My Munay-Ki Calling

Last week I received the nine sacred rites of the Munay-Ki.  The nine rites are a spiritual shamanic initiation, offering deeper healing, protection, wisdom, intuition, and harmony, which can be passed on to others once received.

I wasn’t even aware of them until, in January 2020, I had a lucid dream. The dream took place in Eastern Africa.  Once I became aware that I was dreaming, I noticed that I was sitting on the dusty ground, outside some mud huts as people milled around in the mid-day sun.  I was sat in a circle, with friendly strangers either side of me.  As I sat, feeling secure in these surroundings, my eyes were drawn to a young black man sitting in blue robes across from me.  He was watching me intently.

“Munay-Ki” he said.  “Malakai?” I asked, unsure of what he was saying.  “Munay-Ki….Malakai….Munay-Ki”…he said over and over in his thick African accent, as the message imprinted itself within my consciousness.   

On waking, I quickly looked up Malakai in Google, which means in translation “spirit messenger”.  This made sense to me, as I am a medium.  I didn’t think too much of the message, until a few months later, in November 2020.

I had a psychic reading from a local medium.  Toward the end of our session, she told me she could see a guide around me, then said “Munay-Ki”.  I explained about my dream, told her that I wasn’t sure if this guide was telling me Munay-Ki or Malakai.  

“It’s Munay-Ki” she said with a certainty that I took seriously.  “Have you heard of the Munay-Ki rites?”.  I hadn’t so she explained that they are an extension of your Reiki healing and that my Reiki Master Melanie offers these rites in a sacred two-day ceremony.

I took this as my calling to book up – I needed to know what they were all about.

Due to Covid restrictions, we had to move our Munay-Ki course a couple of times, finally it was booked for 16th September 2021, in a stunning country barn in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside.

The week leading up to my course was one of the worst weeks I have had in a very long time.  This year has been hard for a number of reasons anyway, not only are we all experiencing the covid-hangover and all that it brings, I have also lost three friends to illness.  After one person died, I had a few weeks before the next, then another that was a complete shock.  It made me question everything.

I would awake in the middle of the night questioning my own mortality.  Not only that, but I would also question my own faith.  What if I was wrong?  What if my accurate predictions, my shared death experience, my messages from spirit, my hearing of voices, my ability to see spirit people, my many incredible “coincidences” were merely just that, just a load of coincidences?  How could I be questioning the very heart of who I am?  What if the people that I love that are dead, are now null and void, gone forever, no trace or essence of them ever to be found again?  To feel like this for me was shocking, as my faith is the very core of my being.

As the weeks moved along, this negative feeling kept building, my anxieties growing, especially around me, like I was going to die soon.  On reflection, I know this was just fall out from losing so many people I care about this year in a short space of time.

I was starting to look at the world negatively, getting drawn into a lower vibration that I had worked so hard to move away from during my Reiki attunements a few years ago.

On the week of my Munay-Ki course, I was in a car accident.  I handled the accident well to be fair, however what followed was awful for me.  The fear, anger and shock of the other woman involved came out at me full frontal, she was very abusive.  I don’t want to go into too much detail here as I’m coming to peace with it now, but to go through that was hard for me.  The woman took away my voice, power and made me lose faith in humanity.  That may sound strong and over dramatic, but I cannot express what it felt like to be shouted at so publicly, to be called awful names, to be sworn at, for her to come into my personal space and threaten me to the point I felt so small and vulnerable.  

So, when the Munay-Ki came, I did not know what to expect, especially after the week I had had and the months leading up to it.  But what happened changed my life.

It made me understand that people act in violent and volatile ways because they are broken, afraid and in need of deep healing.  In made me step into the woman’s shoes to allow me to feel compassion for her and her journey, where she is at this point in time.

The Munay-Ki allowed me to understand that everything happens for a reason, that we are all connected so intricately that there are simply no coincidences, that our energetic presence has such a ripple effect that we must always be mindful of our feelings, thoughts and actions.

That our intentions change our path.  That our commitment to spiritual practice brings us back home, back to ourselves, back to the true fibre of our being.

I learnt to always check in with my initial thoughts about a person or situation, to remove judgement, find compassion not only for them but for myself.  To always take from the lesson.  To not force, to only flow.  That there is enough time, that the time is now, that worrying serves nothing and nobody.  That pain is temporary.  That my life plan is a beautiful tapestry of pre-thought-out chapters to help me learn, love and grow into the ever-changing person who is me.  The person who I am is infinite and will never die, the same as all the spirits that walk this earth.

Munay-Ki gave me my faith back.  It connected me with people who want the same as I do in this life, for this Earth, peace, understanding, growth, love and gratitude for all that is.

During my experience, I was able to choose a card that I connected with.  As I turned the card over, my heart was warmed to see my young African friend, reminding me that I was at the right place, just at the right time.

Until next time,



Always Ask For Help

I am a true believer that each human being has a team of spirits that are constantly working with them here on Earth, helping to guide, support and heal when needed as we navigate our life’s path.  

I have asked for help many times, especially when I am unwell.  Because I am always using my intuition daily, it does mean that I am able to feel, sense and understand that help quite effectively at times.  But sometimes I do forget that all I must do is just ask in my mind, calm myself and then wait.  

