold virus (or something similar) is on its way.  My normal indicator is that the glands under my collar bone start to ache and twinge.  This is absolutely fool proof for me, they will ache and then around 2 days later, symptoms set it.  Well, I should say, symptoms used to set it, before I took premediated action to use that pain as a warning sign and then do something about it in the 2-day window my body has given me.  Over the past couple of years, this has worked, and if it does turn into a full-blown cold (let’s face it, no one is completely bullet proof from these viruses) then it has been reduced significantly.  Below I will tell you my cold survival methods, they may work for you, I know we are all different, but you never know, they could be worth a try too!


Whatever happens, as soon as I am feeling a cold virus coming on, I don’t drink any alcohol (except for my hot toddy – more about that below).  So, if there is a night out planned, I either un-plan it or drink water.  Alcohol in large quantities is so damaging for your immune system to work and fight effectively.  I’m pretty sure that’s why so many people go down hard in January, not only is it because the virus is more widespread, but most people have been drinking more than usual over the Christmas period and stripped their immunity to its core, making it harder to fight the virus once it enters into their system.  The only thing I do drink (that has alcohol), is my hot toddy, (I will have one before bed), which consists of:

  • Hot Ginger Ale

  • One whole lemon

  • Honey

  • Irish Whiskey

  • Ground Cinnamon & Turmeric

This seems to be very medicinal for me and helps me a lot, my husband is the king at making this and its perfect.  That little bit of alcohol wont’ strip the immune system, but will be enough to work in harmony with the other ingredients to help stave off the virus getting worse.

Drinking more fluid, like water, is also critical for me.  Keep flushing out toxins, hydrating the body (especially if there is mucus build up) and just fuel yourself with vital water to keep your body running properly so it can get on with the job, letting your glands produce the white blood cells to kick the colds arse.

My magical morning drink: now this drink is a drink that I have first thing in the morning, with or without a cold.  But when I have the onset of symptoms, I up my dosage to around 3 drinks a day.  This is what it is:

Hot water

1 teaspoon of ground turmeric

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon of honey

1 whole lemon, squeezed with pips removed

Use a spoon and leave in your mug to continually stir the drink to ensure you get the powder on the bottom of the mug.

Turmeric and cinnamon work in harmony together because of the anti-inflammatory properties they offer.  The honey and the lemon are both natural antibacterial agents and act like a natural antibiotic.  This drink is incredibly soothing and its my miracle cure, hence why I take it daily and then up it when the going gets tough.



A few years back, I would have headed straight to the junk cupboard for comfort food when I started to feel unwell.  Well not any more my friend!  Here are some staples that I use to attack the virus in its tracks:

Homemade Chicken Soup

I have been perfecting my homemade chicken soup recipe for the last few years and now eat it all through autumn and winter.  I knew in the past that it makes you feel good, but I wasn’t sure why.  It turns out that when mixing chicken, carrots, onions and garlic, and heating them in the hot chicken stock, lets off some sort of chemical reaction that can apparently fend off the flu (there is probably a very scientifically, accurate explanation but my description is as good as we get on that front, sorry).  All I know is, it works!  Here is the recipe (apologies in advance if you are not a meat eater):

When making a big batch to freeze (I like to do this once a month):

  • Sauté loads of white, chopped onion, loads of diced carrot and tons of chopped celery

  • Throw in enough garlic to kill a horse, some dried or fresh thyme, salt and pepper.

  • Boil the kettle and dissolve enough chicken stock (the amount varies on how big your pan is).

  • I like to add pancetta into mine, so fry some and stick it in

  • Once the stock is in here, I let it simmer for ages, and then I add some chicken from a large roasted bird (we normally take it from that Sunday’s roast dinner).

  • Once I’ve seasoned again and its all cooked through, I turn off the heat, let it cool, bag it up, pop it in the freezer to be reheated later.980E9543-5608-41C8-9820-8AB9724B73F3


The Papaya normally makes an appearance when I start to go down quickly (well, someone goes and gets me one from Sainsbury’s).  I had no idea that the papaya is one of the most powerful fruits when it comes to fighting a virus.  How I came to know this is an interesting story.  One of my good friends was travelling in Cambodia and unfortunately caught the Dangee virus.  She was so unwell, was admitted to hospital and was facing a blood transfusion if her blood platelets didn’t rise.  So, I spent an hour, here in the UK, doing a distant Reiki healing treatment on her.  During my meditation, my guide clearly showed me the papaya fruit.  Straight after, I googled it and low and behold, the healing properties it offers (particularly for a virus) are astounding.  I told my friend this, who also backed up my claim as she told me a friend who lived locally to her in Cambodia also mentioned this very fruit when dealing with the Dangee virus.  So there you have it, as well as eating loads of fruit when you are coming down with something, aim for this particular one!

