Blocking Negative Energies


It’s been two and a half years now since I started my holistic business. During that time, I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting some truly gifted, wonderful and compassionate teachers, mentors, leaders, friends and clients.  When you work within this spiritual field, it can only be described as a blessing because you are there to help others, you are healing, whether that be hands-on or simply through the art of listening to someone.

I remember when my Reiki Master was asked if she has ever met any challenging people along her own spiritual business journey.  She had, in fact, had a negative experience with someone, which she duly learnt her lesson from and her explanation to what happened was put simply “where there is light, there will always be darkness.  You can’t have one without the other.”.

I thought on this and realised that she is right, especially when we look at this work as energy work, that is the bread and butter of it “energy work”. Energy, vibrations, magnets.  Like attracts like….and sometimes, the good attracts the bad, the empath attracts the narcissist.

The low, dark, deeply negative soul, whose vibrational frequency spins much slower than the optimistic, joyful, positive energy who only ever seeks out the best, the trust, the honesty, the best way forward, even in their darkest of times.  The negative soul will search out the positive soul in order to feed.  They will drink up this energy to seek reassurance, to seek accountability for their own life’s happiness, to shift their own life responsibilities onto someone else. Every person can flit between energies at times when I talk about these darker energies I’m talking about the ones that live toxic lifestyles.  Here are some personality traits:

  • Unless a good intuitive, you will not see this person coming. They have two faces, one for you and one for everyone else.  In fact, they may have many faces.
  • They will have a string of toxic relationships, in the past and also circling around them currently. Apparently, everyone is out to get them.
  • They are quick to judge, they are also quick to anger.
  • Jealousy and a sense of injustice seep from their very core, they are a victim and they cannot and will not be blamed for their bad behaviour around you because it is not their fault.
  • They will use every tactic in the book to make you feel guilty, to manipulate, to project their own behavioural traits on to you.

Now, I am not a psychologist or a councillor.  But what I am is a highly intuitive individual who works in the field of helping others.  It has taken me half my life to now recognise souls that are vibrating on this low-level frequency.  In the past it has taken me months, years even to figure out these types of people (sound familiar?).  But now, I can normally figure it out on an introductory meeting.  How do I know?

My gut screams at me “Be Aware, Be Very Aware!”.  I just feel very very strange when I am in their presence.

Now, this is not the same feeling as “Blimey, this person is hard work. Not sure if we are going to gel. Not sure if I like this person, to be honest”.  It’s not the same because I can guarantee you after chatting to that said person that we will click eventually or I will understand that our frequencies are out of line, so we are not gelling like I would with someone that is on my plane, if I meet that person, the room is on fire.  We click, we bond, its instant and it makes me feel SO GOOD. It’s like I have had a battery charge and I feel inspired, motivated, I have found one of my “people”.

Because we are all vibrating on our own frequency, we need to find those that are too.  There doesn’t have to be a vast difference in frequencies, in fact, you can be rather different, but what you have to be careful of is those that are really, really vibrating on that low-density vibration.  They will be seeking you out, I promise you, they will see your light shine from across the room.

Where is this blog post leading to I hear you ask?  Did I meet one of these people recently? Yes, I did.  Of course, I did, it inspired me to write this blog.  I can’t tell you too much about this person but what I want to tell you about is that I knew from “hello” that this person was starting to suck on my energy field like a leech on a fresh chunky thigh.  On every subsequent meeting, after I tried to “help” this person (way out of my remit to be fair) I knew that they would turn and show their true colours.  They did do it and it was not a surprise to me at all.

There is so much in hindsight I should have done.  I should have said hello and goodbye and be done with it (I will next time).  However, I did want to help this person (even though now I know I cannot help these types of energies.  Remember what I said, you get negatives and positives.  I can certainly help those that are negatives and are good people (you are not a bad person if you are really negative – far from it!) but the type of people I am talking about here is EXTREME.)  I’m talking about the type of people that treat animals badly, that can’t love others, that thrive on destruction, pain and the failure of other human beings so that it makes their life feel better.

So, next time, I will refuse (politely and professionally) to work with this type of person.

The whole point of this blog post is to tell you what to do when you meet one of these people.  Or should I say, trying to remove them from your life?  Now, I appreciate that some people may be very intertwined with one of these energies, and advice on this is probably outside of the scope of this blog post (and something I can certainly write about in the future).