I’m going to recount a little story below that happened to me a few weeks back.  At the time of writing, I thought I had Norovirus or Covid.  I believe now it was food poisoning from some cray fish I ate a couple of days before.  I guess I will never know, but I do know that I felt absolutely awful and after asking for help, within 2 hours I was feeling much better.

It is 3.52 in the small hours and my body feels like an oil lamp, warming me from my core, then saturating my pyjamas in sweat….virus sweat.   At the same time, I shake profusely like I’m going through Dengue Fever in a Cambodian rain forest.  I know someone who had that, and now I feel her pain.  It’s like we are there together, even though my friend Alex went through her Dengue ordeal in 2019…..

I cannot lay down, as this makes the nausea indescribable, and I know it will lead to instant vomiting.

I haven’t slept a wink, my bedroom empty except for my hot mess of a body, my husband previously retreated to my daughter’s room and decided that a cramped night’s sleep in a single cabin bed was worth the pain to ensure that he does not catch this.

My head feels like it has been caved in and for some reason I have the sharpest pain in my right shoulder tip that makes me wince out loud.

I’ve already replayed most episodes of Handmaids Tale in my mind as my fever spikes.  It’s the scene when June Osbourne gets shot and sings Heaven Is A Place on Earth, I am now singing it through dry lips as I become hotter and hotter.  Weirdly the thermometer reads just 38 degrees yet “feels like” temperature is around 41.

It is at this point that I ask for help from my guide, spirit team, the angels, my deceased Nan, I practically beg in gaga language to make this pain stop.  I honestly feel like if I move, I will pass out.

That’s when I see her in my mind’s eye.  A woman, with chestnut brown wavy hair, mid 50s I reckon, in a long white coat.  I feel her walk around to my side of the bed and place two cooling slim pale hands on my steaming limbs.  I note the pens in her top right pocket and stethoscope around her slim next.  As she lays her hands, I feel instant relief.  Her hands are the epitome of “healing”.  They feel like love itself.

As I’m calmer now, I see the light of Blue, my guide, around my face.  He tells me to suck on travel sweets.  That’s what he is showing me in my mind’s eye, those fruity flavoured sweets that you used to get from Shell garages in 1986, sure to make you want to vomit into the door compartment.  Is this really a time for a joke?  I appreciate the help from my heavenly doctor but why is Blue showing me those awful sweets that he knows I hate?

Then the sweets turn to ice cubes in my mouth and then the ice cubes turn to water, little sips, little sips.

“Sit up and sip the water, little bits at a time” I “hear” him say in my mind.

I do what he says and through the growling of my empty stomach and feel the cold water slither down my oesophagus.  It is calming and helping immensely with the nausea.

They are here looking after me whilst whatever this God-awful virus is peaks to its worst (well I hope so, any worse than this and I’m certain I will need an IV drip).

As I sit and breathe deeply, sipping the water as I do so, I still feel the energy of my spirit friends close by.  To me, it is a feeling of calmness, that they are there, that everything is going to be ok.  Why didn’t I call on them earlier?  They are always there after all.  I think that in my stress of dealing with my illness, I forgot that I can always ask for help.

So, the message of this blog post today is to always ask.  It doesn’t matter what it is either.  You might want the car journey to run smoothly.  You may want to just feel positive today.  Do you want to stop worrying so much or have more will power?  Or to change your life completely? …….just ask for help and guidance.  And if someone is poorly, or you are poorly, always ask for help and support.  You are never alone, ever.  Love is around you continuously even in your darkest of hours.

But do allow the time for the guidance to come in.  Be it through feelings, symbols, help from people, lucky breaks, words of wisdom, signs and songs… will always be there, just ask, wait and listen.

Until next time,


The Death Transition (Conversations With Blue)

Since a child, I have always wondered what it is like to die.  Not in a morbid, suicidal type of way, but more of a fascination and deep thought-provoking way.

This interest may explain why I turned out to be a psychic medium, as I’m not sure it’s entirely normal to think and feel deeply about “the other side”…all the time.

When I was twenty-one, I had what I now know is termed as a “shared death experience” with my nan Rosemary, in that I felt what she felt as she passed over.  This entire experience was profound, solidly life changing and simply beautiful.  It was also very reassuring; in that it took away any fear I had of the death process because she allowed me an insight into just how mind-blowingly awesome and amazing it feels to cross over.  I did not feel fear, sadness or loss.  She felt ready to go and not only that, but a bit excited to say the least.  However, it was all well and good me feeling this way, as I could come back here after.

Over the years, since my experience with my nan, I have researched many accounts of near-death experiences, shared death experiences and death bed visits (people in palliative care that see deceased family members at their bedside just before they pass over).

There is one very common and consistent theme through-out, which also ties up with my own experience; there is nothing to fear when going through the transition of death.

However, that does not mean it is all a bed of roses either.  The transition may be blissful and full of so much light, colour, hope and more love power than we mere humans could even begin to imagine…what we do have to remember though is that once you are there, you are there and its final, there is no coming back in the same human body.  The vibrational frequency is a very different one, there is much to get used too.

I used to read about ghostly encounters of spirits stuck between two worlds and then a medium or a priest being sent in to “show them to the light”. This not only used to freak me out but made me fear death, the thought that I could one day be wondering around not knowing if I am dead, or in this living dream, an eternal quest to find myself again, or worst still, floating around, mute, deaf and expressionless yet still conscious…seriously those sort of thoughts could keep me up at night.

