Dreaming My Past Lives

My lucid dreaming has taken an interesting turn.  It appears that I can not only cross “over to the other side” and meet and greet my relatives that have been dead for a while, I now appear to be able to access different time eras!  It has happened on three separate occasions, so here is the low down:


Dream One: A Bumpy Ride

I always know when I am entering into a lucid dream because the reality suddenly changes and I am then completely aware that I am in a dream state but also feel more “conscious’ than “dream-like” during it.  Lucid dreams can also lead onto astral projection, where you can leave your body and then become “fully conscious” and go and explore different astral levels outside of our current existence.  I know this sounds si-fi, but people do it and write about it (you should check out my blog post “Interview With An Astral Explorer” if this floats your boat).  I have never got to the astral projection bit.  I get to the first bit, where, in sleep, suddenly I am aware of being in a sleep state (lucidity) and then I start to feel a whoosh of electricity as my energetic body starts to remove itself from my physical body lying in my bed.  I don’t get any further because being the massive wimp that I am I get too scared, but I’m hoping one day I will conquer this fear!

Anyway, I had the rush of electricity before entering into this first dream, where I strongly feel that I went back in time.  In the distance I could hear “glop, glop, glop” the rhythmic sound of horse hooves cantering on the ground.  Then I heard it in my ears, because I was in a horse and carriage.  I wasn’t just dreaming this, I was IN the horse and carriage.  My hands were tied behind my back, I was laying on the bottom of the carriage and every time we went over a bump, I hit my head on the wooden floor of the carriage and it made me feel so sick.  I was very aware that I was in two places, that my normal self in my 2018 time zone was safely tucked up in bed, but I had somehow managed to split myself here whilst dreaming and this was indeed another life that I had already lived, quite a few years ago.  I felt two male energies directing the carriage.  It was such a rocky ride, I was moving about all over the place and I could feel every bump and knock on that path.  The banging of my head was so intense that it threw my energy straight back to now and I woke up in bed, with the glopping sound getting further away from me and I was dizzy.  I sat up in bed and was nearly sick, i felt like I had motion sickness.  It took me a while to steady myself and lie down and go back to sleep.


Dream Two: Eastern Europe

Another night, another dream, that quickly turned into a lucid one.  When I become aware that I’m entering into a lucid encounter I get so excited, I look down at my hands and then start to see the lines on my palms, I feel and move my hands and they do everything I ask them too, I can feel touch and sensations, I can think about a question and ask it, I’m also acutely aware that to hold this level of concentration takes enormous energy and I must act fast to get as much information as I can obtain.  One thing is always certain – I always remember everything I have dreamt because it is so very real.

So in this dream, I’m in another mode of transportation but this time a public bus or coach.  I manage to open the window and look out at my horizon. The view is of old buildings, derelict and lonely grey buildings, a place that once was industrious and now is redundant.  I know I am in Eastern Europe and I feel this is Russia during economic decline.  I stick my head out and I see an old lady crossing the road in a brown coat with her shopping bags.  She makes eye contact with me and I try to communicate with her.  She can’t hear me, I’m yelling that this is a dream, she is in my dream and she still can’t hear me because we are driving away, I wonder what the hell I must look like to her……then I wake up.

Dream Three: The Same Church, Different Times

 This dream only happened a couple of weeks ago and I admit that I took a dose of Night Nurse then drank a Bombay Spice Cocktail before bed (I had a virus and was in London, with a hotel stay, I was not missing out on this!).

So I went to sleep quite quickly and then, started to fall into lucidity in my dream.  I was aware that I was in the countryside and I was looking at a church but it also had a castle feel about it.  I looked around and then I saw the era, it was medieval because a battle had just finished, there were soldiers walking around with their swords and shields, there were flags and tents and all the stuff you see on Game Of Thrones but real!  I thought it was awesome and was so excited that I can time travel (remember this isn’t a normal dream, I am aware of everything!) then I feel a familiar presence behind me and its my guide Blue who takes my hand and pulls me away, I zoom out of it and feel the electrical whooshing sound and think that’s it when he pulls me back again, to the same spot.  So I look around for the soldiers but all I see is different people, dressed differently.  The church/castle is the same but the people are wearing clothes that look Victorian, the women with long dresses carrying baskets and there are chickens running around, I’ve moved to a different time.  Before I could think about what this all meant, I was straight back to my own reality, there in April 2018, I’ve woken up.

So what does it all mean?  It’s certainly made me think that perhaps we do have lots of different lives after all (I have been regressed before and had quite a few stories to tell!) I also think that it was my guide Blue telling me that time that exists outside of our physical existence doesn’t actually exist at all, that would explain why spirits can give us heads up about future stuff, it would explain why I dream about terrorist attacks or natural disasters before they happen.  But the fact that you could possibly go back in time when you sleep?  That’s amazing – and mind blowing!

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3 thoughts on “Dreaming My Past Lives”

  1. This is awesome! I have written about my one and only experience with lucid dreaming. Such an interesting topic. I am trying to learn how to do it more, I am under the impression it is a skill that can be sharpened. Love the post! I love how you interpret your dreams and how you link them to possible applications they have or could have!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment, so appreciated! I do believe you can develop this skill with some exercises before you go to sleep. So give a clear intention that you wish to connect to spirit or your higher self for inspiration during that nights sleep. Also a dream journal is a very good tool to have. Once you start putting your intention out there, it can be life changing! If you are on Facebook I have a page called Tanya’s Tarot where I will be posting book recommendations, tips and more blog posts so perhaps have a look if you get the chance! Thanks so much and have a fabulous day xx

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