In this post, I am talking about someone that you have removed out of your life because they are awful energies and what to do to break the energy link with them, especially when they are an energy vampire.

This is what I did to remove the bad energy from my energy field:

  • Say goodbye with love:
    • I appreciate that in most situations you may be unable to do this. In my situation, I could.  I accepted the vileness that was being slung my way and I thanked the Universe for the lesson that I learnt that day.  (The lesson was invaluable and I’m glad it happened).  I acknowledged the person as ignoring them at that time would have infuriated their ego even more.  So I sent them some light.  I reminded them that they are a good soul, that there is a better life out there for them. I killed them with kindness.
  • Cut ALL contact:
    • This is a biggie. You CANNOT let this person penetrate your energy field EVER AGAIN (or as much as you can physically help it) if you don’t want your energies to blend.  So block their number, block their email, block their social media profiles and never speaketh of their name.
  • Raise YOUR vibration:
    • You must do this next step, especially if you feel hurt, sad or angry. The bad energy WANTS you to feel some low-level energy here, if they are able to do this then their mission is accomplished.  You have to build a wall here!  If you sink to their level then they have achieved their goal, their bellies are now full as they feast on the good that was you before they turned you into one of them.  Of course, you can never be one of them but you catch my drift here.  So what do you do?  This is what I did:
      • Thought about them with love, not hate. Feel sorry for their soul.  Try to forgive their actions.  Remember, we are all on an evolutionary soul journey.  If they are still developing, we need some compassion here.  There are some things that are certainly their fault but there are some things on a soul level that are probably not.
      • Put on some music, and sing and dance. Raise your energy up!  Dance around like a loon and laugh at yourself.  Make your energies spin and jump and vibrate so highly that you are on the clouds and the fragments of their energy are just dust stuck in the carpet. There is a vast expanse between you both.  A VAST expanse.
    • Don’ t spread the hate
      • Here’s the thing, when we talk about what happened, as soon as we think about this person, they are back in our energy field. We may think there is physical stuff between us but when we are talking energy, we don’t need walls, we can think of someone and they can be right there in the room, whether or not they know it.  If you start slating this person in a bad way, you are bringing your vibration down. By all means, get it off your chest with a friend but then put it to bed, for good.  Before you know it, they will be gone.  For good.

Before I end this blog post I would like to put my own opinion across on why some people turn out this way.  I have my theories.  We are all born pure right?  Nature, nurture or whatever shapes and conditions us?  Does it?  Who knows, I think it’s a big old bag of, karma, what you did to others in another life, how you were brought up in this life, what you have been through, where you sit on your soul journey…..whatever it is, shine your light as bright as you can to attract your people.  Leave the lower ones to their own, send them on their merry way with love.

I want to stress something else before I end this post.  We do have to meet these types of people.  It is good for us to be tested, to go through bad experiences, to learn, to grow.  Life isn’t all stardust and rainbows.  Without the bad stuff, how do we know what the good stuff is?  So like I say, have the experience, embrace the lesson and then cut them off and move on.  They did their job when they were around you once before, no point delaying the agony once your chapter on it is closed.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Blocking Negative Energies”

  1. Tanya this is amazing, I always love reading your blogs but this one is the best for me. Being aware of these people is key I think especially for an empath. I feel like I need to read this regularly to keep reminding myself.

    1. Hi Emma, thanks so much for your lovely message! The thing is we have all met these types of people, but I think as we grow we learn to recognise them. Some are even family members so we have to kind of limit our time with them!
      So glad you are enjoying the blogs, it’s my absolute passion to write and means so much when people enjoy them too xx

  2. I love this blog so much! I’m so glad that you have put this out there, it’s just the thing I needed to hear! I’m actually going through something similar with someone in my family, so it’s been pretty tough. Thank you for writing this 🙂

    1. What a lovely message, thank you. Sometimes we are drawn to articles or blog posts because we need to see them, for reassurance that it isn’t us, we are not at fault, it’s others that are almost manipulating the situation to make it feel like it’s us.
      It’s so hard when it’s a family member, I’m going to write about that soon actually.
      Thank you for following my posts, I also have a couple of websites you might be interested in if you enjoy this type of thing:
      Which both have weekly blogs posted to them.
      Have a wonderful day and keep spreading your good vibes! X

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