Thankfully, as I have researched into what happens “after” the initial transition part, it now makes a little more sense to me and isn’t as terrifying as it first sounds (and I believe I can explain the whole “ghost stuck between two worlds” thing, below). 

As a medium, it means I can communicate with humans that now reside fully in spirit form, on the other side of this physical life.  Their memories of this Earth life are very much intact because they show me.  They are still the same personality type, shy, or outgoing, cheeky, funny, flirty, introverted, polite, brash…you name it, they haven’t changed.  Even so, there is so much that they have had to get used to when they transitioned, and I believe there are a few things we can do this side of life to make the next a little easier to deal with.

Before I delve into this a little deeper, I want to explain how I am able to obtain this information.  Not only do I use my tarot cards to give intuitive, informative and uplifting insightful readings for my living clients, but I can also use them to have a dialogue with my Spirit Guide Blue and ask him questions about the other side.  This is a very efficient and informative way of communication.  I could also meditate, he is very good at showing me signs, symbols and words to answer my questions, but meditation isn’t always practical, and I can literally pick up my cards, any time of day, when a question reaches my mind (and believe me, there are many questions, many times of the day!).   

So, this blog post is the very first of my “conversations with Blue” that I would like to share with you, this first one being about the actual process of dying (well, more the period of time that follows after the initial “crossing over” part). 

One thing is certain; you will be loved, supported and helped when you die.  Yes, that’s right, even evil humans get a little love when it’s their time to go.  But……once the initial shock is over, it is now up to the new “spirit” to take responsibility of one’s feelings and emotions.

I asked Blue what it’s feels like to die, and he said (the positives are pretty much what I described in my paragraph about Nan, but I forgot to mention pain free and at total peace, with the weight of worldly responsibilities completely lifted from our shoulders).  However, I did not mention the negative feelings.  Contrary to popular belief, we are not solely tuned into “positive vibes only” once we find outselves in the afterlife.  After the initial love rush declines, we may feel confused and out of balance (some may even need deep healing after a traumatic end to human form).

Blue showed me the following cards to describe the more “challenging” aspect of death;

10 of Swords – This is the harsh reality that now where one finds oneself is absolutely final.  There is no going back in the same capacity in the same human body.  Ever.  That chapter is done for good.  That can be a massive shock, especially to the more materialistic members of the human race.  

Five of Cups – There is sadness and grief it appears, whether that be for those left still living or for the loss of the Earth life, I’m not quite sure.  I want to say grief for one’s life.  The thought of being in a cinema for one whilst you watch your Earth friends and family in complete devastation is my idea of hell and I don’t believe our guides would be so cruel as to put us through that.  

Five of Wands – Fighting, to stay where we are.  Ok, some deaths are quick and the human has no choice but to just, well, die.  But others are drawn out and slow, some humans will be very attached to the Earth, absolutely terrified of what is about to happen next.  It’s that human fear that keeps them in a state of flux, literally fighting between worlds.  

Two of Wands with Death Card – Not fully accepting the transition from one life to the next. Thinking about it yes, but doing it properly…well no not just yet.  

It appears that Earthly ties can keep a person rooted and not fully committed to their new level of existence.  They are not physically here (well, potentially in ghost form – see above).  They may well linger around this vibration if they haven’t fully embraced their new way of life.

In the days and weeks that follow physical death it appears that much healing is going on, that help is at hand, that family and friends that have before us died are also there to lend assistance.  But, as there is a level of judgement going on (not by an outside force, but judgement of oneself), that can be a hard pill to swallow.  

Imagine if someone today sat you down and asked you to delve into every bad decision you made, or hurtful thing you said, or any action based purely on your ego, would you want to go there, would you be ready?? Because when there are no material aspects to deal with anymore, all you have left is the good of your spirit, that’s a lot to contemplate.

And are we floating around like a giant orb when we die?  Actually no, we still have a body and we still have physicality to some degree (but that’s another blog post).

For now I want to tell you that I learnt the following when communicating with Blue about when we die;

  • It is a happy, blissful and unforgettable moment where we get to see people that we have missed so much, and we feel at “home” but that said;
  • We need to adjust, accept and heal. 
  • The more connected to Earth we are (I’m talking ego first stuff, like addictions, money, greed, that only Earth exists and nothing else) – it’s going to be harder (but not impossible) to make the full transition 
  • Everything, in this life and the next, is about how we look at consciousness, our intentions, thoughts and feelings. No hope is lost, not one soul is a lost cause (the evil spirits will reside with like-minded others within a lower vibrational frequency until they learn many more lessons of their own soul evolution). 
  • Acceptance, moving forwards, improving, evolving and developing on our “consciousness” path appears to be what it’s all about. 

This blog isn’t here to tell you to suddenly find a faith or become a believer in the afterlife, just in case you end up “stuck between worlds” when it is your time. It also does not mean that more spiritually open people on Earth get at easier ride then an atheist.  You can and must believe whatever you feel is right for you. But do become acquainted with the voice that guides you. As that voice is the inner you, the one voice that will properly guide you from this life to the next. You must trust it, believe in it, and allow it to help you. You will not be alone when you die (far from it) and the place that awaits us all is literally “out of this world” but it must be embraced fully, how long that takes us is up to us and us alone, as we walk this incredible journey together.

Until next time,


Anxiety & Depression Tea

Amongst the busyness of tarot readings and school half term, I have managed to enjoy and now finally review my wonderful stash of Anxiety & Depression Tea from Witches Tea.