Non-processed foods

Even if you don’t feel like cooking, give your body a fighting chance by having a freshly cooked dinner.  Food is so healing, its our life force, and if you are putting crap into your body, your cells won’t have the tools equipped to regenerate and to produce the white blood cells to fight the virus.  So I’m talking veg, pulses, protein, low fats, good carbs, you name it, if it offers you a health benefit, its not too late to put it in your mouth.



So this is key.  KEY I tell you!  Good food and drink mean nothing if you don’t get at least eight hours sleep if not more when you are poorly.  Sleep is by far the best healer for your body.  As soon as you feel the feeling of the cold coming, when possible, eat dinner and go straight to bed.  You will be amazed how you feel the next day.  You may not be completely cured but your symptoms should lesson.  If you need to call in sick, then do.  I know its not always possible, but sometimes you have to listen to the body and by acting in the first instance will starve off later infection like a chest infection or worse.

To add to this paragraph, I stop exercising (running) when I feel my gland telling me that a cold is on its way, because I do not want to stress my immune system anymore.

Prevention is better than cure

What I have noticed over the last few years is that, as I have been so mindful about the food I eat, my lifestyle choices, the fact I put my physical health first, is that my chance of contracting a cold has been significantly reduced and if I do start to get it, it gets warded off quickly or I don’t go down too hard.  I’ve noticed that I get two bad ones a year, and both are a couple of days after the two mind, body and spirit events I run.  On those days, I am very stressed, I sit with many people to read for them (sometimes up to twenty in a day).  I feel like its no coincidence that I get sick after this, stress has such a bad impact on our immune system.

So I guess what I’m saying here is, look after yourself, your immune system is you silent partner that you need to nourish so it can act on your behalf when the going gets tough.  If you look after yourself now, you will reap the benefits later.

Until next time,



Who am I?  I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)

Conversations With Les – Part One

So 2020 is upon us and I am up and ready for a new year….just about!  One of my main goals for this year is to build on my mediumship development.  Yesterday, I had a client for practice, and I wasn’t happy with the outcome, even though the mediumship was ok, I am still and will always be very hard on myself.

It’s unbelievable that I can have two days of practicing that can literally go from one extreme to the other.  Today I sat for one of my friends, who I always feel very relaxed in front of (this helps!).  Her dad, Les, died when my friend was 17 years old, I didn’t know her then, so he is great to practice with.  Whenever I have sat for my friend to read and connected with Les, he has given me fantastic evidence from spirit, and he always describes the other side in detail to me, which gives us good insight into what it is like over there.  Today’s sitting was no different.

As I tuned to him, I saw Les, with stubbly chin, leaning against a moped, arms folded casually, waiting for my friend and I to stop chatting.  When I told my friend this, she got really excited “he was always stubbly and he used to drive a moped!” she said, “Well it looks like he still has one now”, I tell her.

Suddenly, Les is throwing information at me left, right and centre.  He is very easy to connect with as his energy is light, enthusiastic and vibrant.  He is telling me a few things that make sense to Helen, as well as some other bits she wouldn’t know about and will have to validate later with her mum (like one of the mother-in-laws wearing a purple two-piece suit at his wedding).

Les tells me that he has been spending time with a lovely lady, she used to be a teacher when she had her Earth life.   The hairs go up on my friends’ arm, “that’s Bronte!  She was our neighbour and friend, died last year, she used to be a teacher!”, “well, they have been dancing today, she is just putting her tap shoes back in the holder!” I say, as I can see this clearly.

