What Does The Afterlife Look Like?

During a recent mediumship reading with a friend, I was given an amazing opportunity to see a glimpse of where her dad is now currently residing.  He left his physical “human” body over twenty years ago and now lives an active life in the spirit world.

This was the first time during a mediumship reading that I have been shown what it’s like on that side of the consciousness divide.

Buzzing very fast on a high vibrational energetic frequency, we cannot see this other world through our physical human eyes but we can penetrate it with our thoughts and feelings and it’s what I and other mediums connect too when we are giving spirit communication.

We also visit there when “dreaming” and people who are able to astral project will often visit this place, which is commonly termed the astral realm, the one closest to our human conscious experience here on Earth.

I have seen this place when having strong lucid dreams.  I’ve seen my holiday home (it’s nice!!) and my grandparents live in a narrow, tall house with a sea view so my grandad can visit the beach and it’s also close to the pub that my Uncle David still likes to frequent (yes you can still do that stuff when you “die”….but more about that in another post!).

Getting back to my friend’s dad, this is what he showed me:

It was a stunning grand building, which had very high airy ceilings with a gigantic window on the far wall, the window was shaped like the type of long windows you get in churches but it was huge, the window was the wall really.  Outside was a vast and stunning landscape of rolling hills and a vibrant blue sky.

Inside the walls of this giant room (more like a hall) were golds and yellows and there was a grand, shiny open backed piano in the centre, tables all around with people having lunch or drinking tea. It was busy, I could hear chatter and laughter.

My friend’s dad said he liked to go there with his mum, also in spirit.  He told me that back in his Earthly life, he couldn’t have afforded to go to places like this because it was reserved for the upper classes only and as the Afterlife has no material monetary barriers or restrictions, he can visit there as often as he and his mum would like.

He said that during his time as a human he loved films and special effect movies however, the special effects on Earth are nothing in comparison to what can be achieved on the other side. He gave me an example, by saying that his grandson Oliver (my friend’s son) would love the dinosaur special effects in the spirit world, he said they are absolutely incredible!  My friend fed back to me after the reading that her son Oliver was going on a school trip that day to a dinosaur-themed park!  She did not mention this at all before the reading!

I have done extensive research over the years with regards to peoples accounts of what the Afterlife actually looks like.  I have read so much material from Near Death Experiences, Astral Projection Accounts and Mediums themselves.  The fact that I am now getting an insight myself only validates and strengthens my core belief of what the place is like that we will all reside in once we pop our Earthly clogs!

I find something else happens to me sometimes that is a bit on the strange side……every now and again I get a reminder of my true home, your true home too: the other side.

It is when I am walking in nature, normally when I am standing in green fields in the countryside.  It’s like a have this very strong recognition, it’s a knowing that I can’t put into words, it’s a memory, a far off, distant but not forgotten memory that this is what my home looks like.  It’s a feeling of comfort and warmth and complete and utter security.  When I see it, I get so excited as I know that is what heaven looks like.

I also have a memory that does not belong to me here, on this Earth journey.  I also don’t believe that it is from a past life.  I believe it is a memory of the spirit world.  It’s a house, a large, detached house, about 4 bedrooms. There is a feeling that a motherly figure is in this house with me but she isn’t my mum here on Earth (that isn’t to say that my mum and I will not be together when we die and that she isn’t my mum).

In this house, I can see my bedroom and the beauty that lies beyond the window outside.  The more I meditate on this memory the more it comes into my view.

I’ve decided to try and really connect to it and save it for another blog post.  Who knows where it could take me?

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  1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe this I see that lovely view too a few times I would say about 3 time’s when sleeping when dreaming. The feeling it Leaves me is amazing I literally feel I’m just flying or like gliding along just above looking down on the beautiful country side. Tanya this is so amazing I just love your blogs. Thank you xx

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