I chose this one in particular as I know that so many of my wonderful clientele suffer in some form with both anxiety and/or depression.  I too suffer with general anxiety disorder, which means that I can catastrophize certain situations that may seem highly irrational to the next person.  I already understand the healing benefits of tea and know that herbals make me feel so much calmer in general, so I really couldn’t wait to give this one a try.

The first thing I noticed about the blend was how LIGHT it is.  Not only in colour as you pour, but by how it tastes, no overpowering flavour, just a feeling on freshness with a tiny hint of spearmint, which I find calms the digestive system, so it really is a double whammy.

I have a certain “ritual’ when it comes to my tea drinking.  I drink green matcha tea in the morning for a slow release of caffeine fuelled energy, however after lunch is all about my selective herbal teatime.  I love tea leaves so I can use my little glass tea pot that catches what it needs too and then I have a visually beautiful pot of goodness.  This one didn’t disappoint, the leaves are grass like and easy to use.  As you can see from the photo, the Anxiety & Depression blend is clear with a hint of sepia colour, what you see is what you taste, it doesn’t overpower, it just feels “right”, so, if you are not massively into strong flavours, this is your blend for sure, but it gives enough to know you are drinking it, simply perfect in my opinion.

Perhaps it’s the warmness of the tea as the steam rises and settles on your nose that instantly calms, or the way I feel deliciously contented after a little pot full, I have to say that I do find this tea incredibly chilling!  So, does it help with anxiety and depression? I want to say yes!  This is why;

During this tea drinking review period, I found myself befriending an incredibly helpful internal coach (i.e., my own inner monologue), so for example, when I wanted to tell myself that the new pain in my shoulder was stage four spinal cancer, my little voice would chip in with “Or perhaps it’s because you lifted weights yesterday for the first time in two years??”.  My logical head was on, my neurotic mind was switched to pause.  It happened very easily, more easily than normal may I add.  I don’t know if this was a coincidence, but I have to say I only really noticed this as I sat here to write this review and made the correlation, so how can this be?

I want to say it is because the love, intention and blessings that Willow and Emerald put into every shipment of their gorgeous tea really does feel powerful as you drink each sip.  These gals are real witches with big hearts, and they actively want you to get the most out of your blend.

Well, I am pleased to say it is a thumbs up from me, so if you want to enjoy this too, why not purchase your own blend, if you use discount code TANYA15, you get 15% off your first order!  Why not check out their website here or read about the girls themselves on my previous blog post.

I really cannot wait to try some more blends from Witches Tea and see what benefits I gleam from them!

Until next time,


Intro To Witches Tea

My love and passion for herbal teas has grown so much over the past twelve months.  Mostly because I wanted to increase my water intake with something interesting, but also because I started to realise that after drinking herbal tea, that it makes me feel incredibly balanced and centered after just a couple of cups.

What is also apparent is that, as I try my hardest to implement healthy practices into my daily routine to help with my Endometriosis, that tea appears to have more healing qualities than I ever gave it credit for.

Now as you may know already, there are literally hundreds of fantastic tea brands and companies out there, so where do you start from when choosing a blend that suits your energetic needs at this time?

In December 2020, as we fast approached a second full lockdown in the UK, I was searching for a tea that would bring me comfort during troubled times, cold nights & the impeding January “blues”.  I stumbled across a company called Witches Tea (  This immediately struck a chord with me, mostly because of the name and also because of the awesome blends they had advertised, tea like “Third Eye Opening” blend.  The very fact that these ladies had years of experience with Wicca & Witchcraft and were able to bring this fusion together with their knowledge of plants into a tea and the strapline “They Are Quite Simply A Ritual In A Cup” excited me enough to hit purchase and try some for myself!

My tea arrived and was literally gone in a few weeks because I couldn’t get enough of it.  This tea was so light, mildly fragrant and not in the slightest overpowering, so refreshing and exactly what I needed as I spent the day conducting online tarot readings.  Weirdly, my psychic ability was bang on too, was this tea really opening up my third eye, or was it the intention that the lovely ladies had set for it before I even opened the packet? 

Fast forward to the present day and I am still a lover of Witches Tea, not only that, I am lucky enough to collaborate with the lovely ladies themselves by reviewing their teas and giving my amazing followers a Coupon Code so you can get involved with some tea to try for yourselves!  So do look out for my forthcoming blogs as I try out some truly satisfying tea blends (can you tell how excited I am by this??!).

You will find that as soon as you look at their website, you really know for sure that Willow and Emerald are so passionate about their blends, because they know their craft so well.  Each tea pack comes with its detailed written guide and ritual, which I found so beautiful when I opened my first pack. 

Below are a few questions I asked the ladies, to get to know the awesome witches behind the brand;

How did you get started?

We have been following the old ways for many years now and both of us always had and do have a very strong connection to herbal medicine in the Eastern sense (Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Tribal). It was through our research we found that we have a rich history of very similar powerful herbal practices in the Celtic forms. This formed the basis for what is now Witches Tea.

Do you have a favourite blend that you offer?

We have both struggled with our sleep in our lives so our favourite blend is the Sleep Infusion. We developed most of our blends for ourselves or our friends first of all before sharing them with the community on our page and website.

Where do you source your products from?

