Going Into The Past With Tarot

The reason why it is so easy to pick up on past experiences, feelings and memories during a tarot reading is because energy is never lost, it just changes form from the past to the present.  That is why how we feel and act today really does shape our tomorrow.

Using the tarot, I can go back to a date, time or place and pick up exactly on what the person was feeling, what they were experiencing and how it helped to shape their following moments.  Like an energetic photograph, the tarot allows us to see a snapshot of a situation, even if we thought it was long gone and dissolved into the Universe as if it didn’t happen.  

By being able to delve into the past in such a way is a positive yet (in some cases) negative experience.  Positive in that we can see the lessons learned and how much we have grown since it happened, but negative for some in that it means that situations that someone may have wanted to hide, can be brought right back to the surface again.

Once the thought has happened, the word has been spoken, the action has been done, an energetic fingerprint has been left.  Obviously, not everyone can just go back in time, but if you have a set of tarot cards and are a proficient reader, you can go and look.  How you interpret the results has a lot to do with how objective you are and your sitters’ current situation.

Is the past ours to go looking into?  Not always, but as mentioned above, sometimes it is necessary to gain more insight into a current situation.  

An example of that was a client who came to me after a divorce.  They had been separated for many years; however my client did not have the closure she needed, there were still so many unanswered questions from her ex-husband that he was never willing to divulge to her.

She asked me specifics about their relationship, when they were together, namely if he had been unfaithful to her.

I could see the mistrust that had built in the relationship and on closer inspection, it certainly looked like he had lied by omission to his then wife.  The energy I was able to feel and pick up on from the cards is that a physical affair had not actually taken place, but an emotional affair had.  

Her ex-husband had never admitted his deeper feelings for this other woman, yet the tarot could accurately pick up on the feelings, types of messages and communications that did go on during that time.  Looking back, it was those actions from the husband that ultimately set the wheels in motion for the energy of his marriage to begin to change.

After discovering this, my client felt a sense of relief and could somewhat close the door on it and move on.

Some might say that we were prying int the ex-husbands energy to find the answers that his ex-wife was seeking.  However, when the emotional affair began, he was married to my client, therefore she had a vested interest in the situation and his energy was strongly connected to hers.

The reading was used to help heal my client so she could move forward, feeling empowered and like she finally knew her truth.

So using the power of tarot to go back in time is in fact, a rather good thing at times and is completely relevant to help move us forward towards healing and understanding.

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