My eyes are normally closed as I connect and talk to Les, I quickly open them for a flash and gasp in surprise.  There, across the street, my elderly neighbor has decided now is a good time to open up the blinds, stand completely naked at the window and say hello to the world!  I am beside myself with laughter, now my friend is looking and she is in hysterics, the old man is even flexing his muscles in front on the mirror!  “I can’t unsee that vision!” I say to my friend, then, “Sorry Les!” as I realise that seeing this vision has thrown me off track completely, but my friend assures me that Les would find this incredibly funny and she wouldn’t be surprised if he drew my attention to it on purpose!

After we compose ourselves, I get back to connecting to Les.  He starts to talk about Australia and the wild fires and the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of animals that have entered into the astral realm (afterlife) since the fires broke out.  He says he sees so many animals and they are tamer than on Earth, for example, if he sees a beautiful lizard just sitting on the wall, he can stroke it no problem.

“Hundreds of thousands of animals have passed over to here, and Derek Acorah!” said Les to me, and I break out into an even bigger laugh, Les clearly had a dry sense of humor (my friend confirms this!).

When Les starts to focus on my friend’s mum (still living), suddenly my little treatment room is filled with the smell of baking cakes.  “What are you cooking downstairs?” says my friend, “Nothing?  Where is that smell coming from, can you go and check?” I ask, even I (with a terrible sense of smell) can smell the baking, however, my friend confirms it’s not coming from outside and the smell is contained in the room.  She said that her dad really loved her mums home baking and we both confirmed that is what the smell was, which disappeared once we acknowledged it.

Just before it was time for Les to go, I asked for a message for my friend.  Les showed me a vision from Royalty, someone sitting at a throne with an orb and red velvet cloth.  I described this to my friend and I asked her if it meant anything to her?  She was so excited, “Yes!  Just before I got here, I just entered a competition to visit Hampton Court Palace and for an overnight stay with a friend, I’m trying to win it for me and you to go!”, “Well, he is saying you will win something this year, hopefully that’s it!”.  Les is very good at giving gifts to my friend.  Since he passed, she has won two holidays, countless days out and other material things, I’m absolutely certain these are gifts from father to daughter.

I felt so engerised after my reading with Les, let’s hope the next readings with others are as strong as that and let’s hope my naked neighbor doesn’t make another appearance!

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Who am I?  I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)

Soul Mate, Twin Flame & Karmic Lover

Well, I bet that title pulled you in………… it is one that always fascinates people (to be honest, mostly women!).  I can’t tell you how many gorgeous, lovely female clients I have had sat in front of me during a tarot reading, where they have two or three men in their lives, not sure which one is their soul mate.  But what does that even mean and are we supposed to settle down with one life partner during our human existence?  Most of us will and do continue to search for and will find “the one”, but some will also attract the same type of partner, even if he or she appears to show up in different bodies!

Apparently, we have 3 different types of partners during an Earth life, which are all listed in the title above.  But what do they mean (and just because they are listed, doesn’t mean you are going to meet them all in this life)?  I’m going to try and explain below, and would like to point out that because there are three, it doesn’t mean that you are in the wrong relationship.  Generally, you will settle down with one of them (if you are lucky enough to find the right one!).  By the way, if you google this, it may come up different to my interpretations, but that’s okay because all of my guidance is via my guides and belief systems:


Soul Mate

This is the ultimate right, the one we are always trying to find?  There will be a reason for that.  Your soul mate is the one that you are always drawn back too in each and every level of existence because they are your anchor, your rock, your match. These are generally the people we end up marrying and staying married too.  If you keep breaking up because you can’t live with / can’t live without a person, they are not your soul mate, they are probably your twin flame (see below). You can work through anything with your soul mate.  They ground you, compliment you, they are the ying to your yang.  You share eons of experience with them, even though you might not realise it.  Yes, like all relationships, you will argue, but this relationship is for keeps, and to a degree, forever, because this person is your person, your mate, and you come together like gin and tonic!  There is deep love here, recognized on a soul level.