We use lots of different suppliers for our herbs depending on where they thrive best. Any herbs we can produce ourselves well enough in the UK we try to grow ourselves where possible. For example, some of the herbs in the Ancient Greek blend are grown on the foothills of mount Olympus.

Why does tea feel so healing on lots of levels?

All medicine is derived from plants. For example, Asprin is a molecule taken from the bark of the White Willow tree. What we have found is that taking the whole plant allows your body to absorb the active parts so much more effectively and also has many hidden benefits that you would not always get. 

The experience and ritual of infusing the herbs and drinking the blend connects you on a much deeper level with the magic of the plants you are partaking in. 

Any buying tips for a newbie to your teas?  Should they just go to what they are drawn too?

If you are trying our teas for the first time, definitely first of all go to what you are most drawn to. If anyone has any questions or needs help they can always contact us through our FB and Instagram messenger. We are always here for advice and are happy to make bespoke blends for specific needs of our sisters and brothers.

I’m really excited to provide you with a couple code for a 15% discount to all my readers and followers; TANYA15.  You can check out the teas offered by Witches Tea at;

Next time I will be reviewing the Depression and Anxiety blend, so do look out for my next post!

In the meantime, if you are interested in connecting with me, you can find me via Tanya Short Energy Reader on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

Until next time,


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Keeping Your Channels Clear

The one thing that I have found is so very important to help me give the most productive intuitive tarot readings is by keeping my energy levels super clear.  I know this sounds a bit weird and you are probably thinking “what?!” but let me explain myself.

Psychic mediums talk a lot about their own vibration and how we use our energy field to connect to spirit whilst we are working, this is absolutely correct and I have found that the better shape I keep myself in, the better practices that I work on, makes for a wonderful tarot experience for my sitter and I…

Not only that, good, healthy practices in life affects everything from your physical wellbeing to how your head feels…to how you respond to situations around you, you feel more positive, more assured, more “in control yet not obsessive” and just generally like you have your sh&t together as a person!

So, on this blog post I wanted to share with you my rituals and healthy practices that I now do every single day of my life (ok, excluding if I’m sick or on hols but you catch the drift) – consistency is the key here folks and when I say key it is the actual ingredient of complete and utter success in any undertaking so, let me begin with my morning and evening rituals;


I have the same morning ritual come rain or shine and I have to do this every day, in the order I do it, so that I feel like I’m ready to take on what I need too.  I can add some bits in, like some mornings I will do a twenty-minute Yoga routine but generally it goes like this;

  • I start the morning with coffee. Ok, I tried the pint of water and then the honey and lemon thing but I stopped doing it, for me, coffee is where it is at and where it is staying.  Just one mug, no more until 1pm.
  • I always have reading time every morning, getting up is never a struggle for me, so once awake the coffee pot is on and I’m cozying up to my dog Sebastian and my favorite read of the month before anyone else in my household has opened an eyelid.  To point out – I allow myself time in the morning to fully wake up.  I do not rush, that is not my bag.
  • I eat breakfast every morning and the thought of skipping this (or any meal may I add) is simply sacrilege to me!  It is a proper breakfast too, always healthy, but always one that allows me to start the day, it might be eggs and seedy toast, it might be rolled oatmeal with cherries, whatever I have it is delicious and always gets knocked down with a small glass of Cranberry Juice.
  • My Kitchen is always clean before I go upstairs to begin getting ready, my daughter and the dog fed, we are good to go.
  • I have to bath every single morning.  It’s not massively deep but it’s hot (on re-reading that sentence I realise how funny that line sounds, but I won’t change it!)  and contains Epsom Salts and Coconut oil.  My bath is mega important to me, at the same time I can put on my concoction of facial products, namely Dermalogica at the moment but I am partial to an Etsy natural skin care product, probably made from Coconut oil as it’s my very favorite thing in the World! (possible slight exaggeration there).
  • After the bath, the skin care continues, which I could write a whole other blog post on.  But to put it in a nutshell, my skin never gets neglected, I have a morning and night routine and regular prescriptive facials.  I do not leave the house without factor 50 and I’m so used to doing this now, it is second nature.  To add, I wouldn’t dream of sleeping with make-up on, it’s like going to bed with your coat on.
  • I do make sure I allow a full body moisturise session and face of makeup before leaving the house, this just makes me feel better in myself.

You are probably thinking “who has this kind of time?” but……I allow a good couple of hours in the morning, I don’t need to sleep in because I go to bed at 9pm most weeknights.  My night time routine is the skin care, more reading and a herbal tea before bed.  Totally non-cool and boring to many readers I am sure….but its what I do.  I have to add that on a night out I wouldn’t be clock watching but I would naturally start to feel tired around 9pm…I’m a morning lark, what I can I say?


I’ve given myself enough years of feeding myself utter crap in my twenties and I don’t even want to talk about my past alcohol consumption during the “City Years” of my corporate career to now finally make some good food choices.  At the grand old age of forty I now know what I should be putting in my mouth and the correlation between what that food type is and how I feel, which is, amazing, when I do it right. 

I drink around two pots of green tea a day, the rest of the day herbal tea in some guise and water, I don’t have fizzy drinks at all except a light tonic in my gin!  I have one more coffee after lunch and its with condensed milk so I get my sweet kick, but I never drink it after 2pm so that it doesn’t affect my sleep.

Alcohol is in my diet, but only at weekends and limited to two gins on a Friday and Saturday night and half a bottle of red with my Sunday dinner.  I know this sounds regimented and possibly even irritating but this works for me and if I do have an occasion when I can properly let my hair down – then of course I’m going to do that, but always being mindful of how much.

