Over the years I had heard of people seeing number formations or sequences that were supposed to have a hidden meaning.  Those were the days when I took anything remotely “out there” with a pinch of salt.  That was until it started to happen to me.

The timing of me seeing my first set of numbers: 11.11 or 111 or 1111 was very apt indeed.

It started as my business started to step up a notch.  I had just met Alex, my friend and business partner and coincidently, she also started to noticed these sequence of numbers everywhere.

When I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE.  When I posted an important announcement about my business on Facebook, I didn’t even look at the time, it was 11.11am (I now purposely post most scheduled updates at this time).

I would wake up in the night and look at my watch, the digital display clearly saying 11.11pm.

I would have exactly £111.11 in my bank balance snapshot.  Whenever I got to that time of day, I would just look at the clock and there it was.  I would see it on signs, or written somewhere, or it would be the exact number of website visitors I had in the month of November, 111 exactly.

It was getting so obvious that Alex and I would start messaging each other examples and photo shots of the 11.11 or 111 connections.  When Alex went on her worldly travels in January of this year, her seat formation number was 11, on row 11.

So why are we seeing this number?

I googled it to try and find out and gathered that it is a sign from the Universe, or even the angels themselves, telling us that now is the time to begin the manifestation of our dreams.

I knew my spirit team were trying to tell me something, the signs were just too strong.  There were too many incidences of me seeing the number 11.11.

Then, once my treatment room was finished and I started to have clients come to me and decided that 2019 was the year that I really wanted to focus on my love of the tarot and mediumship (as well as my holistic therapies) I stopped seeing 11.11. I started to see 22.22 or 222 or 2222.

This was news to me.  I had always known about 11.11.  I had no idea about 22.22.  What was this all about?

Last week, I was scrolling through my Kindle library and was drawn to a book that I purchased ages ago by Kyle Gray called “Raise Your Vibration”.  I had bought it because I thought it would be a helpful read for my energy work.  What I didn’t realise is that it would tell me exactly what I wanted to know about the number system.

It turns out that these numbers that are a sign from the Universe start at 11.11 then work up 22.22 (of course, why didn’t I realise that?) then 33.33 to 44.44 and so on.

There is no coincidence here that this year I feel different, I feel ready to help others in a way that I probably wasn’t ready for last year.  I have started taking so much more care of myself so I can be a living example of how good self-care can help us to achieve our dreams.  I want to practice what I preach.  As soon as I started to do this, I started to see 22.22.  It’s almost as if we are in a school of spirituality and once we start realising that, we progress onto the next level.

Here is Karl’s brilliant definition of the numbers, as quoted from his book “Raise Your Vibration”:


When you receive your 11:11 message, you are literally in touch with the divine.  You are connecting to everyone/thing that ever was, is and will be. And as you are connecting to that frequency, it’s important to focus your thoughts on something that is contributing to the growth, healing and nurturing of the world.



When two number 2s face each other, they create a love-heart shape.  I call the 2s facing each other “swans of love”, as they look like swans swimming across a lake.  When you see this, it is the universe encouraging you to acknowledge the deep love that is within you.


So there you have it, something that I thought twenty years ago was a load of rubbish started to happen to me.  It is undeniable.  The signs are there, the angels are there, the spirit team are there, the UNIVERSE is there.

I’m excited to be in the school of spirituality and can’t wait to go to each new level, learning more about myself, others and the world around me.

Wonderful and exciting times are ahead for all of us if we truly believe there is magic and miracles in our lives.

Until next time,


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