My Start In Mediumship

When I was in my twenties I had a fascination with mediums. I would visit the local spiritualist church to watch different mediums standing up on platform and delivering messages from dead people to their living relatives. I had no idea how they did it however I never once doubted what they were doing wasn’t real.

At that time in my life, I had no idea that I could do what they did. The question “why can’t I?” used to enter my mind quite a lot. Perhaps it was because I was a bit psychic myself and I had some paranormal activity going on in my home as a teenager that made me feel that maybe I could also do this.

When I was around twenty-one I bought a deck of tarot cards.

As much as I loved the beautiful imagery and symbolism, I found the large shiny mystical cards hard to read. I did however use the cards as much as possible, including during work meetings with suppliers when I should have been discussing the price of pens and pencils, I was busy telling the supplier future predications about love, health and wealth!

My psychic ability came into its own when I had a few too many wines (Dutch courage) and I would do impromptu readings to people in pubs that I had never met before. I once told a young guy I was psychic, who laughed at me in front of his friends.

“There is no such thing as psychic, you can make anything up and people just believe it!”

He could see that I was visibly annoyed at his remark, so he softened a little and said:

“Ok, you know nothing about me, so tell me something that will really blow me away”.

The challenge fired something up inside me;.

“You have a tattoo on your top right shoulder, it’s a religious symbol which has deep rooted personal meaning to you and your family” I blurted this out; I had no idea where it came from. I expected more laughter, but instead the colour drained from his face. He slowly put his pint on the bar, rolled up his sleeve (the shirt was black, no chance of seeing a thing through it), right up to the shoulder and turned it toward me. There on the top, was the beautiful Star Of David, the six-pointed figure consisting of two interlaced equilateral triangles, used as a Jewish and Israeli symbol.

“You could say it holds significant personal meaning” he said.

Over the years the psychic readings continued and I did get better at the tarot eventually. I had no idea that I could connect to spirit until I joined a psychic circle in 2015.

I walked into that circle without the foggiest idea of what to expect. The medium who ran it was advanced at his work and whose teaching method appeared to be to throw you into the deep end.

“Read for her” he said, as I plonked down in front of a friendly stranger. I didn’t know what he meant.

“Just tune into the spirit, what do you feel? Male or female? What was their job? Hobbies? How did they die?” With that he was gone, chatting to someone else in the circle.

I stared at my sitter in horror. She was so kind and reassuring to me, but I was completely clueless. I took a deep breath, calmed my nerves and decided to just see what would happen.

Quite suddenly I felt a male energy. I just felt he was her grandad. My internal dialogue was comical as I was battling with my own thoughts and those of which apparently were being received from spirit. Then I saw an old-world war two plane flying low in the clouds. It was like watching a film in my mind. I saw him press a button, I saw a bomb drop, I saw that a note had been written and attached to the bomb. I told her it all and to my utter amazement, my sitters face lit up.

“That was his exact job! In the war, my grandad flew the plane and actually dropped the bombs over Germany, he pressed the button!”.

At this point, the circle leader came back over. “Did you know that the soldiers used to write notes on those bombs?” he asked. “No, I had no idea about that” I said, astounded.

So from that day forth, the mediumship progressed. But it has been an incredibly slow and drawn out “development” and I’m still very firmly at the tip of the iceberg, a complete beginner. Some days I have amazing evidence, other times its off the mark completely. I have no idea why this is and when, if ever it will change. Here are some examples of what I deem to be fantastic evidence that I have received from spirit:

• Connecting to a lady who claimed she died in Australia and that the sitter was in fact her niece who was adopted at birth. The sitter confirmed the adoption (she had only told a very few close friends) and that she knew of an aunt who had moved to Australia but didn’t know if she was still alive.

• Connecting to a friend of the sitter, he showed me an old fashioned globe. My sitter had tears in her eyes when she told me that her friend had specifically asked her to source an old fashioned globe before he died. She never did manage to get one in time; however this message was his validation that he was still very much alive in the afterlife!

• I connected with a male energy whilst reading for my best friend. I asked her if she knew who he was, as he showed me her living dad and a deep-sea diving suit. My friend looked puzzled then said “well, I went to a funeral this week, it was my dad’s old friend. They used to go diving together. Do you think it’s him?”. I confirmed I felt it was him and that I had the name “Michael”. Then my friend went red in the face “I don’t know his name” she said sheepishly.

“But you only went to his funeral this week?” I said in astonishment, I started to laugh at this point. “I will find out tonight!” she said. That night I finally received the text “his name was Mick….” Bingo!

• Seeing the word “CAT” literally written across a sitters forehead and telling her that her cat would be ok (she burst into tears and told me her cat was on deaths door and only just come back from the vets with him that afternoon).

• Naming unusual songs at funerals

• Quoting lyrics from a song that the sitter had been drawn too that very day in his van and kept mulling over in his mind all afternoon

My work and development continues and one day it’s my wish that I receive more amazing validations of the afterlife!

My next blog post will discuss how mediums receive spirit communication.


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