I make sure I eat as well as possible, avoiding processed food, but having the good stuff too, like real butter and the fat on a lamb bone.  Smaller portions of what you fancy goes a long way to keeping yourself contented and not depriving yourself of anything!  I love a takeaway but I’ve managed to curb the habit that used to be a twice weekly affair in my twenties to once every 6 to 8 weeks now.

I cook from scratch every night, its mostly because I love cooking and it’s like a hobby for me, but also because that’s how I can control my weight and I know this nutrition is best for keeping me feeling well.

You are what you eat is the truest statement yet, if your digestion is f%*ked then it will affect every single system in your body.  I am so mindful of this now.  I mostly eat fish as a protein source but I do have meat at weekends, keeping the red stuff to a minimum.


I walk everywhere I can, I love being out in nature as it helps clear my head like nothing else.  I also enjoy running however have laid off it a bit recently, getting as much good exercise doing the same distance with a speedy walk with my dog Seb.


I try hard not to follow newspapers and I’m mindful about people I follow on social media.  I am a naturally anxious person in that I do overthink and worry when I hear bad news, I can carry it around for days and even weeks sometimes.  So, I’ve banned all that now to just focus on me and my little life.  Totally ignorant?  Absolutely.  And that’s the way its staying.

My routine may sound dull and boring but it certainly isn’t to me.  It has taken me years to fully show up to dedicate myself to healthy routines and practices, I can in fact thank Covid and lockdown for that too.  I want to continue to keep my energies clear and focused so I can improve my psychic ability, my energy levels and my overall wellbeing, this is the way that works for me and after years of trying, testing, illness and mental health issues, I’m sticking to this one!

Until next time,


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Be True To You

I recently learnt that the first woman in England to be executed for being a witch was Agnes Waterhouse, who lived in my home county, Essex, around 1566.  This lady was called Mother Waterhouse by the local people and sadly, many thousands of women would follow in her footsteps, being sent to their deaths for being independent, wise, healing and spiritual beings.  That was their only crime. 

Thankfully, witches and the Pagan religion has only thrived since this awful time in history.  It makes me feel that Paganism (which is an umbrella term for many different disciplines/crafts/traditions that fall under it) is more than just an “alternative” form of religion (ironically there is nothing “New Age” about something that has been around longer than most other religions) – it is actually a place that marginalized groups are attracted too, like for example, the LGBTQIA community.  It is a religion (I use religion lightly here, as most spiritual people do not feel they follow a religion per se, they follow their own guidance and path) that allows women in particular to thrive and to have a voice and ultimately to be themselves without any form of oppression.  However, that being said, you would think, in 2021 that Paganism and other forms of spirituality like Witchcraft would not be marginalized anymore, however, unfortunately, it still is.

I’ve been thinking a lot about individuals who are marginalized in society recently.  Selfishly, I thought I understood what it might feel like to be gay, or to receive subtle racism, but really, I had no idea.  Until something happens to you to make you feel judged and different, then it is very hard to truly feel what others go through when they are on the receiving end of this type of behavior.

I guess I am privileged in that respect, straight, white woman, I’ve always been given opportunity and just accepted it as normal, without experiencing prejudice at all, until recently.

Because being a Pagan, expressing my spirituality through my life choices, apparently slips me into a marginalized group too.  Perhaps that is why I have always felt an affinity to anyone that stands to be different and proud, to not allow the silent yet loud voices of ignorance stop that person walking their truth.

I have amazing tolerance levels for others ignorance, but there are certain things that make me feel very uncomfortable, one being an incorrect judgement on my character and identity. 

I’m pretty open, I blog, I have a growing following on Instagram and Facebook, I’m currently writing a book about my life….so I’m not afraid of putting myself out there.  However, recently, I have felt an invasion of my privacy like nothing else, based purely on fear and total and utter ignorance from another party.  This was unprovoked judgment, I was just quite nicely minding my own business and suddenly this unwanted opinion and quite literally, force of fear has tried to creep itself into my world, trying to break down the very foundation that is all that I am.  Because, when you are a psychic medium, it’s not just a hobby.  It is your entire identity, it is the air you breath, the thoughts you feel and the essence of your soul.  So, if someone tells you to “stop doing” what you are doing (when it has nothing on this Earth to do with them) – can trigger something in you that makes you look at the world through different eyes.  If you are making someone “feel uncomfortable” for just being you, then that is a serious amount of wrong on that other person’s part, a serious amount!

You suddenly know what if feels like to have this big, large, dark, force of energy bearing down on you, trying very hard to shine out the light that you thrive upon, because your light is apparently triggering their darkness so profoundly that they don’t know how to deal with it. 

Let me tell you something, people will only every judge you if you trigger something in them that they need to deal with, something they need to heal.  So, you have to turn it around.  You must try to see it for what it really is.  You have to feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t see your light, because they are so shrouded in their own darkness that they cannot view the truth from their own judgement.  The people who judge the most have much work to do on their self-development, much work indeed.

So, what should we do when this happens?

We must take our light and turn it into a huge, bulging, magnificent bon fire!  We must be us and take pictures, we must continue to bloom and grow, to learn, develop, thrive and move through life enjoying the new possibilities and opportunities that our way of life offers us.