Twin Flame

So, surely, if you have found your soul mate above, why would you need a twin flame, are these even the same person?  Erm…no. Your twin flame is someone who is almost the same as you but a different person.  I mean, it blows soul mate out of the water to be fair but that doesn’t mean to say you could have a long-lasting relationship (if any!) with the twin flame. This person, you will recognize across the room, not by looks or personality, but by energy.  It will be unexplainable and has a depth that is more than just sexual chemistry or attraction.  It’s like you are two peas from the same pod but to be in a relationship would be an explosive mess of clashing, light, passion, brooding, frustration and goodness knows what else.  This is the person you can’t live with or you can’t live without.  They reflect your shadow side so acutely that it’s like looking in a mirror at yourself every time you have an argument.  You desperately need to be together on some sort of spiritual level but to do so is dangerous and to a degree….pointless.  So why do we even have or need a twin flame?  We need them because they are one of us, are a part of us, but they can’t offer us what the soul mate can.  The soul mate is not selfish, however the twin flame is.  They will strive to suck us dry and vice versa, because we are in fact trying to suck ourselves dry, to heal ourselves, so we look for healing in each other.  What should you do if you are in a twin flame relationship?  Let them go but not too far, acknowledge that you are better off as friends but also acknowledge the beautiful thing that you two have that no one else does, you are one of the same flame, and that is to be treasured always.


Karmic Lover

The difference between the karmic lover and the twin flame is that the twin flame is a part of you.  The karmic lover is not.  Unless you break the cycle, the karmic lover will keep coming back into your life like a repeat offender.  This relationship is all about the lessons you agreed to take before even being born. To balance out your karma and also theirs, you will need to meet this person, and I’m sorry but it won’t’ be pretty. They will probably hurt you like no one else can.  But, once they do, and you hit rock bottom, you will learn to love yourself to a level you never thought possible before.  And once you start loving yourself like that, you can only do one thing, you can only attract love right back, then in walks your soul mate (whilst your best friend, who you have always had a crush on, cheers behind you but is secretly jealous, because they are your twin flame, you get me?).  The trouble starts when you don’t learn your lesson of the karmic partner, don’t love yourself enough, and go and pick he or she straight back up or attract another just like that one that resonates on the same vibe as your karmic energy is vibrating on.  They will keep coming like a boomerang until you awaken and start to practice some self-love, acceptance and boundaries.  Once you have learnt this lesson it truly is a beautiful thing.  The karmic cycle will be broken and peace will be instilled forever more.

So there you have it!  Do you recognize any of the above people in your life?  I bet you can………..

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Who am I?  I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)

My Great-Nan

I, like most people, never met my nan’s mother.  This wasn’t because she was too old when I was born (well I guess she would have been), but apparently, she left my nan when she was just a girl, to be with another man who she later had another daughter with (the scandals of our rich and interesting history!).  This is all I know about her, I don’t’ even know her name.  My nan never spoke of her, to me or my own mum.  It was hard for my nan to be the one left to bring up the other girls, she became like a mum as a teenager, picking up where her mum left off, never really forgiving her in the process.

So, I did find it interesting last week when, out of nowhere, I had one of my very vivid dreams, where my nan turned up and we had a chat.

“I want to introduce you to someone,” she said.  “Ok”, I replied.

“This is my mother, your great-nan” and as she said it, a very beautiful, and tall woman entered the room, dressed in twenties style with a tartan shawl around her broad shoulders.

I was taken aback by her beauty; she had a real glow about her energy.  There was a cloud of smoke around her as she sucked on a thin cigarette, her hair was immaculate, short, auburn and dark red tones.  She had very beautiful lips and red lip-stick on. I noticed how tall she was compared to my nan, who I towered over when she was alive too.

We sat looking at each other when my nan said “do you want to ask her some questions?  Try doing it with your mind, it will be good mediumship practice for you.  Can you tell me what she is like, her personality?”

So, I took a deep breath and started to feel into my great nan’s energy and knew instantly that she was a vibrant soul, a socialite, someone that liked a party, drink and a handsome man.  She had another side to her too, flighty and somewhat irresponsible, an aspect of her personality she would have had to work on during her human years.  It felt like the relationship between her and my nan was still tense, but better, they were at least on talking terms now.

I woke up soon after that, with this lady on my mind and I immediately messaged my mum, with the above description.  My mum clarified everything I said was true, in terms of how she looked, but we needed a photo to back it up.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting to see one (I was hoping to get it before this blog post was released!).  I will get the photo I am sure; she is still as clear as anything in my mind’s eye, but I must see a photo to validate everything, even though my mum said it is spot on.

