The Power Of The Path

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Here is a strong belief of mine: that our whole lives are preordained, mapped out, fated, that there is a life contract we signed up too before we arrived in this human existence.  How does it work?  This is how I think it works:

Before we are born into this reality, the plan has been made.  Who your parents are, where on earth you will live, your nationality, your social status, your general health, your career prospects, how and when you will die.

So, from age zero to eighty-five (hopefully!), there will be a map.  Along this map is the big stuff, the key pivotal moments in our lives where a decision is normally necessary and further to that, a learning curve, where our soul develops.  For example, first love, job, kids, marriage, death of loved ones, accidents, illnesses, wonderful great achievements and so on.  How much do you want in one life?  How much did you ask for?  Only time will tell.

All these big events will have certain outcomes, which will greatly depend on how your personality deals with the big stuff.  Does it make you or break you?  Does it open the door to new opportunities or will it slam it shut?  How can your free will deal with it?

Dotted about, along this wonderful, exciting map is our soul group.  These are our family members, husband and wives, children’s, friends and enemies.  Yes, enemies.  They pop up again and again until we learn the lesson of how to deal with them.

How did I come to this conclusion?  I’ve had a sense of knowing about my path since I was a little girl.  Here are some examples:

The first profound experience I had of knowing about predestination was on a normal day, whist sitting in the passenger seat of my sister’s car, driving along our local streets.  I was nineteen years old.  I glanced out of the window and saw a young man walking along, with his dog by his side.  A very peculiar feeling came over me.

“I’m going to marry that guy” I stated.  “what?” asked my sister.  “I don’t know why, or how, or what I am feeling, but I am telling you, I’m going to marry him, he is my future husband!”

My sister looked at me like I was crazy (I was getting used to these types of looks).  “What are you talking about, you don’t even know his name!  Plus, you are in a relationship with someone else” she said, laughing at me.  She was absolutely right, I didn’t know his name and I already had a boyfriend.  But ten years later, I married that guy.

This also happened:

When I was seventeen, I sat in the office of my first paid job since leaving school.  It was a local office job and I was grateful to have the chance of employment but I was very bored and in my opinion, underpaid!  I flicked open a copy of “Girl About Town” a little publication distributed at London Tube Stations when all the City folk flock out of their offices.  I went to the job section.  I could see the same job position I was currently in, but for about six thousand pounds more a year.  “I have to do this” I thought.  Then I got that weird feeling again.  “I know my plan, this is my plan:

Get a job in the City of London to start my career off.  Then, try out Canary Wharf as it’s so exciting in that part of London!  After that, I will work in West London as it’s such a contrast to the City, more laid back and fashionable!  Once that’s over, I will probably be ready to have a baby, so I will need to come back locally and get a safe, secure job, like in the public sector, healthcare or something.  In my 30’s I will have my family, then it’s time to start my own business.  Further to that, I will expand on the business and start writing material, articles, books etc on spiritual and alternative topics”

I had this thought and plan at seventeen.  This is what followed in reality, over a twenty-year period:

  • I got a job in the City of London

  • From there I went straight to Canary Wharf

  • From there I went to West London, working for a big fashion retailer

  • I worked relatively local after that, securing a job at the NHS – nice and secure!

  • Had my little girl, left work after a couple of years

  • Started my own business and started to write on the spiritual and profound experiences I’ve had along the way

So was I just very good at executing a well laid out plan or did I have an unbelievable sense of knowing I was on the right one?

I’ve also met people, people in my “extended” soul group.  Good and bad people.  The good people, I have an almost magnetic pull towards, I can normally tell very quickly that they are one of my group.  We share similar interests, have the same sense of humour, share passions and ambitions and we just connect.  The bad ones, they keep turning up until the lesson has been learned.  For my particular plan, these normally come as a narcissistic female.  I’m good at recognising her now.  I can see who she is before she shows her true colours, so I can prepare myself.  She has popped up around 5 times, each time, stronger or weaker than the other, unless I decide to put her firmly in place, I know she will keep coming back.

I know that all sounds a bit horrible, the enemy bit, but how do we learn if we don’t have these experiences?  Why do some people attract the same sort of boyfriend / girlfriend and “never learn” from their mistakes?  Once you take hold of the situation, that bad person will disappear.

Do I know what will happen in my future?  Yes – to a degree.  I’m still aware of my map on a personal growth level and using the law of attraction, it pretty much brings in what I expect it too, or what I desire it too.  What it doesn’t tell me is really bad stuff – that would not be good for my growth.  Plus, free will is what we are here to experience, we simply can’t know too much!

Do you know about your map?  Are you in tune with it?  The sense of knowing and feeling that something is right or wrong will normally tell you.  Always try to take each big moment as the learning opportunity it truly is.  To help you mature, expand, develop and get out of your comfort zone, because, let’s face it, not much interesting stuff happens there, does it?

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  1. This is so interesting, now I’ve thought about it, I have a lot of gut feelings about how things are going to go, never really thought about it but it happens quite a lot!

    1. That’s it! You just know if you are in the right path and sometimes loads of stuff can literally be in your face stopping you or almost forcing you to do something! It’s like when you just meet the right person at the right time isn’t it?!

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