We must join together with like-minded people, and to add it doesn’t matter if these people believe the same as us, because that is ok too, if we are sharing our energy with people that accept everyone for who they are, you fall in love with someone’s spirit,  and, the colour of their skin, their sexual preferences, which God they want to pray too, becomes insignificant, because here we all are, together, floating through space on this big ball of rock, each one of us unique and different and what we can learn from each other is exciting and truly mind blowing!

So, wear your differences with pride, be true to who you are.  In fact, forget the “different” word, what is “different” anyway?  It is just a word.  Your normal is you, your reality, the way you feel, your inner guide.  It is “You”.

Until next time,


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Parallel Lives?

My eight-year-old is really into Doctor Who at the moment, so we are binge watching the “newer” episodes from around 2005 (not the ones that left me trembling behind the sofa when I was the same age in the mid-1980s as soon as I heard that theme music come on!).  The most recent episode we watched was the one about a parallel world to our own Earth world, the Doctor & the Tardis landed there by accident, by a crack in the Universal law of time or something like that.

I found it an interesting watch, seeing as I also have my own theory on a parallel universe/life.  Do you ever wonder if that is what Déjà vu is?  Something plays out that you have already seen before or feel like you know exactly what is going to happen next?  I know, I know, the scientists will tell us that Déjà vu is actually trickery of the mind, a conscious “mini sleep” that happens to us when we are really tired….sometimes I beg to differ but I don’t have loads of letters after my name so perhaps I’m not qualified to have an opinion, or maybe the fact I talk regularly to spirits from “another dimension” does make me a little more qualified than I thought?

Anyway, here is a conundrum; this is a true story.  Last summer, in 2020, in-between the spring/summer Covid lockdown and the autumn one, when we were allowed to leave the house and meet a friend again, my daughter and I agreed to meet my friend Helen and her two children for a coffee close to where she lives and then on for a forest walk after.  Now, everyone that knows me well knows that I am as punctual as a SAS officer in training, (even my child was born on her exact due date!)…so this means that I turn up to things on time, but it also means that I have to wait around a lot, especially for friends that are not the same as me.  You would think being punctual a virtue but it’s actually a curse at times, as it puts pressure on my friends!  Helen, that day, being one of them as she had loads of logistics to sort out, like picking her kids up from her mums on route and then dropping her mum to the supermarket and all this other stuff, unlike lucky old me who could just throw my child in the car and get going.  So, understandably, I had a feeling Helen may not be dead on time.

However, as I approached the main (and only) large roundabout that leads out of Helen’s estate, I saw her zoom around it, in her White Hyundai , her hair up on her head, except she didn’t have the two kids in the back.  I got a perfect view of her, in fact my little girl shouted out “There is Helen mum!” ….and I said “Oh yeah – bloody hell she’s on time!!  She must be on her way to get the kids”.

Less than a minute later, I pulled up at the coffee place we would be meeting as my phone began to ring.  It was Helen calling.  The conversation between us went like this;

Helen;  “Hi, it’s me, so sorry, I’m going to be late!  I haven’t even picked the kids up yet!”

Me; “Yeah I know, we saw you on the roundabout on your way there, I saw the back seat empty and you pull off the roundabout in the other direction to the coffee place so assumed you are on your way to your mums?”.

Helen; “You couldn’t have seen me, I haven’t even left the house yet!  Still trying to get dressed, I’m so behind this morning!”

Me; “What?  But me and Ariane both saw you, your exact car, your hair plonked up high on your head today?”

Helen; “Yes that is exactly how my hair is, I’ve just put it up….it must be another woman who looks just like me?”

Me; “Helen it WAS you, with the same car as you, you were driving off toward the A414”

Helen; “That’s the way I will be going….but I’m at home, you can even hear my washing machine”….which I could in the background…..

Me; “What a weird bloody coincidence”

It was very strange indeed, she was so close to us (we were at the front of the roundabout queue as she drove past) and it was the same car, colour, make and model (I don’t know her registration so could not verify that) – her hair style was the same which I could validate as soon as we did eventually meet up …but it wasn’t her (and she wouldn’t lie to me, Helen is one of the most honest people I have ever met) – so was it just that, a pure and simple coincidence?

But it got me thinking (I guess I was having my very own Doctor Who moment!).  What if it was Helen, and my daughter and I had just seen a crack within dimensions?  What if me and Helen, and everyone else for that matter, is playing out the exact same stuff, routines and relationships but with some subtle key differences?  What if there are not one parallel life, but many, with the same big life milestones but the key differences being that because of free will, we either get to (or don’t get too) the milestones based on our life choices & decision making process?  What if our soul gave us a string of “lives” upon different vibrations and said “it’s a race, see who gets there first” and there we are, all living our separate yet joined lives, trying to do our best, to make a success of it, be happy, and moments like Deju Vu are simply a moment in time where we zone in on those other lives but then write it off as a trick of the mind?  What if the same set of circumstances are always given but each one of us handles it completely differently based on our core personality traits, which in turn, would give different outcomes, luck verses bad luck, the right path versus the wrong?  There could be much to learn on a soul level from each separate life experience…..

I know, this is deep (and welcome to the inner workings of my mind).  Who actually knows?  No one, but it’s certainly worth thinking about, right?

Until next time,



Have You Lived Another Life?

On a spiritual level, I don’t know much about reincarnation although I have a strong inclination that we do have many Earth lives.

