A Ceremony Of Angels

A Ceremony Of Angels

I do love to blog about my amazing Reiki adventures and today I had one of those times that I will never forget!

My good friend Jess and I decided it was time for a well-earned Reiki swap, so we normally have forty minutes each on the bed whilst the other one gives the treatment.

I went first and felt so very relaxed as I gave Jess her treatment, picking up on Jess’ beautiful high vibrational energy, she is a healer by nature (nurse) as well as a wonderful Reiki therapist, I could certainly feel how light and delicate her energy is.

When it was my turn to receive my treatment, I couldn’t’ wait to sink down onto the heated couch.  As Jess laid her hands around my head area, I felt myself really starting to relax.  Whenever I’ve been for a Reiki treatment before I’ve normally been unwell psychically, with a cough/cold and never really felt balanced, this time however I was feeling fantastic and ready to just chill into the treatment.  The only issue I had been having previously was a weird pain in my right knee.  I didn’t even think about this during treatment though.

When Jess put her warm hands on my shoulders, I started to feel myself being pulled into a light sleep.  I can’t explain how relaxing it was just then.  I couldn’t’ stay awake even if I wanted too and then I heard a female voice say “just sleep”…….  This is where it gets weird and exciting, Jess confirmed after my treatment that she did not speak one word.  I clearly heard a voice, however, past experience has told me that we do hear external voices and I do believe that I was picking up on either Jess telepathically or it was a guide telling me to drift off.

I must have kept falling asleep and waking up again, I was also aware I probably snored (OMG!) but as Jess came to my feet I started to come round again.

Then Jess went back up to my head and put her hands over my eyes again. Normally with Reiki, we ground the client by placing hands on the feet and then don’t go back to the third eye area. However, you do have the freedom to go where you feel you need too.

As Jess put her hands over my eyes again, I suddenly saw swirls of colours in my mind’s eye. I felt like she was swirling something, in and out, round and round, like she was performing a dance with her fingers and then it reached a point where it burst and I clearly saw an image of an eye (the third eye symbol) in my mind’s vision.

Once the treatment was finished, a very excitable Jess had so much feedback to give me:

“I feel like you are on a different frequency now, it feels angelic. I could also feel fairies around you, I don’t’ really know a lot about that sort of thing, in fact, I’m not sure if I believed in it (fairies) but I do now!  Because I could see them all around you, then I saw a tree in the middle of you, growing up, the trunk was made of warm glass and the leaves were all angel feathers.  When I got to your feet, I thought the treatment was over, but then I felt the urge to go back to your head area.  I felt like the angels asked me, so I did, and then they wanted to put like a flower halo over your head, so I visualised the flowering intertwining with each other and then it sort of reached a burst of energy.  It was like some sort of initiation or ceremony like you are working on a different level now.  There were angels all around you.  I didn’t feel any blockages on you, apart from one on your right knee, where I clearly saw a birds nest and the birds jumping off and flying away”.  (I hadn’t told Jess about my knee…and it stopped hurting immediately after my treatment and hasn’t hurt since).

I couldn’t believe this feedback from Jess or the fact that I could clearly see this flower halo being made in my mind’s eye!

“I wonder if you will see a feather today for validation”? said Jess just before she left.  I felt sure that I would get another sign as that always happens with angels.

I kept thinking about what Jess said about the angels and working with them.  I know of other Reiki healers that do lots of angel work, but I’ve never really read about it much.  But is it more than a coincidence that I’ve been seeing those angelic number formations 11:11 or 22:22 (see last week’s blog: 11:11)?  Has there been a shift now in the energies?

Both Jess and I agreed that it was significant for us both, in terms of Jess giving the Reiki and me receiving.

This wouldn’t be a normal blog post without my wonderful validation, so here it is:

After typing this blog, in fact, the line above this one (I am SO CONFIDENT that I will be given an angelic sign), I stood up and my eyes were drawn to a white feather that was next to my laptop:

My feather for Jess

I quickly grabbed my phone to take the photo and send to Jess.  As I did and pressed “send”, at the EXACT SAME MOMENT, I received this photo from Jess:

Jess Feather

Jess and I had seen our angel feathers at exactly the same time.

Thank you, Angels, thank you Universe, thank you for allowing us to be blessed with the knowledge that life continues after death, that there is a spirit team holding you up, that miracles happen every day.

It’s all so wonderful,

Until next time,


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  1. Oh my goodness that was s wonderful read Tanya. It really uplifts me when I read your blogs. Thank you xx

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