So of course, I will keep you updated.  It’s always so interesting when this sort of thing happens, especially in terms of how relationships work when we cross over.  I hate to say it, but we don’t just magically heal broken relationships as easily as you would expect.  Of course, you still have a wider perspective of things, but we do not become harp playing angels, it’s a lot more normal than you may realise, the difference is, you feel so much more acutely compared to here, that counts for all emotions, not just love and happiness.  But you have less responsibility in terms of the practicalities of a human life, more choice and perhaps the ability to see the bigger picture and have an empathy that you may not have possessed during your human journey.  Remember, human life is all about experiencing things in the psychical and material world, when you cross over, it’s all about the mental and emotional side of you that is your focus.

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Who am I?  I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)


Visualising The Dream

I was recently talking to a lovely client during our one to one Law Of Attraction course and we stumbled upon something that both did and actually did not surprise us in equal measure.  How many people do you know of, have had a dream or vision about their future and actually set out and achieved it, before giving up in the process or worse still, not even starting?  We figured that the number of not starting is probably the highest.

There has to be a reason for that.  It also depends on what the person’s idea of a dream is, to me, it isn’t necessarily something of material worth.  It’s about a personal achievement of me actively making something happen that I have thought about often, that has filled me with excitement, passion and most of all, purpose.  Success is not a measurement of how much stuff or money you have, success is a measurement of how happy and content you feel in yourself and your life and if you don’t’ feel that, success is about doing something about it.

Is it ever too late to try and achieve your dream?  Perhaps if you are 87 and really wanted to run the marathon and have never run in your life, perhaps, but for most things, I don’t think it is ever too late to change how you feel and look at your life, to achieve a sense of happiness and fulfilment that perhaps you didn’t before.

I am fortunate in that I have always been very goal orientated (and good at visulising what I want), I am motivated and my will power isn’t’ too bad (depending on what it is for!) so having all these attributes do help me to try and reach for what I want in life, however, it can also have its downside in that the pressure I put on myself is very strong and I can find failure hard to swallow although I must say I now see it as the learning curve in which it is, the most important thing is always getting back on the horse.

If you find there is something in your life that you have thought about but haven’t’ started or haven’t fully achieved yet, I want to give you some small tips on what I do to stay in the flow of productivity with my plans, especially when day to day stuff comes into play, outside influences and even things like hormones that stop you feeling your mojo:

Get Excited

If it doesn’t fill your heart with a burst of enthusiasm, joy and passion, was it ever a dream in the first place?  The feeling of wanting something so much should be your main driver when trying to achieve something.  Feelings add a power to thoughts that can be very strong indeed.  If you have a burning desire to do something, be hell bent on that dream and don’t’ let any negative talk down (from yourself or others) ever get in your way.  You have to be determined!


Build A Vision Board

Create a board that has pictures, images and quotes of what you want to achieve and place it somewhere you can see it each day.  You will be amazed at how this helps you to bring in your vision faster.  When you see something every day, the thing you want, it makes you feel so good and it encourages you to “feel” about it, not only “think” about it.

Do A Little Every Day

To achieve your goal, you must show up every single day, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Showing up means doing something toward your goal that will help create opportunities towards it and showing up also means that you must have the confidence to take the opportunities when they present themselves.  Comfort zone and dream achievement are rival enemies by the way.  Nothing is going to fall into your lap, you must go to it.

Be Kind On Yourself

Yes, there is no denying that being an optimistic and happy person helps you in life but we cannot have this mindset everyday, if fact I would go so far to say that if you do not feel negative emotions from time to time then that isn’t actually healthy. No-one is perfect, we are human and we should be feeling a range of emotions.  It’s how you pull yourself back up that is important but do have compassion on yourself if you have a day or days that you can’t be bothered, just promise that you will show up again once you are feeling better.

Appreciate the Contrast

If you haven’t got what you want yet, don’t focus on the lack of what you don’t have, appreciate what you do have, feel gratitude for all your many blessings.  Appreciating the contrast means that you are kind on yourself, you make realistic deadlines and don’t expect Rome to be built in a day.    Track the progress you do make and applaud yourself for that, once you are in the energy of creating your dreams, you will be amazed at what the Universe provides to help push them into reality.

If this has interested you and you would like to learn more about my positive law of attraction courses, do drop me an email as I would love to connect:

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Tanya Short

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Who am I?  I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)