I once went on a past life regression course for the day which was insightful, under light hypnosis I had visions of me being an armored guard protecting some valuable goods in a small, circular room of a castle, someone’s granny who was also the local healer back in tribal Britain times and a Chinese man who ended up being stabbed to death for trying to uncover some sort of mystery.  It was very interesting indeed, but what I find really intriguing is the memories I have that I can’t quite place in this lifetime that I don’t need to be regressed to pull from my subconscious.

Now, some avid readers of my blog may remember that I once wrote about the house I remember on “the other side”?  So basically, I have a feeling of a home in the countryside and I know it’s in the spirit world, or if I see certain images of beautiful skies and scenery it reminds me of “heaven” like I know that is where “home” is, but that’s not the same thing as I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about memories of another Earth life.

In a nutshell, I have a feeling that I was an American and must have died in the 70s (I was born in this life in 1980).  However, my memories that I have, I was a kid in the mid to late sixties, and I died young, I was a male too. 

Some things will trigger my memories.  Like this past weekend, my husband was watching the Ice Hockey and I have a strong recollection of training practice at the local ice rink, I’m about 12 years old and this is a regular thing I do.  There is a real family “feel” here, I’m familiar with the rink and when I go home, I can almost see the house, its dark, the house is big, detached, and has a garage to the left before the front door and there is so much stuff in that garage.  It’s so homely in this house, warm and it’s like I can hear Cher playing in the background and see the stairs in the living room.  There are many family photo’s on the wall and a big, well worn, comforatable sofa near the window.

That’s the only memory I have until my death, I’m sure I was early twenties and its either Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve and I’m visiting family, there are lots of presents, then I go somewhere on my motorbike and that’s it, the end.

I have to stress that I have never dreamt about this, I’ve only ever just remembered it. I wonder if its some childhood memories mixed in?  But I can’t recall anything like it?  I mean ice hockey in the UK?  When I first visited Canada in my early twenties, I remember looking at the city we were passing through and it was dark and I thought “this all looks so familiar” ok, its Canada not USA but it’s that big sky, huge city landscape that almost pings at me like I’ve seen it before.  It’s hard to put into words when you soul recognises something on a level that is difficult for even you to understand.

I guess I will never know, unless I try some more hypnosis, interestingly this one didn’t come back during that course I went on.

I would love to know if anyone else has ever had a similar experience?

Until next time,


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Break The Links


The best way to start a new “good” habit (an emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental good habit) is to break away from the negative energy that may be pulling you backwards.  You may find that the negative energy is like a magnet at times, almost pulling you toward it and you have to try so hard to break away.  I believe there is a reason for this, sometimes we crave what is really not very good for us and to overcome this craving is to learn valuable lessons about ourselves and move on in our self-development.  How do we know if it is a bad habit?  It may make us feel bad, low, guilty or like our intuition is telling us that something it out of balance with it (no matter how much our ego tries to drown out our good intentions!).

I will give you a personal example of this.  Through-out this whole Covid experience, the hardest thing for me to deal with is the conspiracy theorists that appear to be collectively joining forces and are being (from what I have seen), aggressive, cold and obtuse to other people’s views and opinions that are not the same as their own.

I can look at my phone in the morning, and see in the sea of social media posts, these negative people popping up or jumping on threads and in the face of such devastation, almost mocking everyone else going through it.  I find their vibration so low, so vastly different from my own that their energy will stick to me all day and I find it hard to shake off.  This is a clear example of when we around people of a different vibration and how it can affect us on an energetic level (fyi, this is not a political post, no one is right, no one is wrong – but I’m writing about how it makes me FEEL).

But like a moth to a flame, I find myself being sucked into their comments, the negativity, not to join it (I try very hard not to engage!), but to be triggered by it.  To want to retaliate with my own opinion, but by doing that, I have made an active link to the person, not a good idea at all!

I know exactly the cure to deal with this, and it is to cut the link completely.  So, this means;

  • No news alerts that lead me to read the comments
  • Silence anyone on my friends list that I know is not on the same vibration as me (this normally means unfollowing them, not unfriending them!)
  • Do not search out any of the hardened conspiracy theorists that have open profiles, yes, I know a couple that have claimed some huge stuff would happen and on a certain date, so of course when it didn’t happen, I just had to look to see what their response was (radio silence) – but I was angry at myself for looking.  Because looking adds energy to their flame, even if they do not know I am looking.

So, this is my example, and one in which I am really going to try and work on.  You can use this example for things in your life you want to cut contact with, it especially works well on people you no longer want to see.

However, if someone is still in your head, this is not cutting contact or breaking the link.  Energy goes through walls remember, vibrations and frequencies are what we connect too. If you spend all day thinking about someone you don’t want to see anymore because they make you mad/sad/whatever then you are subconsciously keeping them on a line.

You must busy yourself, find new energy to engage with, take your focus on to something else.  You can do this with all sorts of things, even if you experience depression or anxiety, it’s a good way to break free of the same thinking patterns.

As soon as you “put your energy” into something else, you will be breaking off from the thing you want to remove.  It will happen, it will be tough at first, but eventually, any people / objects / songs / things associated with the person in question will also start to disappear too.

So, try it, with anything that no longer serves you.  Of course, if you want the opposite to happen, and you actively want to connect with someone….well then you just do the opposite (just don’t become a stalker!). Another blog post on that to follow soon!

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